EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Senator Singer: Murdering Officer, Murdering Child And Terrorist Act, Deserve Death Penalty

TLS EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A recent TLS poll showed that over over 80% of residents feel that the death penalty in NJ should be reinstated for heinous crimes, such as the brutal murder of a police officer. Several officials in NJ feel the same. In an exclusive interview, Senator Robert Singer tells TLS he will be preparing the necessary papers to sponsor the legislation in reinstating the death penalty in NJ for a number of crimes, including the killing of police officers.

“First of all, this is not a revenge issue”, Singer says. “I actually voted against repealing the death penalty in the state of NJ”. “There’s some personal reasons for it”, says Singer as he relates about his wife’s grandfather being brutally murdered, and about his daughter who survived a bus bombing in which 14 people died.

TLS EXCLUSIVE Senator Robert Singer - R - On Reinstating Death Penalty In NJ pic“Had that terrorist not died, in the state of NJ he would be in prison”, Singer says.

“And we’ve also seen former police murderers who were given parole, even though they were sentenced to life in prison without parole”.

“What I’m saying is, is that there are certain heinous crimes that reach that magnitude”. “Killing a police officer reaches that, murdering a child reaches that, and a terrorist act that kills people reaches that”. “Those three crimes are where I believe the death penalty should come into affect”, says Singer.

Singer also criticized a poorly written law from the passed which prevented those on death row from being executed. “We have to fix that”, the Senator says.

“And by the way”, Singer says of the recent murder of Chris Matlosz, “He’s going to go to prison a hero”. “He will be a big shot, he will be a rock star”. What is more heinous than that”.

The piece of legislation is being prepared over the next few weeks says Singer, and will be introduced to the Senate.

“I’ve already got calls from other Senators who would like to co-sponsor the bill”, Says the Republican Senator.

“I will also be meeting with the PBA and hope to have their support on this issue”. TLS.

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  1. Great start!

    Keep it up. Lets not stop until all manslaughter gets the death penalty.

    It is not an issue of whether or not the death penalty causes less homicides (although it most certainly does) it is an issue of justice.
    You kill a human, you get knocked off. An eye for an eye.

    And enough with the foolish lethal injection. Knock em out in the chair.

    Great start!

  2. I dodtn agree . If u feel we should have the death penalty then we should cgive that for any murder regardless if its cop. do u thing if a yung person with children gets killed by a murderer is less of a tragedy then a cop being killed in the line of duty ?


  4. Bob, you have my vote. If anyone in the state doesn’t think we need the death penalty let them move to another country.
    Clean up all the inner cities on way or another.
    This killer is going to be a hero in prison. what a shame

  5. TLS, it’s pretty obvious that most people want the death penalty for EVERY murderer.

    If there is a slight possibility that this movement could get some traction, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE in the name of [most of] your readers, change the issue to be, “Death Penalty for every murderer” not just cops.

    What about murdering a beloved father and mother of young children and ruining the lives of the children for eternity.

    TLS, you may get the ball rolling on this one, you have a responsibility to do it the right way.


  6. No life is worth then an other death penalty should be for. Murdering anyone . The cop killer should be hung in public by the Officers funeral after he watches. It

  7. Why is killing a police officer a more heinous crime than killing an unarmed civilian sleeping in their bed?
    The difference is that government only gets serious about crime and punishment when one of their own is killed.

  8. If the death penalty is a valid form of punishment, which it may be. Why only for cop killers and murderers of children. If a criminal kills a 17 year old, he gets the death penalty, if he kills an 18 year old he doesn’t.

    I understand the emotional sentiment, and share them as well. But is the premeditated murder of one person, less of a crime then the premeditated murder of another? How can a crime be more Heinous then taking any innocent human life.

  9. I agree 100% why because why should anyone who kills anyone be allowed too sit in prison watch tv eat lift weights talk too there friends get free medical .. and get to see and keep in contact with there loved ones.. while the victims cant and there familys heart broken… Texas got the death penalty and the use it Jersey should too .. They have to stop being so soft here and toughen up! believe me if they know there gonna die for killen someone they will think twice.. its too easy for them now and they know it!!!!

  10. while i tilt to being pro death penelty bobs statment is very juvinile and actualy works against the death penalty. standing around like a dumb blue collared lynch mob that i see in all the stupid comments here screaming “kill em all” wont bring the death penalty back. the bleeding heart libs have all sorts of arguments against it such as falsely accused , and that he doesnt prevent more murders, and that it gives overzelous prosecuters was to make a name for themselves.

    saying that it should be just for cops and kids shows that it is being done out of passion and not to prevent murders in general which is another of the libs arguments

    i support the death penelty for all people murderedin the following cases

    1. the jury asks for it. and prosicuter cannot mention it only the judge can advise the jury about it.

    2. it has to be totaly premeditated in sound mind – because if something happened in the heat of action having a death penelty wont stop them , it has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt that it was premediated ( remember the grossman case) killing a cop would not quality if it was done in the heat of action. only if the cop didnt have a weapon and was killed exacution style

    3. the burdon of proof has to be higher than beyond reasonable doubt. and intent has to be proven 100% also

  11. Please remember that it was Bob Singer that attempted to save the death penalty back in 2006 when Jon Corzine and the democrats abolished it. This is not something new, this is just another example of why we need the death penalty in NJ. Great job Bob!

  12. Even if they get this law passed, I’m not so sure they could ultimately win a death penalty conviction in this case. I may be wrong but I think his defense could make the argument that had he known there was a death penalty for killing a police officer then he would not have carried out the crime.

  13. I think that most of the 20 percent that voted against the bill did so because it was limited to police officers, had it been for all of mankind I think the vote would have been much higher for the bill to be reinstated

  14. I think that from the 20 percent that voted against the bill most of them would have been for it if the vote would have been for all mankind and not just the police

  15. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind! Do you think that this would honor a man that believed in justice? He took an oath to serve and protect, do you think it is his desire to have his murderer killed or to have him sit in prison every day to think about why he is there? The guards would not treat him like a hero either! Also, how is a police officer’s, childs’, or victim of a terrorist’s life more precious than any other? Is a doctor, nurse, bartender’s life any less important? Are their families going to feel better about their loss by killing another human? I would rather see them suffer in prison for life!

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