EXCLUSIVE: Lakewood businessmen land in JFK at 6:24 PM Friday. Here’s how they made it home before Shabbos (VIDEO)

Their plane from overseas was scheduled to land approximately 2 PM on Friday, but things got delayed on the tarmac, and they found themselves on schedule to arrive at JFK less than an hour before Shabbos.

When the two Lakewood businessmen saw they could be left stranded for Shabbos, they realized the only shot they had at making it back in time in Lakewood for Shabbos, would be with a helicopter – but that would require a lot of coordination and Siyata D’Shmaya.

On the ground, Simcha Shain of ParaFlight was contacted, and sprung into action. With years of experience in last-minute emergency flight arrangements, Simcha immediately put the gears into high gear.

In New York, an Askan was contacted to coordinate with the proper departments.

As soon as wheels touched down, 6:24 PM, the men were notified that all has been arranged.

Within minutes of their arrival, they were whisked off the plane, and hopped into a waiting ride. A short 10 minute ride later, they arrived at the doors of a waiting chopper. They lifted off at 6:46 PM.

At 7:08 PM, 22 minutes later, they arrived at the Lakewood Airport – nine minutes before Shkiah.

Back in Lakewood, ParaFlight Special Operations Coordinator and Hatzolah Shabbos Member Steve Fugman was waiting. The men hopped out of the chopper and into his SUV.

The men arrived home approximately three minutes before Shkiah. They didn’t exactly have time for a Shower for Shabbos, but they made it in time to spend Shabbos with their families.

“This was just an amazing display of Siyata D’shmaya,” Simcha Shain told TLS. “There were many moving parts to this and everything just fell into place beautifully.”

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  1. There are a few things we can learn from this:
    1. Don’t travel after chatzos on Friday.
    2. Brooklyn is the nearest town to jfk you can go there next time instead of almost causing a chillul shabbos.

  2. Actually far Rockaway and the five towns are just a few minutes from JFK. There are many families there that would be more than happy to host. It would not be the first time.

  3. 3 minutes to Shkia is much too close. Anything could have happened. Besides for not travelling on Friday, they also could have gone to Queens. Just a few minutes away and plenty of frum Yidden. Yes, they had siyata dishmaya, but that doesn’t justify the risk they took.

  4. Will not talk about whether or not these people did the right thing. The fact is that Simcha Shain is one of the most amazing people in Lakewood. He is there to help anyone that needs help. All in the most unassuming quiet way. Has Will not talk about whether or not these people did the right thing. The fact is that Simco Shain is one of the most amazing people in Lakewood. He is there to help anyone that needs help. All in the most unassuming quiet way. Hashem should Help him and he should have lots of nachas from his children

  5. Shtikky…. for the same money multiple Lakewood families that struggle financially could have had pesach donated…. but I guess if you have money, why not waste it… g-d is so proud on how this money was spent.
    Mi K’amcha yisroel.

    PS. I don’t need money donated to make pesach. I’m also not bitter that I can’t splurge like these yidden are able to.

  6. All you “bashers” that have nothing to do, only to “bash” get yourself a life.
    I happen to know this individual, one of the very big doctors in lakewood, without a name.. That needed to be there for Shabbos… AND he didn’t make a Charidy campaign, to sponsor it. So… Get yourself a life.

  7. There are people who get things and there is Sim Shain, L-19. Simcha is on an entirely different level. And he walks around so quiet, doesnt toot his horn, in his police car, just goes about his business. This is a gr8 story and I’m glad those businesses men got home in time.

  8. A flight landing at 2.00 pm on Friday is really pushing it. And what if there would have been some other delay?And what about Passport control? If anything, these guys must enjoy living on the edge.

  9. If someone makes a dangerous turn while driving, is ch”v in an accident, and hatzalah comes to help–do you say they shouldn’t have helped him because it’s his own fault??

  10. We won’t judge anyone in hindsight but I think we can all agree this is not something recommend in the future so perhaps this article should be pulled

  11. On Shabbos someone in Lakewood was having severe pains near the stomach area. He walked to the Doctor’s home on Shabbos. The Doctor examined him and told him that he must go to Jersey Shore Medical Center ASAP . The Doctor explained that he might need an appendectomy. The Doctor was right and this patient had surgery.

  12. Not a story I will share with my children. Sounds like they are bragging about their money and connections. Not good role models.

  13. #4,

    You must be from Lakewood where simple limuday chol isnt studied. There are many frum communities CLOSER to JFK than your holy boro park. The 5 Towns (EACH OF THEM!!) are full of Yiddin. KG, and KGH are options as well as others.

    • I am actually from Flatbush we love to host guests. That’s why I said they should come here. But there are other places closer to Jfk he could of went to.

      I am just opening my home… chill

  14. They hired a flight charter company to arrange a helicopter for them. Big deal.

    The question is what that company paid TLS for this advertorial.

  15. Honestly, if it would have happened to me, I don’t have any connections like this and I probably would have ended up in Brooklyn or Queens for shabbos.
    Interesting that it only takes 22 minutes. It usually takes me an hour and 45 minutes to drive.
    Who would I call for helicopter service? The average person wouldn’t even think of this option.

  16. Is this a paid advertisement? If not I see no reason to post this. If this individual had a specific need to do this that is his business not something that should be publicized.

  17. What ever happened to judging everyone for the best? Some commentators are saying the passenger was a doctor and needed to be back for Shabbos. We don’t know the nature of the trip they were on – maybe it was to help someone. Maybe no other flights were available earlier. Maybe they wanted to be with their families for Shabbos and not cause them worry. If someone spends for Shabbos, Hashem rewards him. We should all be blessed with wealth.

  18. One can easily conclude from this story: what the Yetzer Horah will do in order that people should violate Halacha AND be successful at it so that others can “learn” and do the same.
    As the famous line for this would be, or can be, Mahseh Satan.
    It does NOT minimize in ANY way what others did to help but the initial act was still against Halacha – nothing to be proud of.
    One should be a bit surprised that a story like this was published to begin with.

  19. Hi TLS, wouldn’t it be so much more appreciated if the posting will be items of positive. You know these posts bring such cynicisms and if you didtn realize it at first, as the many comments came piling in you should have removed the post. what a shame to thro away opportunities of Kiddush hashem to promote great things. The world needs so many yeshuos. please try to promote things items of positives. hashem gave you this website and you have it in your hands to do so much good…. why throw away opportunities,

  20. #FakeNews

    If this is a paid advertisement, please post that.

    In other news, last week I paid for a car service from the airport. The car service owner did a HUGE chesed!!

  21. What a gevir thinks is a maalah to brag about is viewed with scorn by the poshite yidden. Gevirim & the moin am live in different worlds, each misunderstanding the other. All tbe false kovod given to the gevir is viewed with (envious) disdain & pity by the rest. A tale of 2 cities.

  22. What in the world did these 2 men do wrong to any of you? Did they cause you to lose any money? Did they bother you by flying home to be with their families for shabbos? These men could easily have gone to far rockaway for shabbos and they knew that however as family is important to them they went the extra mile to be with their families for shabbos. Kol hakavod to Simcha Shain for arranging for these men to be home with their families for shabbos!

  23. I’m a regular visitor and poster on this site for several yrs now. And every once in a while a story shows up and I think, oh, nice !! Then I’ll look at the comments and be totally, unexpectedly blown away. I shocked and ashamed the oilam is bashing these Business men. Be honest, spending Shabbos by urself at a stranger’s house, In a strange shul and neighborhood is NOT geshmak. Most of us, if we would have the means would do The. Same. Exact. Thing. And Simcha Shain is a hidden Tzaddik. Ask him how many times he goes on Hatzolah calls in middle of the night from his house (near New Central) to Brookhill area because hes the fastest guy out of bed. Thanx. TLS, for posting this beautiful story.
    Go, Sim, Go !!
    We love you, 19 !!

  24. I cannot understand what all these are about. Do the commenters know these people? Do they know the purpose of the trip? Maybe the HAD to be there until it required a flight that was due in at 2pm? I will assume that most of you don’t know what global entry is. From landing to being im your car (without luggage) is Maybe 15 minutes. So if the expected to be in the car at 2:30pm, is that the end of the world? Is that chilul shabbos? Is that irresponsible? How many people leave Lakewood in the winter to head to Brooklyn at 1pm? What is the difference?

    Some people will do anything in the world to spend shabbos with their family? Is that a issue?

    I would say it’s considered הוצאת שבת, and whatever they paid will bring them much much more in return, like the gemorah says.

    BTW, I know for a fact they did shower for shabbos, on the plane……

    All you selfish people need to get a life.

    And yes, Simcha Shain is a absolute tzadik. כמוך ירבו בישראל.

  25. Got to tell u, I am now understanding what people mean ” Lakewood attitude”.
    Most commentators probably don’t have a clue about Business challenges people have. How do any of you judge this traveller without knowing circumstances? I think , business like. I am sure he had to be at a location to deal with his issue. Additionally, “fargin ” someone. Is it always the Liberal leftest attitude that has to come out? Be understanding. Be Dan L’kav Z’chus, even if u don’t want to. That’s the point that the Mishna means. Hope these immature folks grow up soon.

  26. I have no choice but to put in my 2 sense. Everybody always jumps to conclusions. I happen to know where they were coming from. It was DANGEROUS (yes, dangerous) for them to stay any longer. I cannot go in to details as to why they were able to spend the few days there and not longer, but they consulted with a Lakewood Rav, and all was done with his psak. Again, I’m not guessing, I’m staying facts. So all you who post negative comments, go do your homework and when you find out that I am right, go ask these passengers, the Rav, the great Simcha Shain, and steve for Mechila. Because you were מוציא שם רע on innocent tzadikim

  27. There were a few times when my baby was very sick that the doctor told me before shabbos to come over (with hatzala) if I have any problems over shabbos. If this was my doctor I would be very happy he was back in time for shabbos.

  28. Nobody is saying that anybody did anything wrong . But its certainly not something to be proud of and to advertise publicly. If you had a personal issue where you where almost inadvertently mechalel Shabbos because of your business travel, it’s not something that you have to advertise to the public . Keep it to yourself. Its certainly not a mitzvah to be mefarsem.

    That is what people are complaining about .

  29. Amazing story, real great work to pull it off in such short time so smoothly. Btw for anyone interested, you can get a copter service during the week as well if you want or need to skip the traffic

  30. plz do not bash lakewood

    many of the comments here on from all over the country or world

    if your bored
    just go help for pesach

  31. I love all the guys bashing these to business men for doin wht they did …and then who do u go ask for money when u need ? And who did u go collecting by on purim? I dont wish that on anybody but c’mon on did anyone of you stop for a min and think maby they asked a rav? Ppl are so fast to judge!!!! Every time I see these comments the line “its gods job to judge,we just do it as a hobby” comes more and more true!!!!

  32. And my story is just so much more impressive I just landed Sunday in Newark at 750pm after an hour and a half delay + other delays, and I made it home on time – with even a few days to spear till shabbos!! #MiKeamchahYisroel

  33. wow. what sensitivity training is going on here. there are 2 types of people. the haves, and the have nots. those that have, usually cant relate to the have nots. once in a while the have nots get resentful. good luck with your vacation in the “country”

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