EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS Single Girls Banned From Attending Sheikh Daughter’s Speech

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: The Lakewood Scoop has just confirmed reports and the email which was sent to Mechanchos in Lakewood banning single girls from attending the Sheikh Daughter’s speech, which is scheduled to take place at Lake Terrace tomorrow, Wednesday evening. The following is the exact email sent to the Mechanchos of the Lakewood schools:

I am sending you this as I am concerned for our daughters. I have heard from Mechanchos in NY, Lakewood and from Reb Shmuel Kaminetsky that the program being shown tomorrow night in Lakewood “Daughter of a Hamas sheik” is NOT APPROPRIATE for single girls. There is a lot in there that we should not be exposing our children to.
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  1. I think single is the wrong term. Maybe you should say teenagers.
    Do you really think this is inappropriate for 32 years old single girls and not for married 18 years old?!!!!!!

  2. Other than in the title, the article does not say anything about the girls being banned.
    This is an email, sent to Mechanchos, noting that the program might not be suitable for their students. That means the high school girls (& maybe seminary?) should not be going.
    No one will be standing at the door asking for your marriage license.
    No one is saying that older singles can not attend. All that is being done is pointing out to those we entrust with the chinuch of our daughters that this is not an appropriate place for them.
    What's wrong with that?

  3. maybe you shouldnt learn chumash bcause certain parts are not for all ages too . throw away the chumash too . dont learn migilas rus either

  4. I heard from someone that attended
    that a big part of the story is about the horrific way these arabs treat their wives e.g beating them
    abusing them etc…(in one instance in the story the husband watched the wife bleed her unborn child for hours without letting her go to the hospital),so I think
    the person is correct in suggesting girls shouldn't attend,not because of tznius but rather because of the trauma and fear factor.

  5. why always the negative,
    how about some positive,

    tell us things our teenagers can do, im tired of contantly hearing about what you shouldnt do

  6. Oh this is so typical waiting till a day before the event to ban it what would have been wrong to do this a week or more ago so the event producers can at least cancel it now they have to incur the loss of the hall rental all the advertisements etc
    And I have another good idea how about just asking her to tone it down a little but no they would rather come out screaming with bans so other daughters will say wow look at what they r doing for the chinuch of our daughters such great people
    well those is not the way of the torah to come out and shame people and organizations in public

  7. If this is coming DIRECTLY from our gedolim then I accept this. However something smells fishy. Chain calls going around Lakewood with SUPPOSED e-mails being sent to mechanchos(who prob don't know how to open an e-mail). In any case,this event was publicized for weeks already. If you have the proper ban from gedolim why wait for the day of the event and send out an anonymous cry??!! Sounds like the Lipa ban once again!

  8. I was at the event in a different community. I must say, there is reason for some sort of ban preventing single high school/seminary girls from going to it. The people who spoke gave a VERY detailed description of how arab husbands beat their wifes, including a story of maya who speaks at the event, being beaten up during her pregancy at age 15 while her husband refuses to take her to a hospital…

    She also talks alot how the arab boys attract the jewish girls etc…

    Now do you get the gist why young single girls shouldnt be hearing this? The truth is why should married ppl hear this either but i guess it will be good for them to hear it so that they can appreciate their own husband and marriage!
    Yad Lachaim, who organized this event, is a very special organization that needs our money and support. Please, lets see a big turnout tonight at the event!!!
    P.S. In my town, it also had a big sign that said "FOR MARRIED WOMEN ONLY" but guess what? There were just as many girls in the packed audience as there were married women! Go figure….

  9. so far there were 2 coments from ppl who saw the event both agreed it was innapropiate for teenagers maybe there's some logic to it!

  10. to: June 17, 2009 3:18 AM

    It was sent to mechanchos of SCHOOLS which happen to be attended by single girls. (li-afookei the teavhers, etc.)

  11. to: June 17, 2009 11:13 AM

    The ones who received it KNOW who signed it.
    If you didn't get it, then it's none of your darn busines!!

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