EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Message from Dr. Zev Zelenko

Hear his message below.

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  1. Glad you posted this. Many Dr’s and Hospitals on the front lines have been prescribing this. As far as the concern of a shortage, if the GVT would be mobilizing pharma companies to produce this, like they are doing with industry for ventilators, they should be able to address that.

    • Unfortaneltly it’s not anecdotal-local doctors are discouraging. I beg you, local doctors, to look at the risk/reward here and reconsider! I know this isn’t the way medicine works usually, but this is unprecedented, in many high risk groups the death rate is one in 15-30 people! The data is staring at you in the face, please make the decision to save lives!

  2. Thanks for your encouraging update on the status of Hydroxychloriquine. You are suggesting that your regimen be used in cases that are either high risk or for those who suffer with shortness of breath. For those with mild to moderate symptoms that are in a lower risk category due to the potential side effects of the Hydroxychloriquine and Azithromycin combo, it’s best to stay off them unless symptoms get worse. I would be interested to hear your opinion on taking Quercetin and Zinc supplements for those with mild to moderate symptoms or for those whose doctors won’t prescribe Hydroxychloriquine. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid supplement has been shown in one study to act as a zinc ionophore(allowing access of zinc into the cells to inhibit virus replication). It very similar to Hydroxychloriquine in this aspect. It is also believed to block viruses from entering cells(according to researchers in Montreal). One study shows it has anti inflammatory properties. Dr Michel Chrétien and Dr Majambu Mbikay are well known Montreal researchers who have been researching the effect of Quercetin for decades and have found it to inhibit bacteria and viruses. They’ve seen positive results in mice with its use against Ebola and Zika. It’s also been tested in vitro with influenza and SARS. Now they are in process of testing it with Covid19. While it’s not yet proven yet, the basic mechanism suggests it would be effective although they don’t want to give false hopes until clinical trials prove it so. Either way it is already approved by the FDA in general usage for supplementation purposes and is available in vitamin stores. It’s naturally found in capers, apples, red onions but generally at a significantly lower amount than supplements which are generally at about 500mgs-1000mg per dose. In my opinion I would suggest people take it at the onset of symptoms to inhibit the virus from progressing further given the fact that they are generally safe to take for standard health reasons(usually taken for anti histamine properties) (obviously in moderation as too much zinc could cause copper deficiencies etc). What’s your opinion on suggesting it for those with mild to moderate symptoms?

  3. Push with all your might for your doctor to prescribe this. Hashem gives permission to the doctors to heal, but this in the geder of hishtadlus, based on the facts at this point. The rest is up to Hashem. In my experience as a practitioner, albeit not in the medical field but in the in the mental health field, I can testify that ego and closed-mindedness plays at least a 90% role in all decisions rendered to people who need help. No need to be concerned, because that’s how Hashem created the system, but just to be aware. May Hashem bless everyone and provide them with ALL their needs both b’ashmius and b’ruchnius.

  4. The main thing is to get on these meds early, if you feel any major symptoms

    i personally know people that started having symptoms and it helped

    thank you Hashem and his shliach the dr

  5. Thank You Lakewood Scoop for reaching out to Dr. Zelenko about this topic. As I wrote in my letter (Dear Doctors) I fully agree with the doctor. I Hope all the doctors in lakewood begin prescribing Hydroxchloroquine to every at risk COVID-19 patient.

  6. I have given out to many people the quercetin and zinc and they felt better. it can also be used as a preventative everybody please try to spread this remedy which is totally safe and can save lives before the people get too sick.

  7. can Dr. zelenko let us know how many people he treated with hydroxychlorquine, and how many were hospitalized?
    any deaths?

    how many total hospitalizations are there in kiryat yoel? is it much less than lakewood? I heard Hatzalah is much less busy there than in lakewood, is this true?
    any info the good Dr. can provide to us in the dark here, would be extremely valuable.

  8. It is really beyond belief that the local Dr’s ( who are great people who are dedicated to the tzibur ) are so stubbornly resisting this.

  9. I got a local doctor to prescribe it to my husband last week, but it didn’t work for him. The doctor wasn’t surprised.He said he hasn’t had or heard much success with it – Halevai it would work. I would like to mention to those recuperating from Corona, Take good care of yourself and give yourself time to heal, very many people are getting pneumonia and other serious complications after the Corona.

    • This too is anecdotal. Im not trying to be insensitive, but you are discouraging many with this public comment, so please answer two questions.
      1) At what point did your husband take it
      2) when you say it didn’t work, what results were you expecting and what was the outcome?

  10. I wish Dr. Zelenko well, but he has been speaking prematurely. He claimed 90% of KJ residents had coronavirus when only 14 had been tested! His rush to save lives is admirable – but his science is lacking. It may be that most of his patients never even had the virus. And he was publicizing his results when it was too soon to know if they would get very sick. At first he said 100% success meant nobody got very sick, later he said 100% success meant nobody had died (preumably because some had gotten very sick). We will soon have scientific studies in large numbers and we’ll know. For now, there are only a few small, highly flawed studies with results that are encouraging, but somewhat mixed and far from perfect. Dr. Zelenko’s suggestions may be appropriate for confirmed positive patients at high risk. Hydroxycholoquine has real risks – for example, it can, in rare cases, cause sudden death. Rare cases are a lot less rare if you just give it to everyone. I have been a professor evidence-based medicine and public health for nearly 25 years. I understand why doctors aren’t jumping too quickly on it. And the shortage of the drug is real. People with serious autoimmune disease rely on this drug and are having difficulty getting their Rx’s filled. And while Dr. Zelenko says it is FDA approved, that is misleading. It implies it has gone through some sort of thorough scientific review. It hasn’t. It has been approved for emergency use only. The evidence isn’t there yet. But it will be very soon. Trials are being done all over the country – for all cases, severe, mild and also for prevention. But beware of overhyped small studies claiming great success like one in France where the HCL treated patients had milder symptoms to start and they dropped 6 of their 26 from the analysis because they lacked full data (e.g. they got sick and dropped out of the study). Good cause for optimism. Almost there. We’ll know very soon.

    • See my comment above. (It MAY be most of his patients never had the virus 🙂 It MAY cause death in rare cases 🙂 It MAY be the studies are flawed 🙂 Also! Don’t forget, Dr. Zelenko originally claimed that 90% of KJ would get Coronavirus, (which hasn’t been disproven yet) when he only tested 14 people! (Just like dozens of other doctors with bleak predictions about their communities before any tests were done!) That prediction, which has nothing to do with his knowledge of medical treatment, clearly invalidates his entire medical expertise, even when there’s no known alternative! Everyone should be gezunt and shtark be”H, and have whatever they need.

      • You are giving a lot of numbers but you are missing the boat. In Kiryas yoel there have been zero deaths. In Lakewood there have been many. The only difference between Lakewood and Kiryat Yoel is Hydroxychloroquine.
        If you still don’t think it works at all then you obviously haven’t done any research.
        And stop picking on the technicalities. The discussion isn’t about how skilled Dr. Zelenko is, Rather how good Hydroxychloroquine benefits. Your above comment can get someone killed! (Although i believe him to be a great doctor)

    • Just in case my comment wasn’t clear ch”v, it was entirely written in sarcasm. As I wrote in my first comment above, hishtadlus would seem to be for this to be prescribed by every doctor just like it’s prescribed by Dr. Zelenko. There seems to be very only vague reasons to do otherwise. Wishing everyone all the best, be’zras Hashem.

  11. As Dr Zelenko himself says, this drug is not supposed to make one feel any better, success is defined as helping the breathing and keeping one off a ventilator. Please for clarity sake let us know if it didn’t help for that in your case. Again I am not trying to be insensitive, but many people are reading this comment.

  12. Some doctors are claiming it will give heart issues. Let me be clear (and if you don’t believe head to the Mayo Clinic site and read yourself). The risk of this having a heart issue is about less than 1% for healthy folks and less than 5% for those with issues. In fact, this drug is given regularly for those with Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Most of the heart issues were reported in prolonged use (read YEARS) of use and is usually reversible. We checked in with a cardiologist for someone who is on it and improving and were told that there is hardly any risk with it. The local doctors are part of the problem if they are believing the rhetoric of it causing heart issues. Many in government want a high body count with this pandemic. Kill off the elderly, the disabled (Washington is going to deny care for the DD), and save Medicare. Also, dollars allocated for research and hospital improvements after all this has passed will probably target hospitals with high patient loads and deaths, etc. TREAT AT HOME, if you can, and prevent these vent hookups.

  13. people die without it. if they would die with it the FDA wouldn’t have approved of it, idk if it helps or not but think before giving your opinion because thousands of people will be reading this and you will definitely be putting something in their head. if they don’t ask their Dr to prescribe it because of the scary things in your comment about not being approved and the rear side affects of death wont be so rear and someones loved one dies…..i’m not pointing fingers i’m just saying THINK BEFORE YOU TALK

    • I THINK a great deal before I write! I am speaking the truth – as a professional. This is truth. This is what doctors are thinking about when they refrain from treating people with this drug. Instead of people attacking doctors for being “stubborn” or worse, they should understand. Nothing I said isn’t public. If you read the statements from leading medical societies or the CDC, you will find all the things I said. At a time when people are talking about horrible projections of hundreds of thousands (or millions) of deaths, why would anything I wrote be considered scary? You have excellent doctors – have trust in them. A Kosher and freilichen Pesach!

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