Esrogim Prices Could Nearly Double This Year

Expect to pay quite a bit more for your Esrog this year.

TLS spoke with several Esrog Sochrim who unanimously stated the prices this year will be significantly higher than last year’s prices.

The primary reason for the price increase, is demand, as a result of Shmittah.

“During a regular year, approximately 2,000,000 Esrogim are brought in from Eretz Yisroel,” on Esrog Socher told TLS. “This year, only around 300,000 Esrogim are expected to be brought in from Eretz Yisroel – which are purchased through Beis Din.

As a result, Sochrim are focusing on increasing supply from Morocco and other countries.

One Esrog Socher tells TLS he, for one, is trying to keep the prices down

“We are trying to keep the prices as low as possible for our customers, but unfortunately customers can expect a significant price difference this year due to the circumstances,” he said.

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  1. Just add it to the inflation bill….
    Everything gone up way past affordable so why not add esrogim.
    At least H’ pays back for money spent for mitzvos so it’s really not costing anything.

  2. When asked how he will deal with the price increase of Esrogim this year, one Lakewood resident told reporters: “I’m not sure about this year, but I’m definitely going to plant my own Esrog tree soon. Let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees!”

  3. Problem is that once they charge the higher price it won’t go back down next year when it isn’t shmitta. I guess the esrog sellers will become rich like the food box guys

    • How can you make a blanket statement like that? Last shemitta mybesrog mother went up and the next year was back down. Thats why I keep on going to him. An איש אמת and mentsch!!

    • Not this year, from experience of previous shmitta years, and next year, unless Moshiach comes, the mitzva will be d’rabbonon, and it should be easier to get a good esrog for cheaper.

  4. “Lichu hisparnesu zu mizu”= go screw each other over. The sad new reality in this dumb rat race. Morahs, landlords, homebuyers, businesses- you all know who you are.
    Go stand in front of the aibishter on Rosh Hashonah and ask him for another great year overcharging your fellow yidden. Maybe give some money to a good kiruv organization so you feel better as you alienate your frum brethren with your astronomical price increases due to “inflation”.
    This is not a blanket statement for all the parties mentioned, as I said- “You know who you are”.

    • The Gemara in Shabbos Daf 33 says, that if a person uses unclean language then even if Hashem promised him a great healthy wonderful life, unclean language may change his future to an unknown destination.

      • Is the term “screw over” unrefined? Yes. Is it equal to the translation given in the Gemara you quoted of menavel es piv which is “kallah lamah nichnisah lichuppa”? Absolutely not. It has been used long enough in this definition that for anyone to associate it with a nivul peh conotation is a chisoron in them. For proof, google “screw over definition”.
        That being said, I wish you a great, happy, healthy and wonderful life. And I hope you wish the same for me. Thanks!

    • You are soooo correct. Wish others had the guts to say it. Just read the letter in mishpacha a couple of weeks ago “explaining” the raising of real estate prices in frum neighborhoods and nothing more needs to be said.

  5. every year i go to deal to Rabbi d franco’s esrog center in deal
    his esrogim are usually a third of the price you’d pay anywhere in lakewood also he has set prices so theirs no funny business going on. you also have a chance of meating great rabbonim there. its the only place i would go to
    because i know that he’s a honest person not looking to make as much money as possible from you.and yes its worth the 30 min drive from lake wood ,

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