Erev Yom Tov Letter from Lakewood Doctors

Dear Lakewood Kehilla:

We wanted to stress some important new medical insights into Covid-19 before Yom Tov. This is not a Halachic document.

There are definitely some cases in Lakewood of repeat infections despite having been infected already in the spring. This has even occurred occasionally in people with antibodies. Therefore, all high risk individuals (over age 60, or younger with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, immunosupressed etc.) even though they have had Covid-19, with or without antibodies, are strongly urged to stay home or stay outdoors with mask and distancing.

Anyone with active Covid-19 who at rest sitting up cannot keep their oxygen saturation “pulsox” above 92% over Yom Tov should call Hatzolah as, depending on the individual case, oral steroids and oral blood-thinners and sometimes hospitalization for convalescent plasma and antiviral drugs may be indicated. There is no good evidence in the medical literature that Hydroxychloroquine or Zithromax or both together have any beneficial effect on the course of Covid-19. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc will not hurt if taken in medically accepted doses but evidence of their benefit is minimal.

Thankfully, most people with covid-19 recover uneventfully, but we now have over 30 people in the hospital from Lakewood, with some on ventilators, and 2 have died. The main focus must be on prevention, which medically demands universal masking over the mouth and nose of people over age 5 while indoors (not in their own home with immediate family members) or in public outdoors even in very small groups (even 2) with non-immediate family members when within 6 feet of others. A Sukkah is to be considered an indoor structure. Anyone without antibodies who has any even mild cold symptoms must stay home, and all people who have symptoms typical of covid (chills, fever, diarrhea, loss of taste and smell, upper respiratory symptoms, nausea and vomiting) must stay home for at least 10 days until covid-19 has been definitively ruled out. Careful hand hygiene is also important. We have also found, as a matter of strong interest to our community, that the problem of fogging of eyeglasses while wearing a mask can be almost entirely eliminated by moving the eyeglasses further down the nose.

Any Halachic questions about this document should be directed to your Rav. Have a healthy, safe, joyous Yom Tov.

Signatures omitted due to pressing time constraints. This letter was authored by some of the physicians who signed the last letter 3 weeks ago.

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  1. shkoyach to R’ Danny for putting himself and his reputation on the line again and again for the community.

    I’m overwhelmed by the strength of character it must take to be the signatory of these letters.

  2. @ Dr Roth: Thx. This is a very good statement. I work on the front lines treating the COVID patients, and indeed, we are seeing 5-10 COVID patients a day, and admitting many to the hospital. I would add a couple of things to what you said. First of all, we have seen a number of patients over 40 (below 60) who have been quite sick, even with little or no chronic medical problems. Second, though pulse ox is a helpful tool , and below 92% is concerning, I have seen a number of patients with 95%, and even with 99% on pulse ox, who had significant covid pneumonia and varying degrees of shortness of breath and or fatigue. (Some I have confirmed their poor oxygenation later with ABGs). Many of these patients are benefiting from hospitalization and the treatments as you mentioned. My point is, pulse ox even high should not be sufficient to rely on if there is shortness of breath or severe worsening fatigue, and these people should at least contact their medical practitioners. Dr Roth – I would be happy to discuss with by phone if you would like.

  3. Very glad to see your statement on taking Vitamin D, C and Zinc! I would add though that along with Zinc, one should take a Zinc Ionophore like Quercetin or EGCG(found in Green tea) to allow Zinc to penetrate the cell membrane and block Viral replication. Quercetin has perhaps other mechanisms that may help its use for covid Symptoms such as it anti inflammatory properties. In addition, Quercetin has been shown to produce anti viral properties in many viruses albeit mostly in vitro. I’m hoping they begin more studies specifically for Covid. However there is a trial in Turkey that finished not too long ago. I heard from the administrator directly that it was a success but they haven’t yet published the results. So hopefully we see data on that soon.

  4. Look, if even most “protected” person on earth, the POTUS got it, what is there to do for the rest of us?
    Doing proper Teshuva, Davening with Kavonah and giving Tzedakah are the only effective measures to be saved, as we just said in Davening over Rosh Hashana and Yom Hakipurim.
    The whole idea of Social Distancing and mask wearing is simply GOISH nonsense!

    FYI Dr. Zelenko did write many emails, widely circulated, with plenty details about effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax and Zinc when given early enough in treatment of Covid-19. I don’t know why testimony of Frum doctor who saved hundreds of lives in Monroe NY is not enough? Pharmaceutical industry sponsored and controlled “Medical literature” might take years to admit the effectiveness of old CHEAP medications against Novel Covid-19.

  5. The fogging of glasses is a sign that your mask is allowing air to can minimize this by adjusting the metal piece on the mask and thereby give better protection to those around you.

  6. No good medical evidence about HXC!?
    Antibodies not enough?! Oh and then when the 51% effective vaccine comes out that’ll be fine… It is definitely 99% percent effective compared to vaccine…
    הושע נא נפש מבהלה

    • No, when the (undertested) 51% vax comes out it wont be fine – it’ll be mandatory & if you dont want to take it (& be part of a national experiment)
      you’ll be a rodef…

  7. BS”D
    Hydroxychloroquine and ZINC and zithromax started within the first six days of symptoms in high risk people is close to 100% effective in preventing death and hospitalizations from covid!
    When Lakewood doctors first started issuing these covid letters, most rabbonim signed them. Then fewer and fewer.
    Now even the doctors don’t sign them.
    Too many people know the truth.

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