Election Day – Polls Open Until 8 PM


(An exact breakdown will be updated at a later time due to County system errors).

For districts 1, 3, 9, 11, 17, 24, 28, 32, 33, 36, 38:

Meir Lichtenstien: 3,023
Miriam Medina: 1,429
Menashe Miller: 3,671
Michael Berman: 1,047.


UPDATE 9:25 PM: With 25/43 Districts Counted:

Meir Lichtenstien: 6,687
Miriam Medina: 3,545
Menashe Miller: 7,372
Michael Berman: 4,090


UPDATE 9:37 PM: With 35/43 Districts Counted:

Meir Lichtenstien: 11,673
Miriam Medina: 4,669
Menashe Miller: 12,334
Michael Berman: 5,238


UPDATE 9:48 PM With 42/43 Districts Counted:

Meir Lichtenstien: 15,222
Miriam Medina: 5,328
Menashe Miller: 15,903
Michael Berman: 5,940


UPDATE FINAL NUMBERS: 9:50 PM With 43/43 Districts Counted:

Meir Lichtenstien: 15,757
Miriam Medina: 5,589
Menashe Miller: 16,222
Michael Berman: 6,018

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  1. Please vote for Obama if you want a country of food stamps and poverty for all.

    Please vote for Romney if you want a country of good jobs and prosperity for all.

    Save the country.

  2. Please vote for MItt Romney and Paul Ryan . If you do not vote then we will get the government we deserve. Please vote to end Obama’s reign of Terror.

  3. Send a short and simple text to everyone on your text list. Ask all your contacts to “Make the effort to go out and vote for ROMNEY”. Ask them to please text the message to everyone on THEIR contact list.

  4. For all the yidin who are enjoying all the Government chesed and want it to continue.. “What is voting if not an expression of Hope?” – George Washington…….

    Choose Obama.




  5. Romney also supports toeiva.
    R Avigdor Miller would’ve shuddered at the thought of supporting a candidate that supports full equal rights and benefits for toeiva couples.

  6. We deserve better that what we have experienced over the past 4 years. Vote for a better opportunity for all, the ability to earn a decent living, and a president who will support your efforts.

    We are Americans! That is why we are strong, self sufficient, and the world leader in all things good and decent.

    Romney/Ryan will return our economy a force for good, provide that leadership, and set the pace for real economic growth,

  7. Thanks for reminding me: Please vote Republican for Senator as well. President Romney will need every Republican Senate vote possible to save the country from the Democrat obstructionism that is sure to follow. Harry Reid said the other day that Senate Dems will not work with President Romney. We need more Republican Senators.

  8. Just so u know, the gov’t programs like WIC and JerseyCare were unchanged in NJ since Obama took office. Only SNAP changed because Federal Guidelines were changed. NJ always has a higher income limit than other states (133% for FamilyCare) and Obama Care didn’t change that at all. I highly doubt you will be effected by Romney being president for your programs. Those of us looking for jobs and who actually have to PAY for healthcare? We are better off with Romney.

  9. ignore all of theses self proclaimed pundits, including me

    Remember, once those curtains close you can do the right thing you know is in your heart

  10. i guarentee if romney wins all stocks will go up tomorrow we will go back to reagan days…. everybody get out there and get people to vote for romney— people in lakewood are saying that in nj it dosent make a difference it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Forget how important a day it is for Jews, it’s an even more important day for AMERICANS! Let’s take our country and more specifically our economy back! Vote Romney/Ryan.

  12. To the poster before who wants the chesed from the government to continue – remember this: The government doesn’t have its own money to give it to you. It takes the money from people like me and your parents, people who work very hard to feed their families, and then pay a huge chunk in taxes to support your lifestyle. And if this continues, we will all be so squeezed, that we will just stop working too and go on food stamps, and then the government will have no one to tax to give you all that “chesed”.

    Take a look at Greece, and realize that we are heading that way.

    The “chesed” will stop. The earlier the better.

    If we wait too much longer befopre we stop this unsustainable “chesed”, it will cause civil unrest, and the Jews will be a scapegoat, as usual.

  13. I can’t believe that you want a change and save america voting for Romney. Well he might change something he will make everything worst . Did you forget about bush already. I haven’t. Obama is the only positive choice. Be smart vote Obama

  14. Voted! Go Obama! Just couldn’t support Romney he can’t be trusted. It def says something when you can only show your tax records to another rich man.

  15. My posts are not printed. If you disagree you get thrown out.

    Jews will vote and majority of us will vote for Obama. Who do you think helped Obama win the first election. Do the Frum consider us Jews or not !!!!.

  16. We just changed our clocks back, not forward!! Remez, obama set us back Not forward..vote for romney. We won’t have to change our clocks back!!
    Romney…take out the “R” and u have “money” segula for parnosso.
    Obama stands for

    O verdraft specialist
    B ad checks
    A trocious person
    M oody person
    A nti-israel

    Vote for Romney, heyll make u money,its not funny,heyll make life sunny,put food in your tummy,vote romney not obama,we don’t know where he was born to his mama,who is Osama?was he born in Uganda? Does he drive a honda? Is his mothers name Rhonda? Or Sandra? He is a Shanda…
    Rom$neyis the man..he can, vote with a pen…

  17. if you want to continue all the social programs you enjoy and partake in you should vote for Obama. Hopefully if Romney wins he will make you all work and you will be complaining then. The food stamps will go away and you will be hungry. OUCH

  18. D
    That’s exactly the point. We’ve been enacting socialist policies for the past few decades, beginning with social security and continuing with Medicare food stamps and Medicaid, and culminating with ObamaCare. There just isn’t enough money for all this, which is why we are borrowing so much.

    It’s got to stop, because socialism isn’t working.

    We need to get back to capitalism, where you work hard and you earn your own money. You don’t spend what you don’t have. You are responsible for yourself, and I am responsible for myself.

    Not because we are evil people. But because socialism doesn’t work. As Maragret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” And this is exactly what is happening now.

    Check out Greece. Coming to your state soon. And then the entire America.

    Bad news. You can get a couple of more dollars in food stamps the next few years if you reelect Obama, but it will come crashing to a halt sooner or later, and we will all be the worse off for it.

  19. If you are planning to vote for Obama:

    Are you prepared to explain to your children not the principles upon which your vote is cast, but its probable effects upon them?

    Irrespective of your endorsement of liberal sentiments, of fairness and “more equal distribution,” will you explain to your children that top-down economic policies will increasingly limit their ability to find challenging and well-paid work, and that the diminution in employment and income will decrease their opportunity to marry and raise children?

    Will you explain (as you have observed) that a large part of their incomes will be used to fund programs that they may find immoral, wasteful and/or indeed absurd? And that the bulk of their taxes go to no programs at all, but merely service the debt you entailed on them?

    Will you tell your children that a liberal government will increasingly marginalize, dismiss and weaken the support for and the safety of the Jewish state?

    Will you tell them that, in a state-run economy, hard work may still be applauded, but that it will no longer be rewarded?

    Will you explain that whatever their personal beliefs, tax-funded institutions will require them to imbibe and repeat the slogans of the left, and that, should they differ, they cannot have a career in education, medicine or television unless they keep their mouths shut?

    Will you explain to them that it is impossible to make a budget, and that the basic arithmetic we all use at the kitchen table is not practiced at the federal and state level? And to suggest that it should be — is “selfishness?”

    Most importantly, will you teach them never to question the pronouncements of those in power, for to do so is to risk ostracism?

    Are you prepared to sit your children down and talk them through your vote on the future you are choosing for them?

  20. Thats strange I was not asked for any form of ID. Just my name. They didnt even ask me to verify my address they read it off the paper and asked me it is was correct-pretty shocking! I thought they would be more on top of things with so much voter fraud in the news….


  21. Yid
    I’ll tell my children that were broke because we were helping other people. I’ll be able to look into their eyes.
    While you’ll tell them that were living in this obscene house well off, but please don’t look out the window at those sleeping on the street.

  22. To 59,
    You are required to show some form of ID when going to vote.
    “Voting at your designated Polling Location
    To find your polling place, use our polling place search. If you did not provide identification to the county commissioner of registration or if the identification information could not be verified (i.e., your driver’s license number or the last four digits of your social security number), YOU MUST SHOW IDENTIFICATION AT THE POLLING PLACE WHEN YOU GO TO VOTE.” (from NJ dept of state’s website)

  23. Rabbosai :: Stop Fighting !! We live in jersey. Its a lib state. Obama has NJ wrapped up. Ur vote won’t make a bit of difference. Now, if u live in Ohio that’s a different story.

  24. Even if it is an electoral loss ,a popular majority against the incumbent is a big moral victory and will be very hard to construe as a mandate

  25. #62″ D says:…..”

    your children will refrain from looking at YOU,when they will know you had an opportunity to have held society from descending and ..

  26. I dont believe Romney can do anything he promised..remember he was there 4 yrs ago when Obama took office and look what happened..Nothing, Congress wont let them do anything they dont like
    Its basically whose lies you believe more

  27. I just said Tehillim Chapter 140. It seems appropriate. Hashem is really the One in charge of who will win the election but we have to do our hishtadlus.

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