Drivers Continue To Park And Get Ticketed In BMG Fire Lane

ticketing_at_bmg_2Despite the dozens of summonses issued, drivers continue to park at the BMG’s Fire Lane. This morning, police again circled the campuses in search of illegally parked vehicles, which resulted in several vehicles ticketed. On October 12, the Lakewood Fire Department responded to a vehicle fire in the parking lot, in which the vehicle went up in flames. (See video below).

During that fire, a vehicle can be seen parked illegally in the Fire Lane.

Please note, the ‘Fire Lane – No Parking’ marker on the road, is not merely a suggestion. TLS-GM.

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  1. Isnt it a jewish commandment to follow the laws of the town you live in? why is it you follow the commandments for sabbath and kosher but you do not follow the commandment of observing local laws?

  2. Good job LPD keep up the good work.
    You know folks in NYC there are so many other things that can happen to your vehicle if your parked in the fire zone so be thankful all you got was a ticket, don’t fight it just pay it.

  3. To non-jew comment # 1.
    1)To generalize and say ” Why do you do so and so” etc. to an entire specific sect based on the actions of a few, is not mature and wrong.It is also known as prejudice,anti-semitism etc.
    2) While some people may fail at certain things occassionally and excel at others,it is prudent at times to examine the greater picture rather than focus on a part of the picture. For example -if we were to have a cop (for arguement sake) that acts obnoxiously towards citizens for which he is paid by those very same citizens to protect, or harrases people primarily because he has the power to do so on the one hand but he obeys parking laws to a tee. On the flip side ,we have someone who is a kind and good hearted person that would not hurt a fly but might park in a no parking zone or the like or something of similar nature. – I , and every other sane person that I have ever known would put my bet and feel safer with guy no.2
    I would not want to be alone at night with guy no. 1. but would have no problem being in that situation with guy no. 1

    So I would venture to say that it would do good for society to vent their frustrations with the first person in our hypothesis as he is clearly a menace by a far greater extent.
    That is what we call – Looking at the whole picture.

  4. It would be a great kindness to al if they would ticket EVERY DAY. People only park they because they reson that they’ll get away with it. If they would ticket every day for weeks on end, ultimately no one would park there, saving those who might otherwise be tempted a lot of $$ in the process.

  5. To “non-Jew who has a question” –

    There are literally thousands of cars parked near the Yeshiva (school) by students every day. Approximately 10 are parked illegally. That amounts to a very. very small percentage.
    Feel free any day to come down and see for yourself.
    Please don’t paint using a broad brush.

  6. Not a good point #7 if the good hearted person is blocking a fire hydrant because he feels like he can because that is the only law he breaks and now my car or house burns down because the fire department can’t get to the water, I think I would prefer to be with the cop who can save my life and puts his on the line everyday for me. You see good hearted people who do not follow the law don’t seem to realize the laws were created to help traffic, make driving safe , and most the time had been created due to a tragic event. So give me a cop any day over a person who can’t even follow simple rules.

  7. Maybe the cop in #7’s post is just being obnoxious towards people because day in, day out he serves the citizens and they do nothing but complain that he tickets them when they don’t follow clear rules and laws that are there for their own protection???

  8. Cops keep at it keep on ticketing .
    Just wondering what Clifton Ave looks like these days?
    Is the muster zone the only place or are they back on Clifton Ave.

  9. To JD: Being a public servant by definition means as follows:
    1) When you see people breaking the law you take professional steps to stop that. You do not become obnoxious, arrogant,angry,or anything else that stems from your emotional reaction to the infraction.
    Law enforcement is not about bringing your personal feelings or emotions to the table but rather to do what is necessary to rectify the situation in a professional manner. If the Law enforcer is not capable of accomplishing that – they are clearly in the wrong profession.

    That is in regards for the person commiting the infraction . How much more so, for an individual that had the misfortune of getting in the path of a public servant who happens to be in the middle of an unprofessional tantrum.

  10. A good hearted person would be considerate and not park in a fire zone. A good hearted person would be concerned about the safety of others.
    A good hearted person would put other peoples rights above his selfish desire to break the law.
    A good hearted person would obey the law and not put others lives in jeopardy.
    A cop who has had it up to his neck and beyond with good hearted people who do not obey the law and put others in danger might just be a bit testy towards people who are breaking the law.
    #7 your argument is all wet! Jew or non-Jew lets redefine what a good hearted person is.

  11. so you broke the law for 3 minutes? if it takes only a few seconds to kill someone, should that person be prosecuted? haha breaking the law is breaking the law. i wish parking tickets were 500$, then it would only take once

  12. #18 Consider yourself lucky your car wasn’t towed away, which it should have been. You broke the law, pay the fine and next time don’t park in a fire zone.

  13. I say stop the nonsense and start towing these vehicles this maybe the only way people will learn to stop parking in these zones. Let the owners of thesevehicles pay the ticket, towing, impound and all of the other fees that get applied.

  14. To #16- I am only pointing out that it is human nature to be frustrated when you are taken for granted, criticized for doing your job by people who are in the wrong (parking, speeding etc) it may be difficult to always respond to those people in a perfectly pleasant manner every time. I’m not excusing bad behavior, but it’s unfair to expect a public servant to be anything but human. Especially when part of what they do all day is deal with a public that says “why me? I only broke the law a little” and then complains about the public servant to everyone who will listen, including his/her supervisors.

    I also know quite a few public servants and have never witnessed one have a tanturm. I have however seen people throw a tantrum after they got caught breaking the law, they only have themselves to blame- not the cop.

  15. how about the police officers themselves who regularly can be seen driving through red lights, stop signs etc… Just this morning i saw a police car on the corner of forest and 8th st waiting for someone to not come to a complete stop. The police car displayed total disregard for safety causing much difficulty for cars coming down 8th st to be able to see cars driving on forest.

  16. Chaim says:
    December 20, 2010 at 2:13 pm
    To “non-Jew who has a question” –

    There are literally thousands of cars parked near the Yeshiva (school) by students every day. Approximately 10 are parked illegally. That amounts to a very. very small percentage.
    Feel free any day to come down and see for yourself.
    Please don’t paint using a broad brush.

    please tell me, how many illegal parking spots are at the klienman building. Hey chuchum. there are no more then ten illegal spots there . so the fact that all ten illegal spots are taken shows you the total disregard that people have for the klal.

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