Driver Involved In MVA Seeks Witnesses

lpd car2 tlsDear Lakewood Scoop Readers, 
I am looking for a witness to an accident that occurred yesterday @ approx. 9:40 am. I was driving down 5th street (in a gold Ford Windstar) coming from Monmouth heading toward Lexington Ave. A blue Toyota Sienna driving in front of me tried to bypass a garbage truck parked in our lane. The driver started pulling around the garbage truck and then realized she didn’t have enough room.

Suddenly she came backing up very quickly and slammed into my front bumper. The driver immediately got ot of her car and came to apologize and check to make sure I was ok.

We both surveyed the damage and I offered they can pay me $100 for the damage to my car (since it wasn’t much) and just move on. The driver said she didn’t have any money on her so  she said she will calll the police and file a report.

The next thing I know the police arrive and the passenger in the Sienna an  African American Male proceeds to tell the police that I drove right into them. I was in such shock I couldn’t think straight, these people just decided to lie without a care. We each gave our side of the story to the police and he filled out a report. He said it is up to the insurance company to figure out who is responsible.

If anyone witnessed this please contact me through TLS. Thank You

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  1. I wasn’t there. If the points of impact are even you’ll have a tough time convincing anyone if you don’t obtain witnesses. The male, if he was a passenger, is discredited as a witness. If your damage is on the front of the driver’s side of the bumper and their’s on the rear of the passenger side, you have a much better chance, but it will be tough to win. Although it’s not fair, it may be in your best interest that both sides mutually drop the claim so your insurance rates aren’t impacted. Hatzlocho!

  2. This happened to me. I was pulling out of a WaWa parking lot, the guy in front of me pulled out into the street to make a left. Traffic did not let him in, and meanwhile a traffic light a little further up turned green and cars were coming towards him and he was blocking the lane. He was obviously frustrated and slammed into reverse right into my car. We exchanged info, and when the report was filed they said that I hit HIM!!!
    I hired a lawyer, and the reality was that without corroborating wittnesses, a rear end collision will be assumed to be the car in the back moving forward and instigating the accident.

  3. 1. You are required by law to cal the police to report any accident, no matter how small.

    2. Never accept a street side offer to cover the damages that appear minimal. What if there is more damage than you can see? What if your back starts hurting you and you have no police report and no insurance info from the other person?

    I hope you find a witness to prove that you are in the right. I also hope this is a lesson to you and any other driver on the correct way to handle an accident.

  4. Yet another reason to have a dash cam running at all times. Its cheap. Buy a $30 video camera, mount it to your dash with velcro, and hit record any time you drive.

  5. TO #6- its people like you who are absolutely out of your minds.

    Let me guess you also have tent, back up food, flashlights, and blankets in your trunk 24/7

  6. had the same thing happenyears ago during a winter storm car slid into my lane and wiped ouit the whole side of my car.when police came they said i went into their lane ,no witnesses so insurance place blame on both ~ got screwed !!

  7. TO #8 “for a little more you can buy an automatic dash cam. google dash cam.”

    >For a little more he can install a up-armored HUMMER 360 degree turret with a .50cal automatic machine gun 😉

    (PS: dont forget all your lights & sirens too LOL)

  8. #7 get a life its good to always be prepared

    i have a dash camera and got in a similar situation and let me tell you the camera was well worth it!

  9. As a matter of fact, I DO have all those things in my trunk, and why does that make me out of my mind to be prepared? Do you have a backup pair of tzitzis or kippah? does that make you out of your mind.

  10. that is why number 12 is broke. u set the dash cam and forget it. some insurance companies may even discount ur insurance. the ones who laugh come out loosing in the long run. he will be the one crying to the judge……. some insurance do discount if u let them install a moiniter in ur car. than there is no cost and only discount.

  11. It happened to my husband and the police listened to both sides of the story. The other side made up his story and the police left it up to the insurance. Well, the other insurance cmpany put the blame on the other driver based on the police reports and we were fully reimbursed! Don’t make a claim to your insurance for only $100! If the other car goes through his insurance, then you have no choice. Wait and se what happens. If you have an agent that’s on your side and won’t put through a claim but will cjheck to see if other party did, then speak to him. We did.

  12. if someone makes up a story and as to repeat it several times, e usually trips up and can get caught in his lies. If the other side is questioned enough maybe he’ll trip up.

  13. Did you take pictures of the accident site, and both vehicles? You may be able to find some discrepancies in their story, from physical proof of a photo. Like the angle of both cars and how they were positioned, after the accident. Where the damage is located on both vehicles, to perhaps determine that the driver in front backed up into you. Also, do some research on your own about rear end verses backing up collisions. No one else will do that digging and research for you, not the cops, or the insurance companies.

  14. #21 you are right when you accelerate the front of your car goes up and when you stop it goes down
    when you back up the back goes up……….
    Hatzlacha and may Hashem help you

  15. Couldn’t you have left out the race of the passenger? I think more people may be inclined to be a witness knowing that. It is wierd that you added that to the story.

  16. just out of curiousty,did any of u bother reading the full story? since i seem 2 be the only 1 let me tell u what hes asking,hes asking if theres any witnesses 2 the scene 2 please contact him,he didnt ask 4 the legal advice of the TLS attorny office,he didnt ask 4 every1 story of what type of accidents they were in,he int ask 4 any1 2 share anything with him besides if they were a witness 2 it or not,HE DOSENT CARE!

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