Dozens Of Girls Not Yet Accepted To High School

accepted-letterFIRST REPORT: [UPDATED] TLS has learned that close to 40 girls have not yet received acceptance letters for high school for this coming school year. While acceptance letters have been arriving this past week to the doorsteps of dozens of girls going into high school, many are seeing the unpleasant writing on the wall, and have begun panicking.

“This is a girl who has done nothing to deserve this”, a father of one of the girls tells TLS.

Additionally, a local activist who last year dealt with many of the rejected high school girls, will not be involved in the process this year, TLS has learned. “He feels he was lied to and no longer wants to deal with this issue”, a source says.

In the past, high schools were prevented from opening on the first day of school, until all students were placed. TLS.

UPDATE: An Askan very involved with the process says that the number of girls not yet accepted is less than 40, and that “the schools are being very cooperative”.

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  1. 1&2

    If it was your daughter you would not have the gall to make such a comment.

    What would you tell your haliga maidila why she didn’t recieve a letter from any of the three school that she had to apply to.

    Before you write put yourself in this position.

  2. That number is NOT correct! Relax! Some schools just sent them thursday. Some were panicing yesterday and got it today. Wait a few days before panicing. There are some mistakes here and there that get corrected within a day or 2.

  3. I have heard that some schools are mailing out letters in several shifts so they can see how many kids they have before they accept more . This makes sense as you cant expect the schools to overbook more than capacity .

  4. please don’t moderate this out. I know of one case where a girls wasn’t accepted because of politics between elementry and high school heads. As to why is everyone hysterical I’ll tell you. There is alot of unnecissary emotional trauma being placed on the girls who haven’t been placed when they are told that their classmates they got in… Public school is not an option, staying home is not an option, moving out of town is not an option. Wonder why so many tradgedies are happening? This is the result when Yiddishe Neshomas are treated as political bargaining chips, and unfaily labeled as garbage nobody wants.

  5. That number is inflated. Its less than half that amount. And there might be a few innocent korbonos but a lot of them have a pshat. Ex. Applying to only one school and being an okshin that no other school is good enough or being in a fight with the school making them hesitant to take your next child and maybe out of the over 400 8th graders there might be a few girls who are not as heilig as all the heilige bloggers think they are. Yes I’m sorry to say that out of 400 plus students there are unfortunately a few students that might not be so acceptable.

  6. Obviously many of the letter writers did not get into high school themselves. Just look at the spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar and sentence structure.

  7. This is ridiculous. Getting an education is a right for every child, not a privilege. Children should not be denied an education because they may not fit into a school or if money is an issue. Send them to the public school. Your tax dollars are paying for it. I know its not an ideal situation for orthodox jews but you have everyone of the children in the community enroll, the system will be so overburdened, they will have to do something to accommodate the community . After all, orthodox jews pay for most of the taxes for the school system but dont use it. Something doesnt add up. Enroll everyone. The school system will have to accommodate

  8. As a professional blogger, I look forward to this topic every year. I was actualy getting nervous when I wasn’t hearing about this that maybe somehow everyone got accepted. I would also like to thank TLS for posting this so close to shabbos because as a richtiger blogger my mesoira is to avoid knowing the facts at all costs. I must admit that I an sometimes nichshal and do find out the facts before I blog however, being so close to shabbos I don’t have the time to get the facts so I can blog in the richtiger mahalech with knowing zero facts.

  9. I hear Lakewood High School has many openings……now hear me out. You pay the taxes….now they should give you some class rooms there for these girls. Call it a pilot program or whatever and see what happens.

  10. This is terrible. They use our girls as bargaining chips. I heard of a tzadekes that didn’t get in simply for the fact that they don’t have room in the classroom! A chutzpah! Is that an excuse? Put her in the halway or on the roof like hillel. I heard one girl wasn’t accepted because she didn’t apply to any school! A chutzpa! Is that an excuse?! We are dealing with the next generation of yidishe mamas are you ready to ruin a girls life for a little technicality that she forgot to apply to a school!

  11. to Any says:
    you are right they have every right to attend the public school, however in public schools you cannot segregate boys & girls it is illegal. you also cannot teach any religious oriented subjects that also is not allowed. if that is not an issue then by all means take advantage of the public education system

  12. First of all this is the difference between public and private schools. Private pick and choose the students THEY want, the ones that will make THEIR school look the best! Privet school students are more apt to want to be in school to learn making it easier to teach and get good results. Public schools HAVE to take any and ALL that apply! Public schools have students that DO NOT want to be there and disrupt the classes. Federal rules say “NO child left behind” so the schools have to deal with these students. This costs money and resources. things the Private schools do not have to cope with. I do not have any children in any school, yet I still have to pay school that are used for Public AND Private schools. And lastly feel free to bring your children to the Public schools BUT remember they will ride the same buses, separating Boys from Girls is considered segregation and not allowed, eat the same food as everyone, and lastly, leave your torah at the door Public schools do not teach religion.

  13. TLS should not get involved in chinuch matters by “advocating” on behalf of the shvacher girls always.
    Its a very complex matter and I do not see what qualifies you to always stick your nose in here

  14. This is why you should not believe all the askanim that tell you all the schools are good! If that was the case why out of under 40 girls not accepted are 7 of them from one school with only one class of twenty something girls. Parents fight to get your children into a school you know is good. Don’t settle for less!

  15. Why do the politicians running this coming Tuesday talk about every irrelevant topic under the sun (like groaning about the Blue Claws – something everyone knows nothing can be done about – its just typical political hype or congestion.. like they care… blah blah blah) and not try address topics which people actually care about. Like when someones daughter who can’t get into a school when there is no legitimate reason not to take her in.

    They wont go there because they know that they have no say. At least groan about it. Whip up a storm. You guys spend all your lives honking about things you have no say in like reducing taxes… and doing things no one cares about ….

    Wake up to the issues of this town if you want to be taken seriously.

  16. #19 you are a rasha. #7 you have no clue what you are talking about. I know of a yesoma that isn’t being let in because (moderated). No other reason.

  17. ks;

    The way you worded your comment shows that you are a sonei yisroel.

    Why should someone not advocate for people in a weak position? We should ignore their suffering because you and your rotten ilk don’t give a hoot?

    Who should he advocate for? The people who are first and foremost concerned with their own image?

    I hope you are not in chinuch because you will poison kids.

    Anyone who sides with the institutions gives this pathetic stale argument “Go open a school yourself” or “Do you have any idea how hard it is….” Well guess what

  18. um.. can i just say to whoever said anything about some girls not being so acceptable? i was that girl who was “not so acceptable” and didnt get accepted, and the next few years of my life was a world of confusion, a downward spiral, where no one believed in me and therefore i didn’t believe in myself. Looking back I can say without a doubt, had they accepted me and helped me grow and climb upward back then, i would’ve been a much more “acceptable” person, than the person i have been for the past couple years. Baruch Hashem I am doing much better, but just warning you from experience: it only makes her worse to label her as unacceptable. Don’t let those words come out of your mouth, and then complain about all the off-the-derech kids in your neighborhood who are influencing your children. Shavua Tov.

  19. Don’t forget about the 60 girls who still arnt excepted into primary next year.normal bnei torah who pay tuition. Its a problem. In this town and there is no end in site. To have 60 little girls not in school and its june already is a a very sad reality for a Torahdik town like lakewood

  20. If every girl would apply to and be willing to go to every high school then there would ne almost no problem. Most of the problems come from parents who are Akshonim about getting into only one or 2 schools

  21. I heard there are close to 600 girls going into high school this year. So if there are 30 out that is 5 percent which is not a huge number to be out on the first round of letters. I am sure that most of these girls will be placed as s oon as the schools know whether or not they have more room.

  22. A Child is not acceptable? She is not good enough??

    How cold and insensitive have you really become?

    What makes you or your children any better than the child who was not accepted?

    Are you holier than her?

    Did G-d tell you that you are better?

    Do you perform more Mitzvos than her?

    How about this one, are you willing to take responsibility for how this may affect her down the road?

    If the people in this town who have decided that they have shoulders big enough to bear the weight of running a Mosod, would really care about the children, no letters would go out to anyone until all of the children have been placed. They would also learn to keep things quiet. There are people that knew of certain children that were not accepted a few weeks ago already.

    What do these schools think? ……

    My school is better than yours.

    My students can say over this and say over that.

    My students have 3 hours of homework.

    My students can recite this entire sefer by heart!

    I would never tell my students that they should not repeat what happened today to their parents.

    I would never put my student in a situation that their parents would not approve of.

    For those of you that understand what I am talking about, you should not be quiet. For those of you who don’t, well, ignorance is bliss.

  23. I am very upset it is a disgrace they are accepting out of town girls before they accept the Lakewood girls, no out of town girls should be accepted until every Lakewood girl is placed in a school, how can we allow this injustice to take place in our town, Lakewood the city of Torah. Each of us must stand up and help these parents and not allow our daughters to attend school until every Lakewood girl is placed.


  25. To Albert Einstein:

    Your solution that every elementary school should have a hight (sic) school woulnd’t work. It would just push of the crisis four years when we will have a SEMINARY crisis.

  26. I have a right to educate my children with only children from like minded homes.
    Lakewood is a very very big place and they come in all shapes and sizes.
    Who are you to pressure people into lowering their standards?
    You would be shocked to hear what goes on in some Lakewood homes.

  27. As I read through the comments said here, I am hurt by some & thankfull for the rest.

    For someone to say that my daughter is not good enough, when she has spent the last 8yrs in BF, than you are saying that BF and Mrs E. (and myself) did not do a good job. SHAME ON YOU. This is a girl who is tznius, does chesed, helps around the house…. But for some reason no HS wants her. (and yes we applied to 3 schools as we were told to do. we were also told that there is room for everyone this year. ask anyone who was at thte motzi shabbos meeting).

    You are going to say that only the first round of letters wenr out and now wait for the next round of letters. What are the second round of letters. The ow someone didn’t want this spot so maybe ill offer it to the second class girls. Are you now saying i’m a second class citizen.

    To the ones that support me I thank you and don’t let people forget about this. Get up in shul and ask your rov what he is doing for these bais yaakov girls. Get up in the bais medreash where you learn or at work and ask your fellow jews next to you what are they doing about this issue.

    Get up and let these girls have a voice. Our Voice. Don’t let these girls be swepted under the rug. Get up and and give these girls a voice.

  28. #32

    I AGREE WITH YOU 100%.

    If EVERY parent would get together and not pay (or push off) the rest of the payments to not just the HS but even the elementry schools, boy would there be an uproar.

    The nasayers will say, why punish the teachers of the elementry school (they wont get paid) well you no what i’m sorry. The same i”m sorry I recieved when I was told that there is nothing I could do by one of the principles of my daughters school last year.

    Hit them where it hurts and i’m sure sings will change fast.

  29. ks, you have a right to choose where to send your kids and what your kids do, but you do not have a right to decide who else can go to the same school your kids do. End of story. many schools out of towns have all different kinds of kids from all different kinds of homes in the same school who don’t all necessarily see each other after school, and they all manage to live the lives their respective parents want from them. people like you who close your mind and heart on others mistakenly thinking you are keeping your children safe, are the ones who end up kicking your own kid out the door of your own house one day because you don’t know how to deal with something your child might do. again, experience talking.

  30. I am a girl who did well in elementary school & got accepted to a high school right after I applied. I grew up in a family of B’nei Torah but I am today ‘off the derech’ I attribute this because the high school I went to accepted not so acceptable girls & they influenced me with movies, & talked about topics which were never allowed in my home. So, to my Menahel you may have done a big Chessed to some girls at the time who couldn’t get into any high schools, but a big disservice to myself who I have no interest in remaining loyal to Yiddishkeit or even marrying a frum Yid. You shouldn’t have done a favor on my Cheshbon.

  31. I don’t get it? So you are saying that a gurl that comes from a home that mocks all that they teach in school and has a home full of material that is not suited for a frum person and has proven to be a bad influence on others in elementary school is not unacceptable??? You obviously don’t have children or don’t care much about their chinuch! A bad influence in a school can ruin dosens of nefoshos. I’m sorry but I didn’t say ever girl not accepted is a problem, I just said that some are. I’m sorry to say that out of 600 girls there are unfortunately a FEW that are at risk of ruining other students. If you argue with me then you are either naïve and have no clue what goes on in some homes in town or you are just anti schools and blog and give the holier than thou speech as a hobby.

  32. 39, I respectfully totally dissagree. This is not out of town. This is a city built by and for serious yeshivalite. They do not have to compromise at all. I have no problem with anyone opening for themselves a more liberal mosad.
    But the people who are moser nefesh to keep their homes totally pure, who try to bring up pure children, how can you pressure them to lower their standards?
    I also totally disagree with your chinuch hashkofo, dont try and paint us as fanatics. We know how to deal with our children just as well, if not better than anyone els.
    Don’t be in denial, walk in to many shuls on shabbos, look at the children, some are vastly spiritually superior than others. Fact.

  33. Its seems very disturbing that 97% of the girls get letters of acceptance to a high school. The other remaining girls they just ignore the issue, like its not their problem (moderated)

    This is a very big issue and years to come will me much worse. Thay have no wright sending out one acceptance letter until every single child has a place to go. We are all one nation that has one job to help each other. (kol Yisroel Areivim ze lazeh)

  34. The only way to make sure everyone has a school is for the askonim to find out who doesn’t have one yet. That involves talking to high schools and elem. School principals and teachers as well as advocating with people that have influence on schools. Sometimes somebody who had private info about who was still not in a school will slip. It not the schools fault rather its the fault of someone along the line of people trying to help.

  35. With all the negative comments at the poor girls who have not gotten acceptance letters. You ARE over on onas devarim. To the rest who see the problem for what it is.. Plesse say tehillim that all our daughters be placed in appropriate schools.
    I will take 1-5.
    Please have rachmanis on the daughters of your people. Please.

  36. i x get in2 highskool ryt away lst yr but its ok evry1 gets in eventually -ryt! chill out it has 2 b s/o x take it 2 peronl i x and manged just fine jst do ur prt and ur fine did u ever hear of ne1 who x in skool the whole year (unless there r other issues involved) got it?

  37. On your comment to send to public school, I don’t think you understand our belief system .every aspect of the public school is anti the very core of our beliefs most lakewood people would homeschooling rather than send to lakewwood high . It’s kinda like swimming in a cesspool, not even an option.

  38. I was in the same situation last year.our daughter did not have a school. We caught ourselves and said wait a minute we are destroying our daughter by discussing this at every moment. Remain calm, don’t curse out the system ,lakewood etc, follow the advise of the askance , push a little , pray and everything will work out. It did for us. Just the hysteria is not healthy for anyone.

  39. from experience, I’d like to offer a word of advice to those waiting around to placed. You must be your child’s advocate. True, there are people that say “wait, I’ll help”. But, these people are helping a lot of other families as well and you never know where you are on the priority list. So, don’t “wait,” be proactive and help yourself, advocate for yourself as much as you possibly can. Good luck.

  40. Some were sent and not yet received. The askonim are working tirelessly. Since friday around half the ones that didn’t have a place now have one. Give a few days it’ll be mostly taken care of. And yes as always, there are a few that are refusing to go to the one that accepted them.

  41. this problem begins in elementry school (with chashuva people) this continues to high school (with chashuva people) and guess what it doesnt end there it continues to seminary, shiduchim and so on. i understand where everyone is coming from and there problems but it happeneds to the best of people. i have a friend who didnt get into seminary. they where 5 girls in a row. 4 of them went to 1 specific seminary and when it came to the 5 girl the seminary didnt accept her. there was no reason for such a attitude. she was a great girl from a great family (father is learning so far his whole life) and she didnt go there because they chose not to push. as i said at the beginning IT DOESNT END WITH HIGH SCHOOL. i wish you all much much much hatzlacha. please dont take this too personal. it’s just an attitude a statement… dont worry with Hashem’s help you will all seee much nachas from your daughters…

  42. Why are we parents forced to apply to 3 schools and lay out 3 application fees? If a school is not for my daughter, why should I be forced to waste my $$. And if the schools don’t have any intention of taking the girl, why do they cash my check? The application test should let you check off your top 3 choices for schools and go from there.

  43. to anon says : (#16)
    your comments are 100% correct, Why do some not realize that the private sector has the right to segregate , teach religious subjects etc which in this country is not permisable in public schools or for that matter any place outside of what is a private institution and even not permitted in some cases in the private area also . Thats why they are “private” I keep seeing comments from a few to flood the public schools well as long as they abide by what is permitted in the piublic education system (NO Didcrimination) they have every right to attend . From what I have observed from comments here I do not think that would be acceptable to an orthodox family

  44. If they would stop peersecuting 13 & 14-year old children, we could avert many gzeiros and tragedies which we have all become so accustomed to.

  45. not sure why the schools are being bashed. they are doing a wonderful thing for clall yisroel! when people have pain they cry out to hashem to stop their suffering. when hashem sees this he brings yehoshuas to the yidden. moshach is on the way!!

    yasher koach to the mosdos

  46. adelphia talmud,

    You must not have children so it is hard for you to understand,

    when you have a child that follows all the rules, does her hishdadlus, and is still rejected, you will fight till the end for your child.

    What these schools are doing to these girls is unforgivable. they are distroying these ypung girls for the rest of there lives. Yes they might recover but they will never forget what these schools have done to them.

  47. 43:
    The more I think about it and try to agree with what you’re saying, the more I realize how wrong you are. There are a great amount of families in Lakewood, where Husband learns, wife teaches or stays home or works, and kids are completely sheltered from anything outside of their own home. And then, there are those families who are soo soo inviting, so open to all different kinds of people, where the husband learns, and the wife teaches or works or stays home, and the kids are so so pure and so full of ahavas yisroel for no matter what kind of Jew, knowing their boundaries yet greeting them with a smile. Understanding the differences between them, yet accepting them as a fellow Yid. Those are the families who are being moser nefesh to keep the purity in their lives. and those are the ones who wouldn’t mind having kids from different backgrounds. those are the ones who end up having the opposite positive effect on the weaker kids. so no, i am not saying lower standards for families who are moser nefesh to remain pure, i am saying take another look at who the pure ones are and then see if they need to lower their standards in order to have classmates that come from families that may not be 100% like them. KOL YISROEL ARAIVIM ZE LAZE. no matter how much Torah Learning one does, if there is no bain adam lechaveiro it is useless.

  48. To the girl that’s off the derech, don’t blame ur weakenes and ur falling 4 the yettzer hora on the princeapal of ur school if ur were so holy in the first place u never wud have gone off! On a more postive note hashem always forgives. So come back to ur yiddishkeit and u can start a new leaf!

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