Do you agree with this Lakewood voter?

voted“I’m traveling next week so I drove down to toms river this morning to vote. Now I know my vote won’t make much of a difference in NJ. But, as an American, a Jew and a simple human being I need to be able to look into my Children and grandchildren’s eyes, and tell them which side of history I stood on as a crazed man was trying to become our president..”

Do you agree with his vote and reasoning?

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  1. Absolutely. Trump is not simply a flawed person; he is a clear and present danger to democracy, and basic morals and values. In history classes 30 years from now, teachers will have to describe the evil that is Donald Trump. Do you want to be a person who stood on his side as he trounced upon all sense of decency? I sure don’t.

  2. Yes, I agree with this person voting selection, actually will do the same selection.
    Will vote for a democratic president candidate for the first time in my life, (I am over 30).

  3. But she will install liberals into the supreme court and any torah values that would go away – the end of the USA for Jews – she hates us with a passion. Besides all the people she had killed and the more I read these days the more I believe it. Her right hand woman who worked for a Pro Al Quada news paper while working for Hillary during 9-11, had access to every secure document Hillary had.

  4. @you bet – so your definition of “decent” and “democracy” is – living above the law, pay to play, interfering with an ongoing investigation by pressuring DOJ, taking in millions of $ in bribes in the guise of a foundation “donation” (and add to that from foreign countries), taking in more millions in bribes in the guise of “speaking fees” (as you will notice no one is interested in hearing her speak for free), cheating in the primaries to get the nomination etc.
    and that will clear your conscious for voting for someone that isn’t dangerous for our democracy…?
    can you imagine history classes in 30 yrs trying to explain Hillary? that should be pretty exciting… assuming the clinton’s won’t have everything deleted and censored by then…

  5. no, this guy is a fool!
    he’s trading in some guy with some basic human desires for a criminal and lier. Someone who will consume the world with criminal investigations and not work on anything for America which would be helpful.
    what a fool!!

  6. Tell your children about crime to cover up some bad language.
    Since when does your president have to be the one that your kid emulates.
    He needs to fix America in debt and policy, not be a rebbi.

  7. I would really like to know why Hillary’s campaign logo resembles a plane flying through the twin towers. Haven’t we been through enough? Such a twisted thing to do and no one but the people personally impacted by that horrific day even notice it. It proves her association with and embracing of evil.

  8. Totally disagree. And to him I say good luck with the 10m terrorists she plans on bringing in to the country with the total backing of all these Arab countries through the Clinton foundation. Yea trump is crazy & not great for democracy but Hillary is dangerous. Very dangerous.

  9. You’re absolutely right. We have to vote for a tainted and loathsome Clinton for the same reason that voting for a corrupt Nixon in 1972 was the only reasonable choice: because on the other side was someone so radically unfit to be president. The same way that Nixon’s previous crimes, subsequent cover-up, and forced resignation did not retroactively make him the wrong choice, so too Clinton’s past and possibly future corruption don’t disqualify her when the alternative is a narcissistic and infantile crackpot.

  10. He will need to answer to Hashem why he voted for a liberal Supreme Court that will change the face of this Country for possibly generations.

  11. Trump is crazy and filthy no question about it. If this was just about a filthy man even a republican verse a crooked lady you are right the crooked lady wins. But Trump offers something that I don’t believe any politician will ever offer in our life time. Trump offers a fresh look and a challenge toward the broken status quo in washington on both sides of the aisle. We need to rethink our 20th century policies to see if its relevant for the 21st century. Is NATO still a must. Putin is bad but is he the #1 evil man that we sould bicker with? Should we be offering “democracies” to the middle east? Or are dictators like Assad who we can deal with more stable? How about immigration? I hate Trumps demeaning rhetoric. But us Lakewooders know that we re broke and can’t afford more immigrants and anchor babies. Yes we are an immigrant country. But that was before we spent so much on education and before LBJ’s new great social welfare society.
    If you care about issues vote Trump.

  12. Yes, unfortunately, I agree with this voter. I say unfortunately because I am uncomfortable voting for either of them. Everything the Trump supporters say about Clinton is true. You don’t have to try and convince me. And everything the Clinton supporters say about Trump is true. We are unfortunately faced with the choice of voting for the better of two evils and I have to go with the sane human being, as crooked and flawed as I know she is. It just scares me to have a nutcase with his finger on the nuclear button and with a say in very complex world affairs.

  13. yea, in the future when theyll be forced to teach your kids about same gender marriage and mixed bathrooms youll tell them that you wanted this cuz the other guy said bad things..

  14. He could look his kids in the eyes and say he caused ww3. Or helped caused million of syrain refugees who are islmaic terrorists come into our country and kill our ppl.
    I bet you he is on medicaid, because i cannot afford obamacare!
    TRUMP 2016

  15. Instead of looking in your children’s eye’s, look in the mirror and see the crazy person. Trump talks like a Goy, what bill did in the Oval Office is disgraceful. What hillary did in office is disgracful.

  16. Please Please if she becomes president the supreme court will change every law to anti torah, and morality will plummet faster than ever
    why not “write in” some other name so that you still vote like rubio, cruz…
    thats what many Rabbonim have said to do !!

    btw if you haven’t realized ocean county will be a landslide win for trump, so your vote is mainly just to add numbers to our power as a community so please vote and you can vote for someone else

  17. No way Hillary is dangerous. What is matter with you she is horrible as Obama is. She going rip Israel apart and make thing difficult for everyone. Trump will be much better for Israel. I am proud to vote for Trump the Hero.

  18. Amazing. Hope you feel good you had your 15 minutes in the spot light.
    What people won’t do to get attention.

    You are absolutely wrong!!

  19. This is what allows me to sleep at night. ‘לב מלכים ושרים ביד ה
    But you still have to vote for the one that is morally correct! I grew up with the knowledge that Republicans generally follow Torah values. Democrats don’t.

  20. its all about the Supreme Court!!

    Hilary will pick Leftists that will find all forms of abomination “protected by the constition”. with Trump at least there is a chance that he will appoint Justices that respect conservitive values.

  21. You haven’t seen anything yet about the Clintons, Obama, Lynch, Holder and the others who have been trying to destroy the US government for close to 3 decades. Let me tell you that they almost succeeded but… the straight shooters at the FBI, CIA, NYPD and the Military – who have been shackled and muzzled and ostracized until they can’t take it anymore are about to release the most shocking and horrible evidence of the despicable evil of the entire Clinton Cabal.

    It doesn’t matter if Hillary the immoral (you’ll see), unethical and criminal excuse for a human being gets elected. It’s all over for her and her entire cartel. As one who has been vilified and worse along with my brave brothers and sisters who simply wanted to do their jobs as sworn to the American people, and like them has been thwarted, ridiculed and demeaned at every turn for doing so – and in many cases have had their careers, lives and families destroyed by these selfish, narcissistic and perverted insatiable gluttons of money and the flesh.

    It took a long time and a lot of hard work and determination to put together everything that these monsters were trying to make us rank and file investigators hide. But we found a way to put it out front and center. We couldn’t do it before without putting our very lives in jeopardy. They may have the press and the media who are spoon fed their lies but… we created Wikileaks, that’s right. We figured it out as an effective, and perhaps the only, way to put out the hard evidence from our thwarted and buried investigations.

    You never knew that we already had the goods on them. We couldn’t sit on it any longer. We are sick and tired and disgusted. There are no Russians behind it, we, your faithful law enforcement sworn servants and military have been gathering all the emails, files, logs and so much more yet to be revealed from our investigative files that they tried to bury along with us.

    We found a way to vindicate ourselves and to return to protecting and serving all the honest and hard-working people of our country. Again, I speak with the truth as my witness, and you will soon see the stunning evidence of behavior beyond your wildest imagination of those who have had us in their cross-hairs for decades. The tables have turned. Mark my words. No matter who wins this election, based on what is yet to come the people of this country will take it back. I guarantee that you will be thoroughly shocked and disgusted, you will feel used and abandoned – as we do, but justice will prevail and the truth will be served. Thank God. Amen.

    It has just begun. I can tell you that all this will happen, a revolution without firing a shot – once you see the truth behind this administration and this election in particular, that we have been holding, no matter who wins, things will change because your freedom and the future freedoms of your children – and the entire world for that matter, will once again be in your hands. Amen. I am not joking. Watch.

  22. how could he?!? She is a known anti Semite. He is basically saying “I will not vote for an indecent man (who has a Jew for a child) instead I will vote for a crook, anti-Semite etc.”

  23. Both candidates stink however, I still disagree with him. He’ll be ashamed to tell his children that he was misguided and voted for the candidate that ended up behind bars. What we know about Hillary is, I’m sure, the tip of the iceberg. More info will eventually emerge. Trump is what you see is what you get. Hillary is a sly conniving criminal with blood on her hands

  24. Absolutely AGREE! I only hope more people agree and understand that liking or despising someone is a ULTRA-small-minded way of approaching an election in context of the seriousness of what can be at stake for a people with no shortage of of socio/religious considerations.

  25. Trump is a home run president. Professional. On top of his game. Constantly taking time to get feedback, ask questions, be creative and resourceful. And of course, his calm personality is an asset!!

  26. This guy feels very good with himself. And wanted to show of.
    Well let me tell you he’s a fool.
    I’m not goons go thru all but Hillary is an evil dangerous leftist.
    And for all those who say there scared of trump, give me a break. You don’t build a Bussiness like his and be crazy.

  27. I’m am shocked that so many Frum Jews are voting for Killlary! She is a CRIMINAL!!!! Are you really letting your emotions make a decision over your use of logic?! Granted he’s a bit of a pig, but how can you vote for someone who has done bad things and LIES over someone who said bad things?!?! Mind= Blown

    Just out of curiosity those of you voting for her are you on programs?

  28. Republicans have 2 choices in this election, vote for a republican or Donald trump. Clinton is not a progressive. If you look into her agenda, she is at best a moderate republican whom has been on a 30 year witch hunt from the GOP. Afterall, after 8 tax payer funded congressional hearings have all concluded that she is not guilty of any wrong doing. Trump is just a con man who knows nothing about how the govt works and worst of all, he seems to be in cohoots with Putin. Putin wants him to be his puppet hence why they hacked the dnc

  29. I know that you’re think that it’s fun and games to vote this way. But unfortunately it’s not. It’s as serious as it gets and if you want your grandkids to have a future in this country you MUST VOTE TRUMP. No serious person that I spoke with, will vote for her, and I travel the country for business so I speak to all sorts of folks.

  30. You will tell your kids that you supported someone who is trying to pass laws against our holy torah?? (toeva marriages to start).. not only pass laws supporting it but she (and dems) are trying to make it the new normal!

  31. CHANGE…Remember that CHANGE that’s what the people want. It’s the same old stuff year after year. New Jersey is corrupt from A to Z. in all departments. State ,Municipalities and Townships.
    So we say Crooked Hillary I’m afraid not so.. The Truth is
    (Just plan and simple straight up Crooked New Jersey).
    But yet we let them get away with it..

    Wake up people the America we once knew is Gone.

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