Deputy Mayor Langert On Storm And Cleanup

Steve_Langert small TLS_wmTLS just got of the phone with Deputy Mayor Steven Langert moments ago. He had the following message regarding the storm which has crippled the area: “I was on the truck for 6 hours last night and some streets which we plowed were almost impassable a half hour later. It may look like it was not plowed, but they have been. It’s a serious storm and our guys are working diligently. Believe it or not, Mayor Singer’s street as well as Committeeman Ray Coles’s street have not yet been plowed. The guy I was on the truck with, worked for 18 hours straight. Please be patient and courteous. We have approximately 30 trucks out there. Lakewood is divided into 14 zones and the primary roads are being plowed first. We would also like to ask the people who are shoveling, not to shovel the snow into the roads”.

TLS will continue to monitor the cleanup situation and bring you any information available.

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  1. mr. langert could you please explain the millions of tax dollars spent on a state of the art high tech weather system installed at the new public works department to prepare and get a heads up on weather conditions yet it seemed to have FAILED this time they did not prepare adequtley for this storm neither did they forcast it at 24 inches.

  2. Thanks Steve. Information during times like these is always very helpful. We appreciate all that you do for us!

    If I may, it seems like our street, Independence Court was inadvertently left out as all the streets of our developement were plowed this morning (thanks for that public works guys!) except fr IndependenceCourt. If yuo can, please check on this we would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks and a yasher koach once again for all that ypo do.

  3. Hey whats the issue we get alittle snow and everyone is complaining? Look on the positive side, we still have power. So instead of trying to get out of the house spend time with your family inside your nice warm house.

  4. All I know is that I saw one of the twshp’s trucks get stuck in the snow on my street this morning and though they might be much larger that our smaller passenger vehicles they can get problems too which take up precious time…

  5. Boy am I thankful that the front of my house is facing the southern direction because my snow gets melted by the sun fairly quickly.. So to all you guys that always feel jealous that the grass is greener on the other side.. guess what.. you’re absolutely right!!

    In fact, I remember those days when I also used to live on YOUR side of the icy-front-porch-and-sidewalk-street eating my heart out.. and B”H I was since zoche to go green.. 🙂

    Happy shoveling 🙂 🙂

  6. To all of u complainers, talk is cheap. Maybe if you stopped complaining and cleaned up your own act things might actually get fixed. Start by obeying the laws of the land . Making positive suggestions. Hiding behind heter’m when the comunity needs things done. Mashiach may arrive any minute. Then the truth will bare fruit.

  7. Please Please Please!!!

    Don’t forget Independence Court! We’re still buried in.
    Thanks a bunch in advance!

  8. To all you people who are slamming Mr. Langert, why are you holding him accountable and not the other committee men. From what I see on this site, it seems as if he is actually doing more for the tax payers then any of the others.

    Tell me anyone of the other committee men that went out for 6 hours on a truck with the plowers, giving them a boost of support and making sure things are running smooth?

    And to all you bright people who were driving around last night, that was not helping either.

    The only thing I can think of is that you are just jealous of him or that he has cut your department and now your pocket hurts. He was elected by the people in this town, not by a few individuals who want to have some private gain here. He is looking out for the majority of the town.

    From what I hear, it seems that he will put himself on the line for the community, before looking like a bessere mentch to a few individuals. When you do this, some of you will get hurt, but the end result is that most of you will end up gaining. If you don’t know all the facts don’t bash him, first because if it’s true, its loshen hora and if it’s not, its motzei shem ra, so either way you lose.

    Hatzlocha Rabba Mr. Steven Langert, Hashem should give you strength and chizuk and you should be successful in everything you do for the tzibur.

  9. Dear steveu always had been a gr8 friend ty again for all the hard wrok u do for the town. I hope u become mayer soon sorry I stopped u on rt 9 I just wanted to say thank u again. Steve for congress p.s. Pls don’t forget primrose did not have any trucks pass through pls see what u can do but we all understand that main roads come first, whenever u have they have a chance that wld be gr8. Regards from all your fans!!!

  10. Route 9 is cleaned by the state. County Line, Cedarbridge, & Central/New Egypt are cleaned by county. All that’s left for the township are secondary and third roads. AND THEY’RE NOT CLEAN!! What is the DPW doing. Maybe the township commitee should have to answer. And BTW Steve, nice try.

  11. #22 just remember we arent all jewish and yes maybe our pocket dose hurt, now what is ” its loshen hora and if it’s not, its motzei shem ra, so either way you lose. ” guess what u lose im not jewish so it wont apply to me. you wake up and learn ur not the only one in lakewood!!!

  12. Just a few months ago I went to vote in the franklin public works complex. I was amazed at how much waste this town has, but then saw all the garages with trucks and pacified myself that at least we will be good if it snows… And now?????????

  13. just a few comments here: I saw these trucks going up and down my small streeet numerous times over shabbos and sunday. they are doing a GREAT job.

    second, to all the homeowners on sunset road that are dumping all of the snow from your driveway into the middle of the street, please STOP! Where is your common sense?

  14. Steve made sure when they put down salt or sand to keep the plow up so they’ll waste tax dollars. Weekends are double pay. Insurance regulations weren’t a problem for Steve to ride along?

  15. No question, LPW drivers and employees are doing a great job however they would have accomplished much more if there boss would have sent them out in FULL force a few hours earlier. On the other hand I have 2 employees in Brick that have not seen a snow plow yet.

  16. can someone PLEASE explain why on shabbos i saw a LPW truck with a plow attached come down my block (once the entire shabbos!) and it just was spreading sand AND NOT PLOWING??!! wheres the secichal?

  17. Mr. Langert
    thank you for not only talking the talk but backing it up by spending some time in the cab of a snow plow. Now you know what a pain it is to plow in Lakewood when all the cars are parked in the street.

    We just had a snow blizzard 20-22 inches in town and the peeps are complaining -STOP you make me laugh. Give the Public works 3 days to clear this volume of snow then start the complaining. 30 truck on the road for 16 hours, then they must go rest for 8 hrs as per the CDL Federal regs.
    As for the sand and salt- this comes first, put down either before of just as the snow starts to accumulates so when the plow trucks come later the snow doesn’t stick to all the road surfaces. Plows are set a few inches off the road surface so they don’t rip the manhole covers as they go along
    This storm was know about for almost a week before it happen so if you didn’t prepare SHAME ON YOU

    clear your drive way and sidewalk, get the car off the street if possible, clear a path to the mailbox and if there’s a fire hydrant in front of your house -clear it out incase its needed for a real emergency- only after you’ve completed these task should you start to complain LOL
    Snow removal is best completed at night when there’s less traffic and the roads are clear
    PUBLIC WORKS -KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK our roads look better than Howell and Brick as of 4pm Sunday

  18. Excuse me!!! It’s not the snow plow drivers fault? How many of you were a no show last night? Were is the accountability? Which one of the commitee members are designated to oversee the PWD.I’ll give you a hint, it’s NOT Steve Langet.

  19. I just came from Brick and RT 70 is horrible, everyone is slipping out of control you can’t see the pavement, so stop complaining about Steve and our township.

    It is a 2 foot snow storm after all, so get realistic.

  20. Forest Park was NOT a breeze to drive thru. In Fact Committeeman Miller who lives there had to park at town hall & get a ride home because he coulldn’t get in to Forest Park

  21. Steve for Mayor for life! such dedication and its not even his department. Steve is liaison to….blueclaws? Bottom line is yedder einer is a moomcheh all of a sudden. Let the professionals do their job., They are working hard and with little thanks, yes regardless how much they are making even double pay, they still deserve your courtesy and gratitude, so thank them when you see them.
    Now, My. Mayor-elect, can you send one truck over to do my driveway? pleeaassee? 🙂

  22. Many in town never worked a day in their lives. Daddy bought you you’re home and pays you’re taxes and who knows if you reall are learning anything in Yeshiva. Stop the Whining

  23. My kids were stranded the entire day today- now 8:50 PM STREET HAS NOT BEEN TOUCHED! Shame on you- taxpayers are not homebound prisoners who lost a day’s wages and appointments because they couldn’t get off their own block!

  24. John franklin has got to go!!!!
    didn’t he spend millions of OUR tax dollars on a high tech early warning storm system to prepare for a snow storm such as this one .well, Why didn’t you prepare???
    where were the trucks all day???
    just drove out on clifton ave its a sheet of ice ..this is after they supposedly first salt the roads 24 hours ago… its a shame and time for heads to roll!!!!!!!!

  25. Don’t knock steve ! I’m a regular joe & know that what steve has done in a year , some have not done in 6 p.s. He’s surely better then cunleff no?
    Sreve; just remember for every complainer , there is 10 quit happy towns men

  26. The township has no clue how to plow streets. You just have to look at the county streets to see the difference.
    The other problem is that should be an ordinance that you cannot park on the street in the event of a snowstorm.

  27. Hey Steve, as Deputy Mayor while you were out driving around with LPW did you bother to stop by and thank any or all of the emergency personnel (career and volunteer) for doing a wonderful job and for leaving their families home to weather out the storm by themselves while they were out standing by to protect the Town?

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