Dashcam Video: Watch as Driver Disregards School Bus’s Flashing Lights

Watch as a driver goes around a school bus dropping off a student in Lakewood.

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  1. The bus should not put on lights if the students are not crossing the street. If the law states that they should, the law should be changed.

    • UM…. The LAW is The boys is to put their flashers ON when picking up or dropping off kids!! And EVERYONE (BOTH SIDES) is supposed to STOP!!

      • JoJo, as I said, there is no need for such, if they are not crossing. The law should be changed. There is no logical reason to stop traffic if they are not crossing the street.

        • AND as I said…. WHETHER CROSSING OR NOT… the lights are supposed to be flashing…. RED MEANS STOP!! Wtf are you even talking about?! No laws need to be changed because you said it needs to be!! This has been a law since before you were born!! It’s in the Driver’s Manual that you were supposed to study before taking your Written Test and your Road Test!! You probably just paid for your license!! Now I know WHO to say away from when I drive!! I follow the rules!!

    • whether crossing or NOT, the LAW is that NO ONE is supposed to pass a Stopped School Bus picking up or dropping off kids. And their LIGHTS ARE SUPPOSED TO FLASH to let the cats know that is are coming on or off the bus!! What are you even talking about?!

  2. Ploni Almoni, it’s good you’re anonymous. Your suggestion is ridiculous. The driver should ask the students at every stop if they’re crossing or not???

    • No, a driver who drives a route every day knows where the boys go. And I am glad you think it’s ok to claim the mantle of Daas Torah, while also remaining anonymous.

      • What stupidity, you expect every driver to keep track of all 40+ kids which side of the street they are going to, all you need is for them to forget once and you’ll have children’s bodies littering the streets.

        • When they’ve been doing it for the last few months day in day out, it doesn’t take so much brainpower to remember. You give our bus drivers way too little credit.

          • And it doesn’t take ANY brainpower to KNOW that you’re supposed to STOP when a School Bus is picking up or dropping off kids…. WHETHER THEY’RE CROSSING THE STREET OR NOT!!

      • Whether they do or not, and if they did… They still need to turn ON their FLASHERS. BOTH SIDES of the road is supposed to STOP!!

      • Like I said… The law was there way before you were born!! And like I said you probably paid for your license. Because obviously you don’t know how to follow the law!! (And that’s not being offensive in ANY WAY.) Because I know alot of purple who don’t have licenses and don’t know how to drive!!

  3. We’re supposed to be Dan l’kaf zichus everyone but how can we in situations like these?!

    Someone told me that when we can’t think of a possible way to be Dan l’kaf zichus we should daven that these people change their ways or thank Hashem that you are not like them.

      • If you’re trying to justify breaking the law and passing a stopped school bus by saying it was a “medical emergency”, just think for a second about the absurdity of that excuse. You can cause tens of medical emergencies with such behavior, chas vesholom.

  4. If so, they should indicate in some type of way that that is the case. Honk their horn, flash their lights, yell out the window…. Something to show why they are causing almost another medical emergency!

      • Pioni, If it’s a medical emergency, they should be in an ambulance. Nothing you have said makes any sense. Everyone is in a rush. You can wait a minute or so for the bus to move.

      • (moderated) Wait until one of your kids is getting off the bus and see what happens when someone passes the School Bus flashing their lights!!

          • No one is trying to curse anyone!! I just said since you said they shouldn’t be on if the kids are not crossing the street…. What if something happens to one of your kids or anyone else’s kids for that matter… then what are you gonna say?! The law has been around since before you were born… and you CANNOT change the law because you did NOT make the law!! No matter how you feel about it!! The lights are SUPPOSED TO FLASH WHETHER CROSSING THE STREET OR NOT!! AND IT IS ILLEGAL TO PASS SHEFF THE BUS IS STOPPED!!

          • No one has a FOUL MOUTH curtains anyone’s kids!! You’re the one that said they shouldn’t flash the lights if the kids aren’t crossing the streets. You’re the one cursing the children. (The ones that get hit by cars ILLEGALLY passing a School Bus!!). Because you say they shouldn’t have their flashers on if they’re not crossing the streets.

  5. The reason All vehicles Must stop ALL SIDES is because there have been times when a child ran across the wrong way than he was supposed to so since you can’t predict that All SIDES MUST STOP!
    I hope you fully understand now!

  6. I have been going to numerous medical emergencies and broke every law while driving. One law I didn’t break was passing a school bus with its lights on.

    Red light? Yes. You can stop and see if cars are coming and then proceed. A 4-way stop sign, if you are careful, you can see beforehand if other vehicles are coming. But passing a bus with its lights on, you never know what a child would do.

    The law is that even if a bus puts its lights on where there are four lanes, you must stop in all four lanes!!! It makes sense to me.

    • I see you are very passionate jojo! But you haven’t added any explanation. You just state as a fact that there is no excuse. At least other comenters responded with reasons why, like never knowing what a child will do, or the bus drivers not being to be able to remember where they go. Please help have a useful discussion, with arguments and reasons, and not only the passion.

      • Like I said!! BOTH SIDES are supposed to STOP when a School Bus has its flashers on. Whether the child is crossing the street or NOT. Your excuses are pitiful and pathetic. You need to stay off the road!!

        • You need to calm down. and you still haven’t given even one reason why my arguments are pitiful or pathetic. Just your caps lock seems to have been left on

          • I don’t need to calm down. You’re the one who doesn’t know the law!! I’ve given MANY reasons!! You’re just too stubborn and pitiful and pathetic to UNDERSTAND it!! Your arguments are pitiful and pathetic because IT’S THE LAW!! You CANNOT change what you did NOT make!!


          • Obviously you DON’T!! The law is NOT flawed!! You’re the one who’s flawed because you want something that you CANNOT have or CHANGE because you don’t like it!! Your pathetic excuses are hurting my eyes!!

          • You don’t know where I drive, so you’ll have to keep your kids off the road all the time. As I have said countless times I don’t want to make my own law, and I abide by the law. I just am discussing the logic behind the law. Thank you for turning off your caps lock

        • Thank you. He doesn’t seem to understand that he CANNOT change the law that he did NOT make!! Whether he likes it or not!! I’ll make sure my kids aren’t getting off a bus if he’s driving anywhere near the bus.

  7. And if Ploni”s child got hit by some one passing a bus he would be screaming like hell about the law and looking to sue EVERY BODY7

    • My child wouldn’t cross if the lights weren’t on because the driver would still be put them on when children are crossing. And no I wouldn’t be screaming with nivul peh. Suing doesn’t help anything, money doesn’t help when an accident happens.

      • Duh!! They are supposed to be on WHETHER OR NOT they are crossing the street!! What don’t you understand?! Let’s see when the bus drips off your kid on your side of the road and someone passes the bus. Because you decided it’s not supposed to have their flashing lights on!!

        • Jojo It doesn’t bother me if my kids get off on my side and don’t cross the street, and someone else passes the bus. I’m not a policeman

          • Well if your child gets off a bus WITH FLASHERS ON and a car ILLEGALLY passes it and hits your kids or any other kids for that matter…. then what will you do?!

  8. And if Ploni”s child got hit by some one passing a bus he would be screaming like hell about the law and looking to sue EVERY BODY

  9. Wow! someone needs to reapply for a drivers license.
    Also the meaning of the word Law and it pertains to everyone.

  10. To all those who keep on reemphasizing that it is the law. I know that it is the law. and there is no need for me to reapply for a driver’s license. I don’t proceed when the lights are on. But I am discussing whether the law should be reconsidered.

    • It should NOT be reconsidered!! It is the LAW!! Whether crossing the street or not!! You CANNOT change it because you don’t like it!! It’s there for a reason!! Obviously you DON’T know it’s the law if you keep saying they’re not supposed to be on…(only when crossing!!). BS!! It was there way before you were born!!

      • Why can’t we get the law changed? I already requested you stop with the nivul peh. Again you don’t know when I was born.

        • It does NOT need to be changed. What part of that do you NOT understand!! Just because you don’t like it!! You are REALLY pathetic!! No one is FOUL MOUTHING you or anything else!! You just like to select on stupidity!! And like I said. It’s been around since before you were born!!

  11. If you cannot protect children by stopping for their safety, then you shouldn’t have a license or drive an automobile. Period.

    You’re assuming that there are competent and disciplined people driving the bus or in general, but the more I witness the public-at-large, the more I’m disappointed that they don’t even stop at stop signs or pedestrian crossings when there are people using them.

    Sorry, Ploni- you’re wrong.

      • You’re the one who has little faith in humanity. You’re the one that wants a LAW that has been around since before you were born changed because you don’t like it!!

    • He wants to change something that has been around since before he was born. Because he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t seem to understand that the LAW is there for a REASON. Whether he likes it or not!! I abide by the law. Obviously he doesn’t!!

  12. Ploni would you do what that car did? If you wouldn’t but are only asking why they don’t change the law then this isn’t the right place for that. There’s a law protecting our precious children. If you want to know why shooting past a stopped bus is a bad idea, since bus drivers including substitute drivers and regular humans with other things on their minds might make mistakes then ask it somewhere else.

    • He is probably one of those that passes a School Bus. I wouldn’t want any of my kids coming off a bus when he’s on the road. He wants to change a law that’s been around since before he was born. A law that he NEVER wrote!! A law that is there for a REASON!!

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