Dashcam Video: Red Light Too Long? No Problem, Just Drive Through It

DASHCAM VIDEO: What do you do when you’re waiting at a red light and you lose patience? Well this driver has the answer from his own driver’s manual.

In the following video captured by a driver’s dashcam yesterday evening in Lakewood, a driver with apparently little patience is seen waiting at a red light, and then apparently loses patience and decides to just drive through the intersection.

This video and other similar ‘Caught on Camera’ videos are posted on TLS as an awareness to drivers to use more caution on the roads, and perhaps prevent serious accidents by exercising more courteous driving habits. TLS-MJK.

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  1. Yes the Ridge and New Hampshire light is insane!
    anyway Maybe the driver thought it was broken? why assume he lost patience?? i once almost cut through it thinking it was broken.

  2. if it was at night and empty and he cautiously looked both ways, don’t seem to have a problem with that. If he gets a ticket – he’ll have to deal with it, but safety wise, if it’s not a busy time of day – what’s the problem? some intersections have stop signs and some traffic lights… what’s the dif?

  3. Some red lights in this town are way too long. I agree with the driver.

    Either the sensors aren’t working or they are non-existent. The township has to fix this.

  4. Hahha no its not hatzolah it was ME yes I blew the light, tell the mayor to fix that light its North lake n Hope!! I blow it all night not day

  5. This is not a safety hazard, if a light is very long at night with not a car in sight i regularly use the lights as a stop sign stop look and go, there’s no reason not to another insane light is airport rd and cedar bridge

  6. At New hampshire and Ridge the red is stupidly long and the camera is facing the wrong way and does not pick up the cars waiting to turn left.

    Is the Township Committee listening? Please tell the County.

  7. the light at joe aprker and lanes mill (closer to rt 88) is the same way – i have been waiting at the light once and it was turning yellow for the other cars and then instead of turning green for me it turned green for them again – i was at the light for TEN minutes………….

  8. To -Anonymous says @ July 31, 2012 at 10:24 am
    There are NO RED LIGHT CAMERAS in Lakewood. That is a traffic light sensing device that controls the light.

  9. North Lake and Hope was great until they added the light on South Lake. I still haven’t figured out what they were thinking – if anything, they should have put it on Miller. Before S. Lake, N. Lake sensors were great. You never had to wait too long. Now they also have to sensor for S. Lake. They also moved the line back on N. Lake which was a good idea, but I wonder if it’s before the sensors now. (I usuaaly move up a little.) So, now, you have to wait on N. Lake and when you finally are able to make the left, you have to stop for red light on S. Lake. I think there were many more important intersections that needed a light before South Lake and Hope.

  10. I dont understand why the US doesn’t follow Israel and have a blinking yellow after 1AM. Makes sense.
    Sit at a red light when nobody on the road. Doesn’t make sense.

  11. i cannot believe the comments on this , i dont care what the reason is you are not permitted to go through a red light . it dosnt matter if it is hatzolah or not !!! hatzolah members ems or lfd are not permitted to go through a red light !! even in the case of a emergency. this is why we have so many accidents and pedestrians struck in this town. everyone in this town thinks if a law is stupid they can break it. come on lakewood wake up !! dont break the laws

  12. 2nd and Madison.

    I sat there for 4-5 minutes.

    Thats a dangerous intersection and wouldn’t go through, but thats way too long, especially since that’s a main artery with alot of Forest Ave traffic crossing over.

  13. Again drivers in Lakewood making their rules. Guess my rule book is written different than any one elese. Well maybe because I got mine a long time ago things have changed,

  14. In Miami after 1:00am, lights in minor streets blink and turn unto stop signs. Why can’t we do that here.some lights in Lakewood are just too (moderated) long.

  15. Sunset and cetral- way too long also messed up sensors (you arrive, walk sign flashes orange, then walk sign, then flashing orange and finally a green light for sunset going towards the lake) something needs to be fixed!

  16. A bit coincidental, don’t you think???
    A man with a dashcam just happens to be behind someone late at night, who happens to make a left turn on red.
    Or is this orchestrated to demonstrate what “wild, careless animals” are living in Lakewood?
    Me thinketh that someone may have an agenda here!!!!!

  17. To #15
    I noticed that too. it used to be that you never waited more then 30 seconds coming from North Lake. When they moved the stop line back they also adjusted the timer so that it only turns green every 60 seconds. The sensor is useless; in the olden days it would start the proccess when someone pulled up. Now even when you pull up past the line it has no effect.
    Of course the township will sy that they have no control since it is a county road but i assume that they have phone numbers to contactin the county R&D department.
    Once i am griping, the light at Pine and Cew Hampshire is biased in the New Hampshire side and only gives 10-15 seconds on the Pine side. When schools are starting or letting out that makes for looooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggg lines. where do we hand in oyur complaints?
    Finally as much as i dislike and disapprove of the practice, lets call a spade a spade. When you are waiting at a light at 3AM and there is NO traffic, you cannot be blamed for all the accidents in town!!!
    However a law is a law and if a cop sees you he will give you a moving violation!!

  18. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the benefit of the doubt comments! Hurley and Cedar Bridge, coming from Rt 9 is insanely long for nights. I once stood there for at least 10 minutes and was sure it was broken. I would have probably cautiously made the left turn had there been absolutely no cars on Cedar Bridge. Turning red lights into blinking reds (i.e. stop signs) at night is a good idea for some of these intersections.

  19. Who says that the light is really red.maybe that’s how it appears to you, but to others its a different color. Ever think about that?

  20. I don’t understand how many people think its ok to go through a red light. Whats the difference long or short light . The law is the law.

  21. On more than one occasion I have been stuck at that light, the sensors must be broken. What I have begun doing is making a right and then making a U-Turn at the nearest driveway.

  22. TO #17 what YOU wrote could be the dumbest of all, how can u say that a hatzolah member can not go through a red what if chas vishalom u need hatzolah are u going to tell them to stop at the red light even though ur not breathing chas vishalom,I agree one can not go through a red day night no differnce but dont you ever ever say against hatzolah,next time think before you write whats on ur mind,i want you to write an apology on the scoop for saying something very much not needed

  23. # 29, #17 is VERY MUCH CORRECT the only and I mean the ONLY ones that are allowed to go through a red light are POLICE, FIRE TRUCKS, AMBULANCES, NOT and I repeat NOT the VOLUNTEERS! Get it got it GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. All traffic lights ought to have sensors to determine how long the light should stay red or green depending on the amount of traffic either way. It makes no sense to wait for a light to turn green when there is no one coming the other way and it isn’t fair that a light changes from green to red when a car is almost at the light.

  25. I think all traffic lights at intersections where there isn’t too much traffic at night should change to blinking lights automatically at night.

  26. If you don’t like the timing of the red lights then MOVE OUT OF LAKEWOOD. And for the guy that said the lights in Israel go to blink then MOVE THERE. Here they are timed for your safety.

  27. Well the Somerset and County Line light is too long when I’m waiting at County Line and MUCH too long when I’m waiting at Somerset

  28. Thank you Mr. dashcam for highlighting a huge issue with sensors on traffic lights if i may ad there is a problem with the sensor on clifton going north making a left onto countyline road the sensor is only facing the lane for going straight whenever i’m there i go half way into the other lane to catch the sensor totaly insane! another big problem with lights if you wanna stop left turns onto route 9 you cant have about 4 lights that you can turn by that take 5 minutes to change!

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