Dash Cam Guy: Dangerous Driver Makes Reckless Left Turn

dash cam susnset picVIDEO: Our Dash-cam guy is at it again, catching all types of serious violations on camera, helping out the community by bringing these occurrences to the attention of motorists. Hobblitt, the dash cam guy says, “During the heart of Lakewood rush hour, at a stop sign, where the speed limit for the other cars is 45 mph, a car decides to take the liberty of going around the van in front of them, also waiting to make a left, cut them off as well as another van waiting to make a left onto our street. Talk about safe and courteous driving. I’m counting down the days till they finally activate the traffic lights in that area”.

This video and other similar ‘Caught on Camera’ videos are posted on TLS for all to see as an awareness to use more caution on the roads, and perhaps prevent serious accidents by exercising more courteous driving habits. Video credits: hobblitt.

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  1. UNBELIEVEABLE – this driver has NO business having a drivers license. I hope the police can enhance the image for his license plate and issue him 5 different summonses for all the traffic rules he just broke.. this is where that new light is going up at sunset and james. i know he was frustrated about the long wait at the stop sign but please, that was a disgrace

  2. lets see…

    driving on the shoulder
    Reckless Driving
    Failure to mainain a lane
    improper turning
    improper passing

    there are at least 15 points worth of tickets here so we should be able to get this guy/girl license yanked ASAP.


    Thank you,
    Concerned Resident of Sunset Road.

  3. whats with all these idiotic comments about police! you helpless souls you! everything is the police, police this, police that whats wrong with you? do you feel lost with out police? this liberal mentality to always look at police for everything is disgusting. lets practice a new approach, comment: wow that was such an irresponsible left turn did you follow him to his house or did you manage to catch up to him and explain to him how dangerous that was? this is how the comments should be looking in a free society not police police police police

  4. how about YOU follow a driver to his house, and risk getting shot or clubbed to death. I will stay in the safety of my car and call the police. thank you very much

  5. To be even more effective–and safe–do a video shoot of the West Gate shopping center parking lot from one of the upstairs offices. The lot is like “dodgem cars”, usually only seen only at an amusement park. And, to make matters worse, there are children of all ages darting in and out of all places. It’s only b’chasdey Ha’Shem that there aren’t tragedies every day.Post the video and make it a must see for all in the hopes that people be more careful.

  6. TO
    Abe says:
    “did you follow him to his house or did you manage to catch up to him and explain to him how dangerous that was?”
    This is a very dangerous approach to this problem . We have the LPD who are trained in handleing these violations ,you have no idea what this driver is capable of , I think you need to rethink what you are tellin people to do in this situation .
    I would hope the person who made this video has turned over to the LPD.
    Why do you have such a negative view of the LPD ???

  7. williams st. during rush hour gets backed up at either end (by james st. and prospect st). I’ve noticed that at the STOP sign it is now the norm for cars to create two lanes one for turning right and one for turning left. While it makes sense to have this done with line marking to make it safer , just wondering legally if you can get a ticket for being in the center of a two way street???

  8. while it is doubtful. perhaps there was a real emergency behind his maneuver. (like i said… doubtful but always a possibility) two sides to every story.

  9. of course chas vshalom. but i kinda hope any of these reckless drivers get into an accident so they can learn from their pathetic driving mistakes. and pay a ticket or two in the process. that might be the only way they can learn not to do it again if they continue to drive like maniacs. there is a reason why we have these safety rules and laws. if they continue to act stupid on the road, then they might as well deserve a ticket.

  10. “while it is doubtful. perhaps there was a real emergency behind his maneuver. (like i said… doubtful but always a possibility) two sides to every story.”

    no excuse for this kind of driving , the only emergency here is getting this driver off the road!

  11. Emergency or not does NOT give you or anyone else the right to drive like a maniac, someone could get seriously hurt or killed. I have had people do that to me on the bus, before I can or will pull out SAFELY on to a road I have to make sure there is ENOUGH clearance for me to do so, not like some people that pull out into oncoming traffic with less than an arms length between cars.

  12. anyone that thinks this type of driving ever for any reason can possibly be excused is not wrapped to tightly themselves. so i say to you all beware dash cam guy is out there and should forward all violations to the proper authorities. why should these idiots risk innocent lifes, to because they feel they are above traffic laws……………i want a dash cam for chanukah……….

  13. why is this any more typical lakewood then brooklyn or other places (i’m originally from brooklyn and have seen these things more often there then in lakewood) Kol Tuv! Everyone out there just Live and let Live!

  14. LE’s and First Responders like EMT and FD, etc., know that even in an emergency, passing in the right lane, speeding, passing lights, etc., etc., only gets you between 15 and 30 seconds on an average urban run. So… any idiot who thinks his moves are going to get him to his destination any faster is more likely to become part of the scenery along with the occupants of his car, other cars and pedestrians and their kids.

  15. r’ chaim kanievsky shlita said in the times of moshiach you will be called a rotzeach for driving a car. always wondered why, but now i have the answer.

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