Dangerous Driving In Lakewood Caught On Video

VIDEOS: Video 1, Video 2: As you have seen, TLS has posted several Readers’ Scoop letters-from separate writers-over the last few weeks regarding dangerous driving habits in Lakewood. Below are several videos taken by a resident, showing some extremely dangerous, and unfortunately common driving habits among some motorists. The first video, taken on Sunset and James, shows a vehicle swerving into head-on traffic, instead of waiting an extra few seconds, nearly causing a head on collision. The second video, taken at the intersection of Pine Street and Route 9, shows the light turn from red to green, and then shows a bus come charging through the intersection. (Thank you ‘The Proof Is In The Pudding’)


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  1. unfortunatley, there is no name printed on it, but there is a bus # on the bumper 31X3 – if someone can track this down, we can have the driver disciplined.

  2. Dunno about you but video #1 doesn’t appear to have done anything wrong!! he didn’t go over the yellow line….

    Video #2 definatley went through the red light and its a “STA” bus looks like bus number 3113

  3. The same thing happened to me on New Hampshire yesterday. A schoolbus was making a right on red when it is forbidden, coming from Brick towards Lakewood on Cedar Bridge . I was going 50, the posted limit, thru the intersection as the bus suddenly turns into my lane to make its right turn. I almost hit it but swerved to the left-hand lane to avoid it. Luckily now vehicle was in that lane or there would have been a mess.

  4. These videos are taken regularly by an individual who is a Sonei Yisroel. The are posted on youtube & some of the comments are downright Nazi like. To post this Jew Haters videos on your site & give him attention is upsetting to say the least.

    On the other hand, the driving in Lakewood is out of control.

  5. the bus was an STA bus, it u look closely at the driver side area its there. So much of this stupid kind of driving goes on in town thats why there are so many accidents. But i do hope the one taping with the phones are the passengers and not the drivers. You know if you see somethign that is dangerous like this you can as a citizen go to the PD and issue a citizens ticket or soemthign liek that its called. But you have the right to do this as a concerned citizen, I know it happened to me once. I was in a small fender bender on Lanes Mills and the officer gave no tickets but the other driver felt i was in the wrong and he went to the PD and had a ticket issued t ome. Court thru it out b/c the officer never issued one but if there is no officer involved it can stick. try it sometime instead of just posting a video that does no good.

  6. If you look at the first video the driver did NOT go over the yellow line, I don’t see what he did wrong!!

    Video #2 the bus clearly went through the red light

  7. I am not sure if the author of these videos is Jewish or not. The only comments that are anti Semitic are the ones posted by viewers, not the poster. If you are not familiar with how you tube works, other people can comment on the video, and those comments appear under the video. They are not the comments of the person who put up the video. thanks

  8. Examine the video again, the oncoming car crossed the double yellow and was clearly on the wrong side of the road, nearly causing a head on, i wager that with most head on collisions we hear about on this site, they are due to a stupid driver pulling a stunt like that

  9. Many of these videos show cars driven by non jews as well. The perception is that only jews are inconsiderate. It seems to be a more regional problem. Drivers that come from NYC or Newark and Jersey City seem to be more aggressive. As are those from Israel or South American regions. It is not a race issue. Now we are training a neew generation of aggressive drivers right here in Lakewood because of the lack of infrastructure and traffic. When there is congestion , there will be aggressive driving. As jews we need to realize what a huge chillul hashem we cause when we asty impulsive, and angry on the road. Be polite, kind. Let someone into your lane. It won’t hurt you to slow down and let people cross. In the end when they take you away with all the rest to the camp, maybe a gentile will recognize you and remember that you let them make that turn in front of you, and hide you in their crawlspace. Think of it as insurance for the next holocaust. You think that was the last one?

  10. I agree with #4

    In video#1 he did nothing wrong!! The guy in front of him took 20 minutes to turn so he went around him slightly going over the yellow lines. I would have don the same.

    In video#2 I would blame the township. The light at Pine and 9 can take a century to turn green I don’t believe there is a turning arrow (correct me if im wrong) and it was border line yellow when he made the turn.

  11. Firstly, he DID cross the yellow lines.

    Secondly, even if the lines were dashes , indicating permission to pass, you still have to use common sense, and passing on the other side of the road, simply to avoid a right turning car, when there is another car coming right towards you is dangerous, illegal, and stupid!

  12. if you would have crossed the double yellow into oncoming traffic, then you are admitting on a public forum that you break the law and have no regard for public safety. i think the person who was taping this video is lucky they were turning left onto sunset and not heading straight down james. if they were, there is a very good chance they would have had a head on collision with your hero.

  13. Due Diligence –
    Why are you assuming these are anti semitic videos? Please show us a quote from the author of these videos stating that the drivers were Jews.

    P.S. The driver in the first video CLEARLY goes over the DOUBLE yellow lines, nearly hitting oncoming traffic.
    If he had driven on the other side when legally able, as a driver, you must only pass on the other side of the road when SAFE to do so.

  14. To #14 -you don’t think the one who posted the videos wanted to generate such comments? It seems that #8 has a point, I mean did someone go around with a camera for hours waiting for just the right moments, seems wierd.

    Of course we have to drive safely and make a kiddush Hashem. But please don’t forget Eisav Sonai LYaakov. The animosity is not created because we’re terrible people – we really aren’t – but because of eisav sonai…

  15. im not so sure.. i used to drive an ambulance, got into a very bad accident that was the other drivers fault. Luckily, the ambulance has a drive cam that records video of all driving, so I was exonerated and the other driver was issued 5 different tickets. Immediately after that, seeing the benefits of having video, i installed a camera in my car that I turn on every time I go driving. Nothing has happened in 2 years, but the one time that I get into an accident due to someone elses stupidity, it will be a g-d send that I will have the video to prove it.

  16. To #19 There is no way the it would have caused a accident, he was a few inches over the yellow line, the driver with the camera (aka. your hero) would have to be 5 feet into the other lane for there to have been a “head on collision” Did I say it was 100% legal?? All I said was I would have done the same if the driver in front of me stood at the corner for 20 minutes before turning. There is no way in the world that would have caused a accident.

  17. It does not matter if you think the car would have got into an accident. The law is the law. You cant cross the double solid line. Even if it wasnt a solid line, you cannot cross into the oncoming lane if there is another car there. Even when you have broken yellow lines, its only permitted to cross if it is safe to do so. You cannot make up your own laws.

  18. #24 BOB so should be the case when the speed Limit is 25 MPH you should not drive 26, there is no difference. Practice what you preach.

  19. Does it not worry anyone that these videos are being taken by a person driving a car at the same time. To me that is just a big of a danger as the drivers that they set out to catch doing wrong.

  20. Can everyone PLEASE GET A LIFE! this is the stupidest topic and videos ever discussed on the scoop! Guys handeling whether some guy mamash on a yellow line or a half a line wtvr. The guy taking the videos is obviously a troublemaker ….NEXT TOPIC PLEASE

  21. I wish I had a camera to video what I witnessed yesterday on 195. I looked out of my driving window to see a car going parallel to me on the OTHER SIDE of the median. Cars were swurving right and left to get out his way and NO ONE honked! This was going on for about 3-4 mins before he finally realized HE was going the WRONG WAY. He did seem to elderly from what I could see (I was trying to concentrate on my own driving as well) but had NO CLUE he doing something wrong!! Finally a cop caught up with him. Now that was Chasdei Hashem that no accident happened!

  22. If the guy taking the video had his turn signal on (which I’ll assume he did as I’m sure he’s careful to follow all the traffic laws) then what the oncoming driver did was not at all dangerous. We can debate the legality of his maneuver, but assuming for a second that it was allowed assuming conditions are safe, then there is no problem with what he did. Oncoming traffic was stopped and waiting to turn. If you watch closely, you’ll notice that he did not go around until the oncoming driver slowed/ stopped for his turn.

  23. Wouldnt the driver with the camera in their hand while driving also be a Hazard while driving?? Or the person on the cell phone while driving thru this congested town. I love the fact that I work overnights so driving through this town is only done for me when its dark..Thank goodness the only time I have to drive through this town during the day is when there is an emergency, otherwise I stay right out of Lakewood..The traffic starts at 9a and goes until around 10p ..and I call this place my home..guess its time to move

  24. The worst are the people (& buses) that make a left out of Sunset on to James to go toward Rt. 9. They don’t realize that people driving east on James (from the direction of Cross St.) are moving pretty quickly and thay always cut you off. Very dangerous.

  25. This is not the first time I have seen that bus running red lights and driving like a “meshugene”:
    Before Pesach, this bus number zoomed across Prospect Street and Williams with cars coming in both directions, and went up the curb on the other side to get out of the way from a (legitimately) oncoming car.
    This same bus cut me off on Pine Street and proceeded to nearly swipe off my mirror when the driver realized that I was turning, too.
    Both times, the bus was (fortunately) empty, but I shudder to think of the yiddishe neshamos that ride this schoolbus daily.
    Get dangerous drivers off the road!

  26. I have seen an STA bus make a u-turn in the middle of Joe Parker! Can someone please call the police. the drivers and management must be responsible.

  27. you are right, and its not just that corner, its a general problem when people turn onto a street and lack the ability to calculate the distance and speed of the oncoming car. They see a car that might be 300 feet away and think “oh thats plenty of distance” what they dont realize is that a car traveling at 45 mph can cover that 300 feet in seconds, much less time than it will take your car to accelerate to 45mph

  28. That corner of James and Sunset is awful. Buses dont stop at Sunset and pull out infront of oncoming vehicles. So is the corner of James and Williams. People don’t obey stop signs or speed limits. I cant begin to count the number of buses that dont stop at those stop signs and the number of people too. It becomes dangerous for people when other people cant organize their lives better that they have to rush to and fro, maniacally at that. Stop means STOP! 25mph means just that too, 25mph. I’m glad someone is finally putting on video the stupidity that occurs on these roads in Lakewood. Maybe when you see what you really look like you might straighten up.and drive right. Maybe the videographer should start giving the videos to the police too. I can’t repeat enough, Lakewood needs to clean up its act, other towns are watching.

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