Dangerous Driver Caught On Video

hope chapel caught on cameraVIDEO: In case you’ve wondered why there’s an extraordinary amount of MVA’s in Lakewood, take a look at this video. The video, filmed and submitted by a TLS reader – and shot with a dash cam – shows a driver on Hope Chapel Road rushing for a light. When the vehicle in front of him/her comes to a stop at the red light, this driver appears to have more important things on the agenda, and swerves around the driver, and drives through the red light.

This video and other similar ‘Caught on Camera’ videos were posted on TLS for all to see, as an awareness to exercise more caution on the roads, and perhaps encourage more courteous driving habits. Video credits: hobblitt20

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  1. This is getting out of hand. It seems to me that these people, drive with no fear of consequence. Do they want to kill themselves? Well, then please leave my family out of it, because they are threatening theis lives as well! Chas Veshalom, Al Tiftach Peh, but I am scared to think of what it would take for these people to realize how stupid, immature and dangerous they are driving.

  2. I’m not justifying this type driving however there is a possibility that the front car was contemplating making the light then suddenly stopped causing the vehicle behind him to swerve around to avoid an accident. I’ve seen this happen quite often.

  3. I am having a dash cam installed. Recently in Lakewood court someone avoided a ticket and points for rear ending someone. The other car short stoped in the middle of the street to pick up a hitch hiker. You would be doing a great service and help avoid accidents by leaving this post.

  4. 6 – did u watch the video ? that’s not what happened – the only way that could happen is if he was too close in the first place

    However, maybe his wife was having a baby & he was in a hurry

  5. it seems everyone in Lakewood is in a hurry, even if the guys wife was having a baby it doesn’t justify him or anyone else for that matter to drive like that, people need to slow down and obey ALL traffic laws. Red lights and stop signs are not optional.

  6. Here is a question…How does anyone know that the driver is from Lakewood? Why assume? Everyone should know what happens when you assume!

  7. i cannot beleive this is caught on camera. i see this type of driving all of the time and ask myself, where is a cop when you need one? maybe the police can enhance the video and grab the license plate # so they can pay this guy a video and take his license away for agressive and reckless driving.

  8. TLS thank you for posting these videos and please keep posting them, when i drive my grandkids around I fear for our lives because of the wacky driving I see, R’sh should protect us all.

  9. Who says this driver is from Lakewood? This happened on Hope Road which is a major road leading to Jackson add points south. I’m inclined to think that this person wasn’t even from Lakewood

  10. I think I recognize the car, its a friend of mine whos not from lakewood but a neigboring town and yes hes crazy driver and deserves to be locked up. I tell that to him allthe time,
    I think its funny he was caught on camra. maybe hell change, but knowing him prob not

  11. If you have seen the traffic on hope road recently, you will understand what is happening. Brewars Bridge road is closed for the last 2 months shifting all the traffic to jackson down hope road. To make matters worse no adjustment was done to the light corner NLD and hope, it changes everytime a car comes down NLD. The result is a huge traffic jam down hope, it can take 5-10 minutes just to get from county line to NLD. No excuse for that car…but many frustrated drivers.

  12. I see this type of behavior all the time. In this case this person had enough time to anticipate the drivers actions in front of him and knew he could beat the traffic light turning green if he sped around the car in front of him. Thats thinking. Though dangerous stupid careless reckless selfish…..just a matter of time before they hurt some innocent sole. It will happen.

  13. Mr editor thats not right that you edited my comment. I said nothing disrespectful or vulgar. Face facts and stop trying to protect feelings. We both know i can go else where to vent that will let me express my thoughts completely and I anticipate such a answer in return but if you consider yourself a true journalist of the press then allow the freedom of speach at least the freedom of expression to be honored. Uplink what i really typed. Let your viewers read.

  14. stop calm down think a minute what if his wife was in the back seat having a baby what if his kid got a very bad cut,burn in the car and he is rushing to kimball what if g-d forbid he has a very sick relative that he must be at the bed side ….if you were the one that had any of these things happen to you , you would go nuts if some one put up a dash cam and videoed you

  15. I don’t care what someone’s excuse or reason for driving like this is- they have no right to potentially put me or my family in danger by not following simple traffic laws.
    If your wife or child needs to be rushed to the hospital, call an ambulance. That’s what they are here for. Unless you’ve got lights and sirens like them, you shouldn’t be running red lights. You are putting everyone on the road in danger.

  16. i read these posts and i can only laugh to myself. people try and make excuses for reckless driving. this happens in lakewood all of the time. on hope chapel on rt 9 on forrest on clifton on second street it just happens everywhere. people always seem to be in a rush and thats just not an excuse i drive with my three year old and one year old and am scared half the time i understand that this town has a lot more people then it had years ago and OUR roads are not built for our new city living but that still does not excuse this. if there is a stop sign or red light STOP if someone in front of you is making a left turn please do not try and pass them on the left (my husband has had this happen) and please do not cut someone off causing them to almost hit oncoming traffic if you do not remember the laws from your nj handbook please stop by our local dmv and pick one up they are free

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