Custom Tailor From Hong Kong Tariq Mahmood In Town Today And Tomorrow

Tariq Custom TailorFor all those who didn’t get Tariq’s email, he will be in Lakewood today and tomorrow, October 20th &  21st, at the Ramada, 2373 Route 9 ( Corner of Rte 70 and Rte 9) Tel: 732-905-2626. He will be in Monsey on October 22nd  &  23rd at the Holiday Inn, #3 Executive Blvd, Suffern NY 10901, Tel: 845-357-4800. Custom suits from $350 and shirts  from $45-65. For an appointment you can call the hotel and ask for Mr Tariq or call his  cell 718-708-3858. Tariq, a very reputable custom tailor, comes twice a year to the U.S. and is used by many Yungerleit. U/D  Tariq will be in the Baltimore area on Sunday, the 25th and in Brooklyn (Boro Park) on October 26th & 27th, at the Avenue Plaza Hotel 13th Ave, 718-552-3200.

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  1. I really hope yungerleit don’t even consider needing a custom suit unles they. Have misshapened bodies that have special sizing needs.the whole concept of dressing like a yeshiva man has been tainted.those same men that look down on those that wear colred shirts obsess to find only the lateststyle white shirts and black suits. I was taught the beauty of always wearing a white shirt was that one should not be vain and need to think about how to match his clothing each day.but now it seems that those that wear colored shirts are very often people that show no concern about their clothing if it is in style or not.I sincerely hope there are no customers of his paying with an endorsed kollel would be an insult to all yungerleit and baal habatim that struggle daily to live a true torah lifestyle.

  2. No. you moron. this post is obviously not for you or any of your type. and don’t make it sound like there are no middle to high class working people in this town who wear colored, fitted shirts. there are plenty such people, and just to break some news to you, these shirts run about the same of what these people would pay for an average shirt in the average store, and no. im not talking about the kollel guys, im talking about people who dress balebatish. The whole idea of this tailor is that he has good prices so he gets the clientel that would buy their average shirts elsewhere, but here they get a custom custom one for the same price as they would pay elsewhere for a regular one.

  3. FYI… the Oilam should be very carefull to about Shatnez in custom clothing!! This is a very common problem in custom suits and coats and may be very costly to fix.

  4. You call a guy a moron because he points out that frum bochrim that follow a yeshiva lifestyle should not care about fashion?the post says yungerlite not baal habatim. He didn’t put down colored shirts. He was just pointing out that white shirts alone do not make you an ish tznuah. Yes tznius applies to men as well and it has nothing to do with what you cover. It has to do with being modest about your status. And going around dressed fancy to show off is not what yungerleit are about. And I hope you are not a memeber of yungerleit. Because they would not call people morons without understanding what they are trying to say.

  5. A. Yungeleit doesn’t mean specifically kollel guys, get a dictionary out, yungeleit reffers to young married people weather kollel or working.

    B. By dressing nice weather custom shirts or from marshalls it doesnt take any frumkeit away from an individual and theres absoloutely nothing wrong by dressing fancy, your frumkeit is not judged by what you spend on clothing, its judged by yiras shomayim, loshon hora, midos, bein adam lechaveiro etc..

    C. What makes custom shirts fancy? It costs about the same or a bit more then what i pay for an average shirt, custom simply makes things easier for people with unique sizes or people who like more fitted clothing and doesnt neccessererly have to be too expensive.

    So please! Next time don’t jump to judge people too quickly, unless of course you feel you have more priviliges then the average human being!!!!

  6. There’s a Yungerman in town whose around whole year and does custom made shirts for a very affordable price.
    why not give the parnossoh to a yid
    check out the French cuff in your local directory…

  7. I think its much more important for b’nei torah to dress well than anybody else, after all you are the princes, not us working guys. There is no mitzvah for a yeshiva man to look like an oni.

  8. Did he outfit Madoff and Dweck?
    Is he legit?
    Do you have to pay him upfront?

    Why don’t you help di eigene?
    You’ll look much better in Hashems eyes.

  9. yungeleit is what we call kollel people.everyone else is rabbi.get it straight.and custom clothing unless you have a size 18 neck and 30 waist is a ridiculous extravagance if you are learning on someone elses dime.if you wrote this for baalei batim you should not have written yungeleit.ok? we agree?hows the whether today?you might need to get a custom you like the whether or not.

  10. the problem with these custom clothing is that most of the times they dont fit right , and they you are busy with email back and forth to HK , what doesnt fit right , what does fit right, and shipping back and forth, if you have a lot of time to waist, then its perfect for you

  11. Hey moshe. Thanks for pointing out that I am wasting my time preaching to people like you. Ok here was the point—.

    And here you are— .
    You get it now?

  12. WOW!!! And you wonder why all the tzoros to klal yisroel….sinas chinum, in this town especially is at its highest level, you can see it just by reading the comments here……I am ashamed of my own people…… sad! Oh and btw mr kolel guy, yungerleit was not necesserily pointed at you…..

  13. It’s time that some people in Lakewood (and everywhere else) Learn the concept called “MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS”.
    I have a freind how used to live in Lakewood, he was im ShopRite during Aseres Yemei Tshuva when someone pointed to a pack of StellaDora cookies in his cart and said “I hope those are for after yom kippur”.
    People need to worry about themselves and remember what’s really important………..Just a thought

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