Cryan: Christie Property Tax Hike Highest Since 2007

townhouses 2Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Cryan (D-Union) released the following statement Friday on Department of Community Affairs figures showing property taxes increased 4.1 percent under Gov. Chris Christie in 2010, the highest increase since 2007: “At least now we can stop the ridiculous myth that Gov. Christie didn’t raise taxes”. “It’s now a proven fact that Gov. Christie gave New Jerseyans their highest property tax increases since 2007”. “That’s unfortunate, but not surprising considering the governor’s cuts in state aid to education and towns and his elimination of 2010 property tax rebates. “It’s worth noting that these figures don’t show the negative impact of the Christie school activity taxes imposed on children and parents throughout our state. The numbers also don’t measure the ramifications of public safety layoffs and other cuts forced by his policies. The governor has failed to make true property tax relief for working class New Jerseyans a priority and we’re starting to see the damage. Gov. Christie is simply making matters worse with his anti-middle-class policies.” TLS.

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  1. What a bunch of garbage from the Democrats, as usual.

    Christie stopped subsidizing the municipalities and the school districts, so those same municipalities and school districts highered the taxes on the people.

    Thanks to Christie stopping the runaway budget deficits of the State of NJ, he DIDN’T have to RAISE our income taxes and our sales taxes (like Corzine did) and didn’t have to raise the highway tolls (like Corzine wanted) and didn’t have to raise taxes on small mom and pop businesses (like everyone loves to do).

    When will the local municipalities LOWER their taxes?????

    Stop expecting the state to fund your local projects. The state of NJ is BROKE!!!!

    When our property taxes continue to go up, it’s the township and school board that raise them.

    Thank you Chezky Seitler for insisting this year on a 10% reduction in the school district’s budget. We the people are behind you.

  2. take off the blinders and see the truth. Christie has done some good things, but when it comes to real spending cuts, he hasn’t done much. Mostly he has reduced state spending by shifting the costs to municipalities, who either have to raise taxes or make the cuts he could have made at the state level. Such cost shifting is a temporary fix at best – let him force real cuts for once and we can then shower him with praise. He hasn’t really earned it yet. and as for looking for the state to fund our needs, if they would just give us back what they take from us, we would be a whole lot richer. Check it out, chuchum.

  3. In fact, when Christie tried to STOP the local municipalities and school districts from highering the property taxes more than 2% a year, by instituting a tax cap, who do you think STOPPED the Governor from implementing it, and refused to vote for it?????????????

    Yup, you guessed it! The Democrats of course!

  4. to #2

    The most ideal way is for the state to stop the spending, and to stop taxing us.

    Obviously, the first step is to stop the runaway spending. Then hopefully they will stop the runaway taxing.

    If we would give Christie more Republicans in the state legislature, he would have cut much more already. The problem is that the Democrats continue to stop him at every turn.

    You say that he is shifting the costs to municipalities??? Ummmm…… actually he is STOPPING to subsidize the out of control spending that the local municipalities and school districts engaged in all these years.

    Take Lakewood for example. The school district has more than DOUBLED its spending in the last ten years, from $50 million to over $130 million. Now, we the taxpayers pay about $80 million of it through crazy property taxes. The rest comes from the state and federal government.

    Why was Lakewood able to increase their spending so much? Because they figured that Mommy will pay for it…… the state!!!!! Well, now Mommy says there’s no more money to pay for all your shenanigans. So little child Lakewood will now have to stop all its out of control spending.

    If Lakewood instead raises its property taxes to pay for its bloated spending, we the taxpayers need to boot them out in a jiffy!

    But the state should definitely STOP subsidizing their spoiled children – the municipalities. Time for all the children to man up and be responsible with their finances, cuz Mommy (the state) is BROKE!!!!!

  5. I must say there are smoke and mirrors at play with a lot blame to go everywhere. We as taxpayers can gripe but lets get all the facts before everyone makes a statement. Statements each party makes are half truths. Why you as a taxpayer who pay your utility bills those utilities pay the state money for facilities in your town. the state collects the revenue which is to come back to the town to pay for their property guess what the state has kept alot of that money so the town is not benefiting from that.
    Look at the unemployment fund that had a surplus but is now depleted because everyone took money from that account to pay for something else. Now the employers are squawking about paying more but they did nothing to say do not take the money just like the pension fund, and any other surplus money they could find to fund projects or laws that we that taxpayer wanted. If we wanted open space then a bond issue was held and passed by us the taxpayer without any thought to what we were doing.
    Now add the growth in some areas and that just adds to our problems. Look at us here in lakewood we went from 60,000 people to 90,000 people in ten years that has put stress on everything in Lakewood from traffic, education both public and private, to public safety to name a few. Now we all are up in arms over the cost but we all allowed it to happen. Shame on all of us.

  6. check out what they take from us, in money that gets shifted to the state, and is the basis for so-called state aid. we get a very very short end of the stick. I am in favor of cutting but don’t celebrate the guy for something he has not done. Last year, he refused to pay into the state pension plan but still mandated a near-1 Million dollar increase in Lakewood’s contribution. big Hero he is. feh

  7. He mandated a contribution from lakewood for lakewood’s workers. If lakewood doesn’t contribute to the pension fund for its own workers, there won’t be a pension for these workers. (Frankly I wouldn’t mind…… My job doesn’t pay me a pension, why should I have to pay crippling taxes to support someone else’s pension??? — but why are u complaining about this, u should be happy?)

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