County Wins Round In Homeless Lawsuit

tent_city_stormyA Superior Court judge has dismissed the constitutional argument of a lawsuit against Ocean County that would require the Board of Freeholders to open a homeless shelter. Judge Vincent J. Grasso ruled Thursday that advocates for the homeless have 45 days to show evidence of how the county has failed to comply with specific state laws by not providing a shelter.

Jeffrey J. Wild, a Roseland attorney, argued the county has failed to spend an annual $20 million earmarked for the homeless in either an efficient or humane manner. More in APP.

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  1. i dont understand how the goverment lets these homeless people just build a tent city in middle of New Jersey …
    last night they had 30 township issued garbage cans waiting for pickup ….

  2. exactly i agree. it doesn’t seem right that they let these pple just plant themselves where they want. these pple need a place to go where everyone in the town can be happy.

  3. CK, please don’t refer to the homeless people as “these people”. It is not respectful; they are human beings, after all.

    Just say, “The homeless people” or something like that.

  4. its all about how happy you are. unreal, you should be ashamed of your selves, statistically proven facts show that a higher % of homeless men and women are not addicts or alcoholics, but homeless vets, families who lost their jobs in the horrible economy and even a small percent are older teens/young adults that had a horrible home life and the streets were the only answer. This county doesnt offer a homeless shelter, where else are they supposed to go, they are not hurting anyone in the woods, in their “tent city”. It is not different then having to look at some of the yards in Lakewood littered with broken toys and tons of junk in the back yards. Or how about the toys left at the end of the driveways all the time, we have to see all that mess all the time, but the garbage cans that everyone has at their homes bothers someone. You want the homeless people to go somewhere, help them then, take a grassroots approach and walk on the capital building or the courts to hep them get what is needed. Its people like you, with the not in my backyard mentality that keep them oppressed and without the help they need.

  5. Sorry but these people were offfered MANY options on where they can go. They have CHOSEN to remain between the trees..

  6. if the state and lakewood keep going the way it is I will be joining them also. move over and make room for a family of 5.

  7. if they can afford cellphones, and alcohol… why not rent? i dont wanna hear it- GET OUT OF THE WOODS AND SUPPORT YOURSELF.


  8. To num 5: do you know what options were given to them and they refused? Probably not, therefore the answers would be shelters down in Atlantic City. THat is where they send them, away from any real chances of help. You have no idea what was offered to them, what or why they chose to turn it away or what their life is like. Until you live or walk a day in a homeless man or womans shoes do not make ignorant assumptions.

  9. Mr Conservative,
    You are a fool, have you ever spent anytime in this area? Have you gone into tent city and offered them help? I doubt it, I have. While I was in Georgian Court Univ, in my Social Work classes we went into there and talked with them and brought them blankets and such. The percentage of ones who use their money for alcohol is very minimal and save up money, you must be kidding me! THe money they do get from SSI/SSD or welfareis not enough to pay rent in this day and age when there are utilities to cover as well. It is a visious cycle for what of which you now nothing about. THey end up homeless not because of the usual things that people think and stereotype of the homeless but more because there is a lack of funds for them so they are unable to pay rent or mortages, they lost everything to the recession is usually the most common reason now. People like you ar ethe biggest reason why this country is so oppressed, equality will never be known as long as people think the way you do.

  10. To #4 (wow) – VERY well said; also #6, #8, and #9. Bravo!!! The rest of you should look in your OWN back yards.

  11. to #9 – you are the fool.

    so tell me how illegals, who cant speak the language SOME HOW come into this country and without social security cards, or ID- get a job, get a small place to live, share the apartment amongst a couple other guys, and MAKE IT???!!!! how do illegals who cant speak 4 words in our language come into this country and end up raising families, rent homes, have cars, etc??? – BECAUSE THEY WORK, AND WORK HARD!! (i dont condone illegals, but lets face it- these guy work)

    And please tell me how my family who came from Russia in 1989 with only the clothing on our backs, and 2 kids to feed; made it to own a 5 bedroom house, a business, and multiple luxury toys? – THROUGH HARD WORK.

    i dont care who you talked too in this camp; not a single one of them will tell you options they COULD HAVE chosen to not end up this way. they will all tell you of obstacles that stood in their way that they CHOSE to not go around. these are lazy, good for nothing, greedy dirt bags. they dont want to work, and expect everything handed to them.

  12. Num 10 and 11, thank you. I penned 4, 8 and 9. I cannot fathom how people can think they way they do sometimes. Arrogance is so viral, it can affect so many people and it is seen here almost daily with the thoughtless comments made by some.

  13. Hey Mr. Conservative:
    when you came here from Russia, where did you go… to an Orthodox community, where you found support and help. The illegals take and get jobs from employers against the law, these same employers think nothing about not paying the illegals for the work they did. Have you ever seen the conditions that these people live, I have and the tent city is better. Employers are not likely to hire someone that is smart enough to know their rights, they can’t cheat them as easy. And by the way how did you make your money….. renting to the illegals as a slumlord and getting paid the rent from HUB???? YES hard work is how this country was built BUT some people just need a chance.

  14. #14- you make some very strong points. However, you missed one essential point.

    Hard work is very important. People who fall behind and end up homeless in a tent city is very detrimental. Since they have a tent city to fall back upon, they do not go out and attempt to make something of themselves. If these tent cities did not exist, these people would not use them as excuses and not let their low self-esteem take over. They would make the effort.

    Therefore, the tent city is not a solution and should be gradually disbanded. While we must feel for these people and try to help them, keeping them in tent city is a sin.

  15. #14, actually what is a sin is for you to think that they want to live like this! Life is easier being homeless, let me live in a tent with no running water, no toilet, no bath, no place to cook my dinner. It is easier to eat out of the trash can or to beg for food or money to get by. It is a sin for a person to think that becasue someone lost their job that they are not going to look for work, until they realize that they arent going to find on ein this economy and cant pay the rent, so they are evicted from their home and their car is reposessed. Where else do they turm when their extended famioly is in the same situation and cant take them in. They get by the best they know how too, being homeless is not a walk in the park nor is it a sin. The fact of the matter is that it is illegal to be homeless in the state of NJ, being a vagrant can get you arrested; you have to have a certain dollar amount in your pocket and ID to prove you are not. so therefore Ocean county is not doin gits part to provide properly for the people of tent city. Monmouth county has a shelter and they also offer emergency shelter to people that is talked about in the article, why is it so hard for OC to give. MC isnt the only place with shelters either, it is just my example.

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