Coronavirus Update from Dr. Rich Roberts: Albert Einstein, New Projections, Hydroxychloroquine, China and Accepted Bigotry [VIDEO]

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  1. He is 100% right the amount of bigotry bashing our community is appalling we need to defend ourselves and fight back as there is allot of misinformation being spread about our community. I would urge people to post comments on the Asbury park press Facebook page to counter all the misinformation and lies as there are decent gentiles that are just not getting any factual information about our community.

  2. Great video! Extremely informative. Thanks for covering the despicable lies, and medieval hatred directed by some at the orthodox community.
    One point on the virus originating in a lab in China. You seem to assume that because we have documented evidence of a cover up by the Chinese government, that must prove that the source of the virus is man made. What I don’t understand about that proof is that the Chinese government could’ve easily been covering up the virus because they were afraid how it might affect their economy.

  3. I am sorry Dr. I have to disagree with you on your hydroxycloroquine theory. You are basically trying to say that who said it works, maybe all the people who got better just happened to get better.
    Now you may be right. But if you are wrong, than you are promoting not giving life saving medication to people.
    Again, this is a very low risk medication that is around for decades. It was safely given to millions of soldiers in the Vietnam war.
    So to summarize 1) there is a LOT of at the very least, anecdotal evidence that this works very well 2) It is a very low risk medication 3) It is a battlefield situation, where many people are dying. So why not give it to everyone????
    Dr’s need to learn how to think a little out of the box sometimes.

    • BTW, I myself have been helped by this medication. I could not breath well and had fever. My breathing was so bad , I had a hard time speaking. My Dr refused to give it to me. I had to work very hard to find a Dr willing to give it to me. BH it worked very well.
      I really hope and pray that you and your family stay healthy. But if Chas Vesholom you or someone you love does get corona, I want to see if you will be so strong with you opposition at that point.
      I think in all likelihood you will run to get the medication.

  4. First of all, thanks to Dr. Roberts who does SO MUCH in so many different ways for the Lakewood community (and beyond).

    I appreciate his expressing proper caution about hydroxychloroquine, which has been proven to work against multiple viruses – in the lab, but has not been proven to work against any viruses in people. Dr. Roberts makes some excellent points.

    However, I would like to correct a two of his incorrect assumptions about the modeling estimates. He says the model numbers are too low because it assumes deaths from overwhelmed healthcare facilities when there haven’t been any such deaths. But none of the models assume such deaths *now*. They are talking about at peak levels. Depending on where, that is 2-6 weeks of exponential growth away.

    He also claims the models are wrong because we see that not everyone complies with social distancing and lockdowns. But none of the models assume everyone complies! They typically assume 50-75% compliance depending on what specific action is being requested. Models that look at full compliance are clearly identified as the maximum potential benefit, not the actual projections.

  5. Dr. Roberts,

    Kiryas Yoel is the only frum town where no one has died yet. anyone there with shortness of breath or over 60 is taking hydroxychloroquine given by Dr. Zelenko.

    This speaks volumes.
    Please reconsider your position.

  6. To say that many of those patients would have gotten better on their own may be true for some, at the same time FOR SURE NOT FOR OTHERS.
    In my family: people I personally know:
    60+ man. Heart condition, diabetes, severe asthma. Day 2 oxygen VERY low. Difficulty breathing,a fever. Was recommended by dr to rush to ER/hospital.Given hydroxy/ zpak combo TWENTY FOUR hours later, no fever, off oxygen, breathing SIGNIFICANTLY better, and from there on slowly recovering.

    80+ year couple. Diagnosed. Given meds getting better.

    A woman above 50. One of 65. And one of 42. Symptoms were worsening , they got on meds and fever broke, cough/ congestion etc got better by 2 of them after 2nd dose, one if them after first dose.

    39 year old healthy woman. Dr. Kept saying no need to medicate she will get out of it. symptoms kept worsening.
    Could not get fever down, very congested cough, chest gray showed lungs infected. Simce the next step wid b hospitalization she begged her dr to put her on meds. Fever broke after first dose. Her congestion, cough, etcS getting better. Shes 4 days on this med and doing SO MUCH better.

    65 year old woman similar experience.
    Now- I PERSONALLY know ALL of the above people.
    For me to call Ocean Medical and hear their answering say- “if your symptoms worsen, go to ER, or message us. And to quote” ” as to med as HYDROXYCHLORIQUINE theres no I think they said evidence or proof so no need for that “.
    I skipped a heart beat. HYDROXYCHLORIQUINE, zPAK- Are the shalichim from HASHEM to heal people from this terrible illness. And IT IS HELPING SO SO MANY. HOW IN THE WORLD DOES A REPUTABLE DRS OFFICE, THAT VULNERABLE TRUST DARE TO SAY SOEMTHING LIKE THAT. THEY ARE taking away the opportunity of many sick individuals of perhaps even having a CHANCe to possible not emd up in the Hospital and G-d forbid lose their lives…
    As ALL know- it IS safe. Lenox hospital has been treating their patients with this med regimen, do the drs of Ocean medical and numerous other individuals that claim that it’s not soemthing that really works etc etc know more??? Than INFECTIOUS DISEASE PROFFESSORS???
    And yes,u can have drs supervision while on it.. BUT- To make such statements… WHO WILL ANSWER UP FOR THAT???

    ANYONE inflicted with COVID19 shud inquire, and get in touch with the HIGLY PROFESSIONAL INFECTIOUS disease drs that ARE prescribing it, and seeing amazing results. And to say ” they would have gotten better anyway… is pretty negligent when dealing with soemthing so serious which can and is in many cases life threatening. When dealing with a person LIFE u dont wait to SEE if they’ll get better on their own.. you’re always more cautious and pro active.

    May Hashem grant each one of us, health, and protection. And those that are sick, shall have the guidance and wisdom that leads them to their path of recovery and long healthy joyful life…

  7. BS”D

    Thank you for your videos. I hope you will continue to do them.

    I understand that hydroxychloroquine does not seem to be working so well for patients in hospital. And I understand that 80% of people with the virus will get better on their own. The only stone that remains unturned in this analysis is the success rate for the 20% of individuals who are given the medications on an out-patient basis, before they need to be admitted to hospital. The potential to help this population begs that this study be addressed.

    Refuahs and yeshuahs right away!

  8. BS’D

    More thoughts about hydroxychloroquine

    1. For any studies or opinions or anecdotal opinions that are negative : it is very important to know when the drugs were administered – if they say it was given later on in the sickness then that is not a good test of the drugs- as clearly the Doctors using the drugs who have had success use it for high risk people when they first get the sickness. In Montreal I spoke to a prominent Dr in infectious disease who said in Montreal they are not allowed to give the drug when people are at home. They are only allowed to give the drug when a patient is in the hospital already which means the disease is further advanced. He agreed with me that probably the Doctors who said give it earlier are right.

    2.When is this drug regime given for malaria? My understanding (please correct me if I am wrong) is even before the person travels to the country where there is malaria. Thus does it not make sense to give this drug for the current virus as earlier as possible at least at the beginning of the sickness as giving it later in the progression of the sickness would lower the effectiveness of the drug regime?

    3. President Trump is positive about using the drug regime as much as possible.

    4.You said 80% of the people will get better without any drugs. Thus there are 20% of the people who need help with drugs.
    if studies show that 100% or 90 % of people are helped when given the drugs so it is more effective than no drugs.

    5. Studies should be done showing how long and in what intensity people have the sickness without any drugs versus taking this drug regime

    6. Do you have backup and studies that can clearly show that the drug regimes are not working when given early and following the same drug regime that some feel have been successful?

    Should it be pushed more and more as people do not change their life styles so readily- it takes time and continuous PR over time to convince people to take it.

    If it can help and reduce intensity of this virus in a controlled manner of taking it shouldn’t President Trump etc be encouraged to keep on talking about ?


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