Cop Killer Crockam Charged With Another Murder

ridge murder scene[PHOTOS of the murder scene on Ridge Avenue] Earlier today, accused cop killer Jahmell Crockam was charged with another murder. Ongoing investigations linked Crockam and an accomplice to the October 15th murder of Justin Williams, whose body was found discarded on a street corner.

The new charges were made public as thousands were attending the funeral of Police Officer Chris Matlosz, who was murdered last week by Crockam.

Crockham is accused of killing Justin Williams, 20, on Ridge Avenue on October 15, 2010. (The incident was first reported by TLS here).

The man was found fatally shot lying in a pool of blood, just hours after a shooting a few blocks away. TLS

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  1. Why did they let this animal out of jail? So he can kill more innocent people?! Why don’t they just learn a lesson, and lock this criminal behind bars and don’t let him out of jail?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. To #5. I know how you feel, we all do; however, we shouldn’t call him an “animal.” Animals don’t act this way. I don’t think I can find a word for him, mabey “the devil” or “monster” would be more appropriate.

  3. If the police would take all murders as they did the murder of the officer this guy would have been behind the bars instead of on the street killing.

  4. “accused cop killer Jahmell Crockam,” only accused, not definite

    “The new charges were made public as thousands were attending the funeral of Police Officer Chris Matlosz, who was murdered last week by Crockam.”


    Which one is it, accused killer or killer?

  5. Animals like this that are so bent on killng why don’t we just send them to the front lines in Afganistan by them self and see how long he would last

  6. I knew he must have commited some other MAJOR crime and thats why he was so nervous when the cop pulled over! he must have been loaded with guilt!!
    they should hang the crook!

  7. the biggest he’ll get is life term in jail or maybe life term plus some years ( whatever it means )
    what a shame ! BRING BACK DEATH PENALTY !!!!!!!!

  8. Here is the insanity of it all. This piece of garbage will now be in a prison for the next say forty years. All of which time he willing be using up valuable state money on being fed, guarded, electricity etc.

    This is another good reason to blow out his brains. The electric chair is a one time shock of electric. Costs the state a couple cents. And the post mop up. But nothing compared to taking care of this beast for so many years.

    Eliminate the eliminator.

  9. #14 i agree ! every murder should be treated like this one and we can all stroll the streets of lakewood like it should be with out fear of these brainless losers playing cowboys and indians on the same streets that all of us live on with our children!

  10. We should not judge others. Maybe he didnt have the proper schooling and did not grow up in the proper home. We should invest in parenting and educating these guys when they are young and they would not turn out this way. we need to give everyone a fair chance!

  11. i love reading in the app today about how his mother says he goes to church every week and that he is innocent. church in only one hour per week the other hours he is with his gang committing terrible crimes. end his life and let his family suffer!

  12. really hate to say it but the problem of these low life gangs living in homes making lakewood a very unsafe place to live is all because many people ( you know who ) buy homes and rent them to section 8 families (gangs) so that way they are guarnteed rent money each month. This has to STOP! Stop renting to these people and lakewood will be a nice place to live again.

  13. graduated from lakewood high school in 2009 how much proper do you want it im sure he family couldnt afford private school. last time i checked lakewood hs wasnt teaching students to join gangs and kill its learned from poor family life and mothers and fathers not being there. So give jahmell the ultimate sentence. Death.

  14. No offense, but the school system in Lakewood needs more social workers involved and has the responsibility of taking care of unfortunte children. I do not know Crokham’s family and I do not know whether or not he is from a stable family. But I will assume that he has major issues if she has been involved in gangs and has been carrying weapons with him. He most probably had no bringing up at all. Now it is sort of too late to help a teen who has murdered 2 people already. He could’ve been helped when he was a child so that he would be a better person as an adult and not scarred from his childhood.
    It is ironic that I was somewhere in Lakewood a couple of weeks ago and I met an elderly old man. He looked sad but at peace. He struck up a conversation with me. He was wearing a cap with a badge on it. It appeared that he was a war veteran. Turns out he was. He was a kind man who served for his country. He then went to his car and took out a newspaper from October 2010 and showed me pictures of his son’s funeral. He went on to tell me that his son unfortunately got involved in things he shouldn’t have and was murdered in Lakewood. It was unknown at that time that Crockham was the killer. My heart bled for this father. Now the there is evidence that Crockham was the killer, I would like to wish my condolences once again to Mr. Williams.
    My sincere condolences also to Office Matlosz’s fiance, family, friend, and fellow police officers. God bless you all! RIP 317. You will be missed!

  15. # 40 stop judging. remember when we were judged what happened. my section 8 tenants happen to be the nicest people you will know. in fact i have a few frum too on section 8. most section 8 work and recevieve partail rent.

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