Congressman Lance Wants Looser Gun Laws For NJ’s Streets

A Republican Congressman voted to force states with tough gun laws to allow more people to carry concealed weapons. Leonard Lance joined all but seven Republicans in Congress who voted to allow anyone to carry a concealed firearm on New Jersey streets, simply by obtaining a concealed firearm permit under laws outside of the Garden State.

H.R. 822, known as the “National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011,” would force states to allow out-of-state visitors to carry loaded, hidden guns by even if those persons are not trained to the standards or legally barred from possessing guns in the state where the carrying occurs.

There were 147 Democrats voting against the bill, compared with just 43 in favor of the measure — which opposing groups refer to as the “Packing Heat on Your Street” bill, recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives and is now in the U.S. Senate.

“This legislation is so dangerous that it would trample a state’s ability to set its own rules and training requirements concerning who carries loaded, hidden guns in public and override basic state possession laws setting minimum age limits to possess handguns,” said Dennis Henigan, acting president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “It’s deplorable that the first major gun legislation passed by a house of Congress since the Tucson shootings is one that would make it easier for the Jared Loughners of the world to pack heat on our streets and in our communities. It’s deplorable that they did this so soon after Gabby Giffords shared her remarkable and moving comeback story. She and all gun violence victims deserve better from Congress.”

Henigan said H.R. 822 is so extreme it would allow dangerous, violent, and untrained people from out-of-state to carry loaded guns in your community, and your state would be powerless to stop them.

National and state law enforcement organizations, such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police and Major Cities Chiefs Association, strongly oppose the measure — as do the 34 national faith-based organizations that make up the Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence coalition — because more loaded, hidden guns in more communities will undermine public safety. Read more in NJTODAY.


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  1. one simple question? who under the current laws are actually carrying concealed weapons? answer either Law enforcement or criminals. that leaves the majority of law obiding citizens unprotected in our own comunities. i dont want to have to wait for the police to show up to protect me and criminals dont follow the current laws! if we were able to carry weapons on us or at least in our vehicles or on our entire property not only our bedrooms, then a thug will think twice before comitting common thug crimes that they get away with now, like robbery ,theft and assault. Enough liberal propaganda telling you how dangerous the streets will be if they pass this legislation. it will only be better for law abiding common folk. but it will disrupt the police state that we currently live in. i hope it passes

  2. Take a look at Texas, one of the states with the most lenient gun laws. There is WAY less crime then NY or NJ. Maybe it’s not so bad an idea after all.

  3. The crime rate IS less in Texas for 2 reasons, 1- because you are allowed to carry a gun and 2- the most important, they know how and when to use them. They have been carrying guns for years. Just think what is going to happen to NY and NJ if this Bill passes into Law and everyone goes to Walmart and buys a gun with no training and no experience. The first Road Rage could turn into a blood bath. Please don’t get me wrong I think guns are a good thing.

  4. I’ll try again ~ I would have to withhold my thoghts either way on this without solid facts that prove one way or another if this is either good or a bad law. Those who jump right in here and bash it are more than likely anti gun fanatics While Iam not anti gun ownership I do not want criminals or mentaly deranged individuals walking arround with a loaded weapon ~ that goes without saying However those who own guns legally are not the problem most crimes commited with weapons(guns) are illegally owned . so lets see the facts and not just rhetoric

  5. #3 you cant carry a handgun in nj! read the law at the state police website or do a search on nj gunlaws. see N.J S.2C:39-6 subsections e, f and g.

  6. not a very brilliant idea mr Lance. But even so, NJ still has the strictest laws to purchase a gun, that will not change. So you will not be able to run to Walmart and buy a heater to carry. So everyone take a deep breath and go easy on the keyboard.

  7. ok i dont understand this there are so many criminals in n.j. that are carring guns anyways maybe if we allow such a law these criminals would think twice about attempting to do a crime, look at the streets today normal citizens dont carry guns and they are more prone to attcks. now what is our first thought when we see or suspect someone has a gun we want to stay away from these people or atleast advoid them so we should let people carry weapons on the streets as long as they are trained and possaibly there will be less crime. hate me or love me but the proof is there less crime when these laws are eased but there must be rules that are followed in this case strictly.

  8. I don’t understand these liberals. In accordance with their traditions every issue in our life is met with restrictions rather than common sense. it seems that instead of profiling at the airline gate. everyone’s got to go through a scanner. To curb violence in schools there is a zero tolerance policy for weapons, and a bespectacled harmless 7 year old with Swiss army spoon fork, and knife set was expelled from school.
    Don’t blame this legislation for or against guns on the Jared loughner shooting. Do you think for a second it was the gun laws in Arizona which allowed/or would have prevented the Tucson shootings? a maniac with a murderous streak will kill no matter where and no matter when. thankfully sociopaths, and insane criminals make up teeny tiny fraction of a percentage of our populations. As other commentators have said liberal states with strict gun laws like NY have no fewer gun related crimes than conservative states with lax gun laws.
    If you really think about it the entire attitude of liberals is that people are inherently bad, stupid, and mean, and the only one who can prevent all the wrongs in the world is the big benevolent government. (of course they need all of your money to fund their benevolence).
    The other ugly and slightly deeper truth is that liberals are just flat lazy. that’s right. They really don’t want to fix the ills of society they just want to make programs, and legislature that sucks money out of the populace to perpetuate their power. It is a vile continuance of the liberal mentality of “if you throw money at a problem it will solve itself”. Again another reason is that the same liberals who know for sure that all people are bad, believe that you can never “judge” anyone so instead of developing common sense solutions that are tailored to each situation, and using our “judgment” , they like to abdicate all decisions to some “policy” that covers all instances regardless of rhyme, reason, or sanity. Take the spate of bullying “induced” suicides. (Frankly, while I sympathize with the families of the deceased it was ultimately the person who committed suicide’s decision to end their own life. I think if they had been more stable and had more support from their parents or friends the bullying, while hurtful, would not have caused them to end their life. the conversation about suicide is beyond the scope of this comment). Regardless I don’t think making anti-bullying laws that have nine levels of paperwork and compliance regulations and forms that have to be approved by 12 different bureaucrats, will end bullying. And bullying, is certainly reprehensible, can we really outlaw, “being mean”? It’s just another level of
    of liberals overstepping boundaries.

    “It’s deplorable that the first major gun legislation passed by a house of Congress since the Tucson shootings is one that would make it easier for the Jared Loughners of the world to pack heat on our streets and in our communities. It’s deplorable that they did this so soon after Gabby Giffords shared her remarkable and moving comeback story. She and all gun violence victims deserve better from Congress.

    One thing Mr. Congressman, there is no such a thing as a victim of gun violence, there are only victims of violent people.

  9. I think people who are able to pass the background check for a gun should be able to carry with proper training. I dont know about any of you but last time i checked im not carrying a policeman on my shoulder to protect me at all times. I’d like to be able to defend myself IF i were put in a bad situation.

  10. How many of you actually have had the need for a gun while you are walking down the street? I would have to say pretty much none of you have needed a gun. Now if you allow just anyone to carry a gun you will have people pulling guns just because someone might have looked at you, or maybe someone just coming up to ask you for directions you might take as a threat and draw your gun. All I can say as a Law Enforcement Officer if you pull your gun on me it will be the very last time you did that to anyone!!!!

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