Committeeman Meir Lichtenstien: Violation For Having Gang-Related Graffiti On Home, Just Doesn’t Sit Right

meir lichtenstien 2VIDEO: “Someone to call and complain to Police about Graffiti on her home, then getting a Summons for it, just doesn’t sit right” Committeeman Meir Lichtenstien said at last night’s Township Committee meeting, referring to the outraged resident who received a violation for the Gang-related Graffiti on her home, which was addressed here on TLS. Committeeman

Lichtenstien suggested to the Committee that perhaps cleaning those homes should be included for those sentenced to community service. Senator Singer explained that they would have to contact the Ocean County Jail to further determine if it’s possible to do.

Mayor Langert responded to Lichtenstien’s concern as well, saying “It’s a problem. But then again, if somebody would vandalize your window, you would fix it”. “I wouldn’t like it if it were my house I’m sure, but if it was a window you wouldn’t say it’s our responsibility to fix it” he said.

He then suggested that Police add additional Patrols to the troubled areas.

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  1. Ever try getting graffiti off something? good luck.
    To Mayor Langert, a window you have to fix other wise these gangs will come right in, But if you have a choice to pay property tax or clean your siding…….

  2. I think we can I all agree that there is a big difference between a broken window and graffiti besides will I get a fine if I have a broken window? No so the comparison is negative!!

  3. In defense of our inspection department there needs to be some clarification. The violation given was not a fine. It was simply a warning, or a written request that the graffiti be removed. I couldn’t imagine that any inspector would have the chutzpah to give a fine for something so upsetting, that is not under the owners control.
    One thing our committeemen failed to mention is that there is a benefit to remove the graffiti as soon as possible. When gangs tag someones house they like to see their artistry. If they see it covered over immediately they usually will give up, and fear being caught if they repeat the offense.
    It is unfortunate that the onus is upon the owner to remove the graffiti.
    One committeeman suggested we get gang members to have it removed. What a great idea!! I know that is exactly what you need is gang members around your home and family. If they get hot from working you could bring them lemonade. Perhaps they could watch your kids while you run out to the market.
    I fully understand your frustration.
    When I had just finished painting the addition on my store, I arrived the next morning to find the word PLAYEROS on the side of my building in two foot high letters. I know the anger and resentment. Ultimately though it is the property owner that must have it removed. Just as a fallen tree or other calamity is not ones fault, yet they are expected to have the problem repaired, so too is the offensive reality of graffiti ultimately the owners responsibility. This summons was not meant to rub salt on your wounds. This was simply meant to be a reminder that the sooner it is removed, the less pleasure those inconsiderate, and dangerous, gang members will have from their handiwork.

  4. the law is the law, have it changed. The Township Committee made it. I have used a graffitti removal product on several properties that worked well that is sold in the Depot or Lowes. If they are trying to clean up the image of Lakewood, start with a ride down Ocean Ave.

  5. I am glad that Mr. Lichtenstien is defending a member of the public. Usually it’s the other way around, protect a township employee at all costs. This department has had inspector’s who harass and threaten people and I believe, in one case, even assaulted a person. But the members of the township committee protects them because of a lawsuit. It is a dept. that has had one inspector who pleaded guilty to accepting bribes yet our officials don’t even attempt to clean house.

  6. Dear HH,

    I have been following your “campaign” push on TLS for quite sometime now and I have become a big fan of yours. However you are really starting to become just too much!! Stop being so cynical of every move everyone makes this is politics be a politician. If you think that your negativity towards all of which the Lakewood Township does is going to win you the seat you are dead wrong. First of all you and I both know that all this Blueclaws stuff is just a way for certain people to benefit and so do most people, yet they just don’t care because they do as they are told contrary to what the president of the U.S. said about the people needing change most people would just like to go with the flow. Secondly when and if you do win how will the other committeemen receive you when all you have been doing for a year has been a thorn in there thighs. Aahron Kotler once told when I came to Lakewood I thought that I can change the whole world then I realized certain things have to be left the way they are even if we don’t like them. RULE # 1 certain people will always get what they need to succeed if you are in office you are in office or not don’t forget you will not be a majority vote.

  7. Meir and Steve could easily have spoken out against this “outrage” and get some points for decrying the summons but they chose the high road and spoke with fairness in a responsible manner. They put in very long hours in their positions and are always accessible to Lakewood residents.You can disagree with some of their policies but they deserve our respect and appreciation.

  8. In all respect to Mayor Langert there is a big diffrence between a vandalized window that would make a loud noise would be made you may even be able to look out the window and get a description of the crook. Graffitti you may not know or hours that it was done.

  9. R’ Hershel,

    After following you on TLS for a while now i think its time for me to exprees my thanks to you from myself and from everyone else in lakewood that is mature enough and think with a straight head for all that you are doing for us on a daily bases and fighting for rightus and agains the major corruption going on in the lakewood township.
    I really hope that you do win and have the ability to make this town a better and safer place !
    Thank You again from the whole mature lakewood

  10. I’m usually one to be on the side of the law, but in this case I feel the violation given was a bit extreme. Taking responsibility for your actions is one thing, but to do so for someone else’s actions is just plain wrong. Don’t you think it was traumatizing enough for the family when they had some punks do this to their house? Now a ticket? I wonder if this was just a random ticketing, or if some “concerned” neighbor complained about the “eye sore.”

  11. To #13. When your are running something, either gov. or a private business, taking the high road doesn’t get you anywhere. It’s good for diplomacy but look where it’s gotten our town.

  12. You can be aggressive and passionate and somewhat diplomatic. Especially when you are not running this town by yourself but by committee.

  13. why didnt mike answer why he sent he rides on a high horse @ndly why isint the public works fined for their signs that are sprayed painted and not cleaned i would love to know why

  14. once again, it was a warning not a summons. the twp went as for as asking for help from the courts that if someone received community service, that they could help remove graffiti. no one is or will send summones or put the woman in jail. the neighbors don’t like it and the twp must respond.

  15. Please don’t be so critical of your current committee members. The suggestion to use gang members was in response to Meir’s question of whether there were any programs out there to assist people in cleaning up gang related graffiti. There is, but it’s through the NJ Dept of Corrections and they have work crews consisting of…convicted gang members. They are escorted with Dept of Correction officers and they clean up messes,all sorts of messes. Under guard they probably wouldn’t be coming by for some lemonade.
    All Mr. Langert said was that people need to be responsible for their own messes, whether they are of an unhappy circumstance or not.

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