Close To A Dozen Summonses Issued At Yeshivah

ticketing_at_bmg_2Is it the warmer weather? Students at the Yeshivah tell TLS, police – patrolling with the Fire Marshals office – issued close to a dozen parking violations summonses at the BMG Yeshivah this afternoon, mostly for vehicles parked in the Fire Lane. The Lane, as indicated, is used for emergencies involving fires.

Officials are again asking to avoid parking in those ‘available’ spots. TLS-62

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  1. Its just amazing how fast people like to jump on yeshivaleit whenever the occasion presents itself. Its very clear what their agenda is, and its really sad that thats all they have in life, and that is to bash the yeshiva and the yeshiva way, basically basing the Torah (there is no other way to explain it). How sad and miserable their lives must be.

  2. Soon the usual suspects will begin posting on how terrible the LPD is for picking- I mean ticketing these folks, who parked in a fire zone.

  3. the lpd were right for giving tickets (and yes I am a yeshivaleit) but whats this blame game? many non yeshivaleit park in handicapped and fire lanes! Stop acting so immature! Just because no one is listening to you vent doesn’t mean you have to place your nasty words here.

  4. How about this? Don’t break the law and you won’t get a ticket. If you break the law and get a ticket, don’t complain. Very simple.

    Unfortunately some people won’t learn a lesson until something very bad happens. In this case, it could be a fire and could cost lives.

  5. Hey cool masmid – I guess people can do no wrong. There is a fire lane with no parking and people park there and cop gives a ticket to them and the cop is wrong you say? How so? I’m not sure how the people are right please give us a teretz.

  6. What happens if there is a fire there and the trucks can not get close enough to put it out .. Im sure you will complain then that they are not doing their jobs..WAKE UP!! if you are not a firefighter in an emergency vehicle YOU Can not Park there. End of complaining

  7. Yes, they deserve the tickets, but #6 is right, too.
    Some people, when they read an article like this one, can’t type fast enough how bad the yeshivaleit are.
    Just read the post and move on. There is no reason to type your derogatory comments, do you think you’re saving the world or something?

  8. #14 Chaim Yankel, no one is condoning breaking the law this or any law,and no one is faulting the cops for writing tickets, although its not hard to guess why they would spend precious time and resources writing tickets instead of going out there trying to keep this town safe. My point is…. well I made my point go read it again and report back.

  9. masmid- don’t you see? they ARE trying to keep this town safe. We can’t pick and choose what laws are enforced. I’m sure if there was another call that was more important they would have stopped writing tickets and gone to that. Believe it or not, most cops don’t find joy in other people’s hardships.

  10. It sure appears like those park blocking a fire lane don’t find this a big deal well that would change real quick if there was a fire.
    once again there are some who think they can pick and choose which laws they should or should not have to obey

  11. Hey cool masmid, when you bash people for thinking they’re above the law, that means you’re bashing the Torah way of Life?! Does that mean the Torah way of life is to be above the law?! No way! BMG is a yeshiva with KA”H many talmidim. WHat a tragedy it would be if there was CH”V a fire and the trucks were delayed!
    THe argument of let them fight bigger crimes is totally ridiculous. The police are here to enforce ALL laws.

  12. Tonight, a Hatzolah ambulance on a call could not get up the yeshiva driveway and had to carry the patient a nice distance due to the way a minivan was parked at the entrance to the driveway.
    Now I’m not knocking our yeshivaleit but does anyone think that the owner of this mini van actually gave two seconds thought that he was putting a yidisher life in danger while he sat and listened to the mashgiach’s shmues?

  13. Some folks don’t care about others safety.
    I’m guessing the violators were in a hurry or didn’t want to walk a distance or both.

    Perhaps they should start towing the vehicles in the fire/no parking zone.

    I’m wondering if they are repeat offenders and if they are paying the tickets

  14. This i know for a fact; in Israel these vehicles would have been towed on the spot. Safety for society is taken to an extremely high standard.

    if you want to portray yourself as a loving, respectful, pure person: you must obey laws that protect EVERYONE. how are you going to explain to Hashem, that because YOUR car was blocking the fire-zone, people died and were not rescued because YOU were to lazy to come early, and secure an appropriate parking spot?

  15. there r a lot of issues here number 1 whoever parks there should get ticketed. 2 how come they give tickets in yeshivas fire lane when yeshiva has another fire lane on the other side of the buildind BUT IN GEORGIAG COURT UNIV. they park everyday in the fire lane and there are no tickets.

  16. #6
    whats your problem????? gangs shmangs yes its a hot topic but lets leave it up to the lpd to take care of.your job is to obey ALL safety laws…k? B/c ch”v if theres an emergency and your van is blocking the fire lane then what??????

  17. I just left yeshiva around 2 years ago after learning in bmg for 12 years. I assume most of the commentators learned in bmg at some point. I’m just wondering if there is something wrong with me? It seems that some people begin to bash the yeshivaleit and their way of life as soon as they leave yeshiva. I don’t have such feelings. I’m wondering if maybe there is something wrong with me?

  18. If you feel the need to park in a fire lane then please do so. I am sure you have a very good reason for doing it. But the next time you see a fire truck take a good look at the front bumper its pretty big. Did you ever think of why it is so big? If there is a car parked in the fire lane during a fire you will soon find out. Maybe there is enough room to get the truck in with you parked there. But we may not have enough room to get the hoses out without maybe going over or through your car. It has been done before don’t think you are exempt. (It was even done to a police car once for blocking a hydrant).

  19. To #7, do you want some cheese to go with that whine? How sad a miserable YOUR life must be! Your community sense of entitlement and disregard for the laws are the basis for its problems. But then again you can just pull out the anti-Semitic card. It’s about the yeshiva, it’s about the Torah. How about parking and parking spaces and not in fire zones like the rest of the civilized world. Simply park your cars between the lines and you won’t have any issues.

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