Christie: N.J. Homeowners Will Begin To See Property Tax Relief Due To Benefits Overhaul In Late 2012

townhouses 2Putting his pen to legislation heralded as a money saver for taxpayers, Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday signed into law a sweeping overhaul of public employee benefits. But that doesn’t mean New Jersey homeowners should expect their property tax bills to drop this year.

“The first time folks on the property tax side will really see a benefit is in the August 2012 bills,” Christie said at a bill signing ceremony Tuesday at the War Memorial in Trenton.

Christie has been emphasizing the effect the new law will have for the state’s 566 municipalities. The bill requires all of the more than 437,000 public employees working at all levels of government to pay more for their health care and pension benefits. More in Star Ledger.

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  1. Yeah we will see about that I do not believe we will see any relief he is saying that so everyone will be happy he is punishing pubic employees and seniors.

  2. The Torah says that even when the sharp sword is on your kneck, do not despair.

    NJ was on the brink of bankruptcy, just as the other liberal states of CA and NY and IL. But G-d sent Christie to save the great state of NJ from the brink.

    Thank you Hashem for Christie.

    For anyone who thinks that what Christie is doing is unnecessary and too cruel, I suggest you read up on what is happening in Greece right now. That country is falling apart as we speak. They have such generous benefits in that country, even when they were borrowing money and taxing workers to no end to pay for all these bloated govt benefits. Their govt workers are so spoiled and get huge salaries and benefits.

    And now the chickens are coming home to roost. Banks and investors are stopping to lend Greece money, and they are bankrupt. The spoiled public sector workers are rioting in the streets. The country is falling apart. And the govt is finally cutting all these benefits. “Austerity”.

    If you think it ain’t gonna happen here in America soon, you’re in for a very rude awakening. The sooner Christie cuts, the easier it will be for all of us.

    Thank you Hashem for Christie!

  3. Is the Gov. and his cronies and all legislators ALSO paying more for their pensions and health benefits? I read…I believe here in the TLS…that all this will save over the next decade is 120 million? Is this true? and if it is….that will be spent in a heartbeat leaving all those workers with less money to buy foreign made products! Someone nbetter warn China! Thier GNP is going to drop!

  4. Hey #4 if he was such a great person why not make us all pay oh wait because he is rich so of course he would not want those taxes. i agree cuts need to be made but we should all be paying. Lets look at the millions that is going to stupid programs one program was for breeding fish! Half of you guys truly don’t see the waste. Just what the news feels like reporting. And after just 4 years of office no one should get a pension!!! Look at that waste CC

  5. To my fellow New Jersey citizens:

    When you look in the wallet at the end of the month, and there is no money left to spend, what to you do? YOU DON’T SPEND!!

    Do you worry about the store that is not going to receive your dollars? Do you feel cruel that Macy’s or Wal Mart is not receiving all your money? Do you start borrowing on your credit card, knowing full well you will never have the money to pay it back?

    NO NO NO!!! You stop spending until you get your next paycheck. You work harder to make more income. You do whatever you need to do to make money (legally), and then you will have enough to spend on all those goodies you wanted, or your bills, and you will be able to buy stuff from Wal Mart so that Wal Mart can pay its employees.

    The state of NJ is in the same boat. IT HAS NO MORE MONEY. It needs to stop spending until it gets more money. It cannot continue to borrow money that it knows it will never be able to pay back.

    If we treat the govt as an ATM machine, we will ultimately destroy the greatest country on earth.

    We need to realize that the more we take from the govt, the more the govt is either borrowing, or taking from someone else. We need to learn to live within our means.

  6. Hey # 6,

    You are so right.

    The government should cut spending on every single thing. They should cut taxes and they should cut spending.

    The problem is, if they would cut every single thing at the same time, can you imagine the riots that would happen? EVERY special interest would be rioting like the riots happening in Greece.

    Of course the cutting will happen one way or the other, it’s a matter of time. Greece waited too long, they never cut anything until it was too late, so now they are cutting everything at the same time, and we’ve got riots.

    Christie, on the other hand is trying to cut slowly, to mitigate the pain. Kudos to him.

  7. Cuts for Nj is needed, however not only are public workers getting the most of it for now, wait to see what else he is cutting. Any public assistance will be cut. It will be alot harder for anyone to get any help anywhere. He is also pushing for Charter schools, which push out the public schools and then there is no help for private schools. All private schools will be on there own. No boards, No principals and no transportation. Check on charter schools and see how christie will be sneaking them in…. He is not done yet. Also tax breaks???? Not on the size homes that are beging built in Lakewood. Listen to him on the radio once a month, listen and see what he believes in.
    No more public schools, only Charter just like his children attend.

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