CHOP updates their guidelines, names Lakewood

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  1. Probably nobody but Lakewood ppl come from NJ. Probably due to the fact that we have a lot of children and it has become accommodating to our community. They probably just don’t have many other NJ patients. They have always been nice to our community.

    • Take a second look at the data. Our town has a roughly a 25% larger population than Brick. The number of “reported” cases is higher in Lakewood but the number of deaths is slightly higher in Brick comparatively. So the fact that more people tested positive simply means that more people got tested.

  2. Oh please Yitzi. Chop is a world class hospital. Let them continue doing the amazing job they are doing. Lakewood did have a high infection rate due to Purim holiday and the nature of our community. Chop is doing whats best for their amazing doctors and nurses. To the staff at CHOP- Keep up the fantastic work, we all support you!!!

  3. I agree this seems to be racist and maybe they are just reading allot of the fake news about lakewood that we r spreading the virus and have more infected people than any other area.

  4. Yitzi & Muti Klein –
    My sister is a nurse at CHOP and she told me that over one-third of the children coming to their ER from Lakewood are COVID-positive. They’re just trying to protect the patients and staff from getting infected, not to be “racist” (Jews aren’t a race, by the way). Anyway, the hospital has been amazing about taking care of us – did you know that the only hospital in the US that still has a functioning kosher pantry is CHOP? My sister even told me that the nurses for frum patients with COVID are going to the pantry on their own breaks to get food for the families – what other hospital has nurses that do that? I’m so proud that my sister works there and so happy that we have such a world-class, mentschlich and accomodating hospital nearby. I just hope that no one needs to use it.

  5. @by Lakewood

    Our population size is also about double most any other townships in the state…. Our # of infections are right on par, statistically wise, with any of the surrounding areas. In fact, if you truly run the numbers, our rate of infection might actually be lower than the surrounding towns.

    Just FYI most labor and delivery units/pediatric units in NJ have the same restrictions in place for support person in labor or parent in pediatric.

  6. @Lakewood – that is not true. Lakewood nj is #15 in terms of infections.
    The media is pushing the idea that Lakewood is worst and the world including our own us believing it.

  7. Chop is amazing to our community I had a son there in and out for over 1 and half years they where alwasy providing Amazing care professional and so accommodating to our community needs

  8. As an RN in one of the local hospitals, the comments and questions of co-workers such as “what is wrong with your people?”, Or “why can’t your people follow the rules?” has increased significantly. They don’t care for explanations like stastics mentioned even if it is the truth. Explain that Rt 9 S. was empty Erev Y”t… People will believe what they want to believe. Eisev Sonei Es Yaakov prevails. May we all be protected and safe from all harm.

  9. Lakewood has a higher infection rate than most of the state, average infection rate for Lakewood is 13.31 and the rest of Ocean County is 3.64. Lakewood’s high infection rate has nothing to due to the large population, Stop making everything about racism and start taking some responsibility for your actions.

  10. My son needed care in chop a couple of years ago and the staff was amazing! Professional caring and dedicated. They are a world class hospital!
    Here they are simply trying to protect their staff and if it is true that we are coming in with a high infection rate then what they are saying is 100% correct.

  11. CHOP has always been accommodating and kind to us. I have been there many times with my disabled child. Nothing wrong with wanting to protect other people by stating guidelines.

  12. The infection rate for Lakewood is significantly higher for Lakewood at 13.31 compared to the overall infection rate of 3.64 for Ocean County. This has nothing to do with population size (rate is per 1,000 people). Stop making this about racism and take responsibility for your behavior. As a local healthcare provider, I’m getting sick of risking my life for those that think healthcare guidelines don’t apply to them.

    • Steve
      Stop making up “facts” this very much about race and you know that.
      The idea that a healthcare provider would infer that a group is more or less responsible than another is frankly disgusting

      • This IS about facts. Everyone was told to stay home and still there are some (NOT ALL) people in Lakewood who insist on gathering in groups (SOME, NOT ALL), Even playdates! You should be angry at your neighbors who think that the guidelines dont apply to them and who end up in the news, not Dr. Steve or CHOP. While yes, I believe most people in Lakewood take the guidelines seriously, some simply do not and that is where the blame lies.

        • you really think this only happens here?! There are stupid irresponsible people everywhere, and you seevery little about it. If you are truly a “community member” and not just someone who lives in Lakewood, you would know that we are brought up from very young with a deep feeling of responsibilty to others. Do you really think the shkotzim are better than us in this area?!

          • Of course it has happened elsewhere however it has not been happening with as high a frequency and number of people per incident as in Lakewood. That’s the fact. Read a newspaper! Blame the people who continue to thumb their noses at the guidelines. That’s how you end up in the news. I said previously I do believe that MOST people in Lakewood are following guidelines. Direct your anger at those who are not.

    • Steve, your efforts are GREATLY appreciated. However the rate in lakewood is a product of exposure BEFORE measures were put into place. The Jewish community is a very social one, especially with Purim which obviously accelerated the rate of infection here. If you take that into account, the rate of growth in Lakewood is consistent with everywhere else, if not slightly lower. So take a drive around town and see for yourself.

    • Steve, your efforts are greatly appreciated. However the fact that Lakewood has more cases for 1,000 residents is very clearly a result of exposure prior to the measures, and that the Jewish community is a very social one, especially with Purim in that itme. Since the measures have started taking effect. Lakewood’s rate has been regular, if not a little lower than everywhere else. Take a drive around town and you will see that the vast majority are doing their part, morons notwithstanding.

  13. CHOP treats ALL their patients with such professionalism and patience! How about thanking them for all their hard work during this time and always??! Unfortunately there are a significant amount of Lakewood patients there- simply because we tend to have more children so there is a greater chance of a child ending up there R”L. May everyone have a Refuah Shleimah and may there be no more sick people!

  14. I was in CHOP last week with my daughter and could not have been more impressed with the staff- their friendliness and accommodating nature all while they (rightfully so) took all the Covid-19 precautions necessary. It is a bracha that we have such a world-class facility so close to Lakewood and should be thankful to them for all their amazing accommodations for the Lakewood community (rather than insinuate that their signage signal racism). I am surprised that this note was allowed in on The Scoop as it would seem obvious that there would be unnecessary and irresponsible backlash against CHOP.

  15. Lakewood has many people compared to other areas going to CHOP. It’s a good to be singled out? No, but for all the good the hospital does we leave it as that.

    Just remember the Rabbonim of Cleveland, Chiciago and Detroit told the Lakewood community to not even show up in their cities to visit their own parents. I do not recall anyone having an issue with the Rabbonim singling out Lakewood then. How then can we fault a Hospital which services MANY MANY people from Lakewood.

  16. Steve – as a member of the Lakewood community I am sick of being blamed for the actions of a few members. If say, a few members of the African American community in a specific town were not listening to the rules, would you be saying the same thing?? My family members and i have listened to every rule and guideline that came out regarding social distancing. If I God forbid came down with the virus, it would be more likely that I caught it in walmart where NO ONE of any race or religion is social distancing (for some reason that has not made it to the news).

  17. I believe everyone is missing the main point of Lakewood infection rate. NYC has the highest infection rate. Lakewood is very connected to NYC, with family split between both locations. Rest of Ocean County has much less to do with NYC. Thus the virus hit Lakewood much earlier and harder.

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