Chodesh Nissan – Chodesh Hageula | Rabbi Pinchos Doppelt

Introduction: While the massive current events are raging through the world, Baruch Hashem Klal Yisroel is powerfully awakening. The discussion of Moshiach is resounding through Klal Yisroel and is making great waves.

Here are a few snippets from the past two weeks.

Wars – Firstly, the war between Russia and Ukraine has expanded tremendously as NATO has joined forces. This is escalation beyond our wildest imagination.

Crash – A huge ship crashing into a bridge in Baltimore, totally destroying it. Experts say that this can cripple the (already crippled) economy [We will not elaborate on this, you can do your research].

Israeli government betrayal – We all heard about the mind boggling resolution that finally went through after all these years. They are stopping to fund many Yeshivos and they are starting to draft Bnei Torah into the army r”l.

The solar eclipse – We are all anticipating a total solar eclipse that should be taking place Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan. The time that Hashem declared “Hachodesh haze lachem”. Do you understand the significance behind this? If you think about it it’s simply mind boggling.

Earthquakes – For anyone that knows the world events, knows that last week Taiwan had a huge earthquake [7.4 magnitude] that brought down huge buildings. This was a tremendous display of the Koach Hashem. For those that don’t know what’s going on outside their city, Hashem sent an earthquake that shook up our very own houses here in Lakewood and beyond.

Again all this is just a drop in the bucket. What about the constant deaths that we keep hearing from Eretz Yisroel and from here in America as well r”l. All this happened so close together right before Chodesh Nissan – Chodesh Hageula.

Therefore, at this time many people are coming to terms with the fact that Moshiach seems to be imminent. However, unfortunately many people are still sleeping, and even those Yidden that are awake are not sure what to do with the information.

Some people may be thinking, “should we move to Eretz Yisroel? The tickets can be up to five thousand dollars these days. Additionally, for many people it’s not so simple as their families don’t agree. When people get mixed feelings they can feel unsettled and go into panic. When one is in panic they end up doing nothing.

Therefore, with Hashem’s help we will try to give some hashkafa and hadracha what to do during the present situation. We will also try to give insight and inspiration how to utilize this amazing Chodesh Nissan leading up into Pesach which will hopefully spent in the Bais Hamikdash eating from the holy Korban Pesach Amein.

As we begin we would like to say that we are not giving any timeline when Moshiach is coming, because we don’t know exactly when. Moreover, it’s not necessarily good for us to know when exactly Moshiach is coming as we see from the story with Yakov (Parshas Vayechee).

However, we will give a Mashal to get an understanding of our current situation. There was once a city that didn’t have rain for a few months and water became very scarce. People became very desperate. One day they decided that they need to proclaim a fast day with fervent Tefillos.

The next day they came together and they fasted and cried out to their merciful Father beseeching Him for water. At that time there was not a cloud in the sky, and it seemed that rain was not in the near future forecast.

When it came Mincha time as the tefillos were going strong, all of the sudden out of the blue a strong wind came and clouds started appearing. As time moved on more and more clouds kept coming, then they heard the sound of thunder from far away.

The people in the shul were ecstatic. It looks like their Tefillos were answered and they were ready to start dancing. However, others argued that it still hadn’t started raining yet. The Rav got up and said the following. Yes we should continue davening to Hashem, since the rain hasn’t arrived yet, but the tefillos should be with hearts full of joy and appreciation.

The Nimshal is that we went through World war 1 and World war 2 and we thought that Moshiach was imminent. However, the Chafetz Chaim already foretold otherwise. He told Rav Elchanan that there will be a third war in the future. It is said from Rav Elchanan that the Chafetz Chaim also mentioned seventy years.

We don’t know exactly when the seventy years started or ended, but we do know that recently we had two years of dealing with Covid. Followed by a two year war in Ukraine which all countries of the world were and are still involved. There was much turbulence along the way with many Korbanos. We lost many of our greatest Gedolim that we had.

There was the tragedy in Meron, the tragedy at surfside and with the collapse of the bleachers in Stolin. All of this is clearly chevlei Moshiach to wake us up from our deep slumber.

Almost six months ago we had the saga on Shmini Atzeres that claimed so many nefashos. On the positive side so many Yidden have returned to their roots due to this incident. Hashem made an astounding amount of open miracles which brought many people back to Yiddishkeit. [We need to review these miracles so we that we do Teshuva as well].

Now as we are standing right before the Chodesh Hageula and we see clearly how Hashem is shaking up the world, with all the current events that are happening right now in front of our very eyes. So what should be our attitude these days? Should we panic r”l? Absolutely not.

So firstly, like in the Mashal as long as Moshiach is not here we need to storm Shomayim with our Tefillos. The Sakana has not passed yet. The threat of Iran shooting missiles at Eretz Yisroel is still looming in front of us. The threat of all the umos going against Eretz Yisroel isn’t either ruled out r”l. The threat of our Bnei Torah getting drafted into the army is still great. The nuclear threat to the world is also on code red r”l.

Therefore, we should constantly be davening these days for Malchus Shomayim, Malchus Bais Dovid and for the return of the Bais Hamikdash. This is known as the three bakashos [which we will have a pdf for you to print out. You can print for your families and friends as well]. We do this is Shmonei Esrei and Birchas Hamazon, and it’s recommended by Gedolim to say this with a Tzibbur as well.

However, at the same time there should be a deep simcha and excitement as we see the events of the world unfolding. We should build up our Emuna and Bitachon that Hashem will watch over us, as we internalize the concepts of “ein od milvado” and “yeshuas Hashem k’heref ayin”.

We can compare this to a woman that is giving birth [the Gr”a and others actually do compare Moshiach to a childbirth]. On one hand there is the pain of childbirth and the danger that exists as well, but at the same time there is an anticipation that hopefully everything will be okay and she will be zoche to bring a precious child to this world.

Secondly, we need to make Moshiach real to ourselves and then give it over to our children. There are different ways how to do this and we will give a few examples.

1. Hilchos Korban Pesach – If you truly believe that there is a great chance that we will truly be spending this Pesach in Bais Hamikdash then you want to learn the Halachos. Furthermore, when you are learning the halachos you are showing that you are waiting for it. [There are seforim in the stores and there is a hotline that has great shiurim on the Korban Pesach – 848-777-GROW]

2. Mesiras Nefesh – We need to realize with utmost clarity that Mesiras Nefesh is one thing that we will not be able to have once Moshiach comes. As the Rambam elaborates that during the era of Moshiach Klal Yisroel will have a tremendous amount of peace and Menucha. Life will be blissful as we know it. Therefore, at this time nisyonos are the true diamonds that we need to acquire.

Many people have nisyonos that they feel that they cannot handle. Whether it’s family related, technology, tzniyus or other. Some people have Nisyonos that may feel like they are justified to their decisions not to put up a fight in this area. Although deep down they know the truth, but they don’t want to relinquish their comfort. There can be other reasons as well.

What these people are lacking is mesiras nefesh. Mesiras nefesh mainly comes from a burning love that we have for Hashem. Therefore, we need to show Hashem that yes we do love Him and we are willing to be moser nefesh for him.

However, especially now when the Yetzer hara is coming to the conclusion of his mission he is pretty powerful. This is the nature of things. There is a burst of energy at the end.

However, we need to realize that we also seem to be at the end of this phase of Galus, when mesiras nefesh will not be available. Therefore we need to fight with all our might as well. We need to learn from our Yetzer hara, as Dovid Hamelech said “meioyvai tichakmeini”.

Furthermore the Nesivos Shalom on Parshas Hachodesh explains how this month is the pinnacle of hischadshus. He explains that the reason why we are compared to the moon, because we are always changing. Every day we become new like the moon. Then there is Rosh Chodesh when the moon comes back all the way to the beginning. This is the concept of Rosh Chodesh to us.

However, the month of Nissan is when it all began. This is the month that Klal Yisroel was created. Therefore, this month we have tremendous energy to make new beginnings. It’s as if we are being born again. At this time as a nation we can become new once again with Moshiach. So we ask Hashem “chadeish yameinu kikedem”.

However, before we go back to the Geula on a national level, on a practical level we would like to give some practical advice on your [hopefully] final war with the Yetzer hara. Remember, whatever you resolve to do you will carry it out with mesiras nefesh.

Let’s say your nisayon is that you have a smartphone with you [even with a filter] and you are addicted. You feel that this device is pulling you down. So if you need it for work then keep it in the work place, and use a flip phone at home. If that’s still too hard at least leave it in your car. If that’s still too hard then do it for this month, Chodesh Nissan.

If Chas v’shalom Moshiach hasn’t arrived by the end of chodesh Nissan [which should be a huge chiddush to all of us] then we will take it from there. This will surely bring a Nachas ruach to Hashem.

It’s the same with regards to Shaitels, and any other thing that might me severing our relationship with Hashem r”l.

3. Nachas ruach LaBorei. These days we should walk around with the thoughts of “how can I bring to Hashem a nachas ruach.” When one starts thinking like this, he will start yearning for the geula for many reasons.

One reason is that if he wants to bring Hashem a nachas ruach, he surely would not want Hashem to have tzar. When Klal Yisroel is in Galus Hashem has tzar as it says in the passuk “uvichol tzarasam lo tzar”.

Another reason is, because when Moshiach will come we will be once again reunited in Hashem’s House, the Bais Hamikdash. That is all His children together. This will bring Hashem a tremendous nachas ruach as well.

Another reason is because Hashem wants His name to be great in the entire world, and this will only happen when the Yetzer hara is out of the way. This will bring the world to its perfection. This is what we are saying when we say “Yisgadal veyiskadash etc.”

4. Kabbalos – Before we start we need to clarify that there are some misunderstandings regarding Moshiach. Some people may have the attitude that okay I hear the footsteps of Moshiach, so let it come when it comes. They may even talk about Moshiach but it stops right there.

This is a grave error for many reasons. The point of the simanim of Moshiach is not to make life interesting to give us a piece of news chalila. Rather it’s there for us to do teshuva, which we should be doing whenever we remember.

Furthermore, it’s up to us how quickly Moshiach can come and on what level we will be zoche to the days of Moshiach, so we need to take action. However, Rabbeinu Yona in few places tells us the secret of Kabbalos. He says that if a person makes a resolution to abstain from an aveira or to do a Mitzva, he gets rewarded as if he actually did it. It’s as good as done.

Therefore, at a time like this when we hear the footsteps of Moshiach and we feel like the ship is leaving, we need to accumulate as many diamonds a we can. How can we do accomplish so much in such a short time? Rabbeinu Yona gives us the solution. Make Kabbalos to do good things. Make kabbalos to eradicate negative traits.

5. Talk about it and make amends– Talk about it to your friends and family. Discuss how we can make it happen. People should be mochel each other. Especially family and friends. Eradicate all hatred and bring love into our midst.

Story: We will conclude with a story that Rav Chaim Shmulevitz was told by a Holocaust survivor. Rav Chaim would cry when he told over the story.

The man recounted that when he was in concentration camps and he felt like giving up it was the moon that gave him the strength and will to live. He would look at the sky each night and watch how the moon would grow dimmer and dimmer until it seemed to disappear. However, the next night it would come back once again and shine brightly.

The man thought to himself that we know that Klal Yisroel is compared to the moon and therefore there is hope for tomorrow. We will be back and stronger than ever.

The truth is that this exactly what happened though history and this is what happened after the holocaust. Yiddishkeit is once again vibrant as Torah and Tefilla is reverberating throughout the walls of Batei midrashim.

However, we know that despite all the beauty of all that we cannot fool ourselves. There are plenty of problems within and outside the walls of Torah and Tefilla. Moreover, the Torah that we have is nothing compared to the Torah we will acquire with the geula.

So when the whole world will stand in silence watching the great eclipse, we should not be silent. We should get together outside together with love for one another and cry out to Hashem what we say in Kiddush levana, shetischadesh l’amusei beten etc. Just like the moon became new “chadeish yameinu k’kedem” and we want to eat from the Korban Pesach this year with Tahara Amein.

בקשת הגאולה


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