Child tax credits are showing up in accounts this morning. Did you get yours?

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  1. Are people really happy about this? Does anyone know any history or what communism looks like? Anyone wondering how this is going to hey paid for?

    • Do you know any history? The government giving tax credits to families is not communism.
      Why is it ok for the government to give corporations tax credits but not ok for them to give it to families?

      • Tax credits should not be given to people that don’t pay taxes in the first place. Theres not reason some families should be getting $10K + refunds when filing taxes when they net ppaid anything in the first place. (Plus, HUD, HEAP, SNAP, Stimulus and the list goes on and on and on…)

        Who in that position would ever go out and work hard to build something? Sure resembles communism to me…

        Why not make all these handouts reliant on actually holding a job???

        With millions of available jobs and almost every company looking to hire, no… lets just throw money at people.

        We saw how well it goes then you just up corp taxes, they’ll just leave the country and that does no good for anyone.

  2. I am happy for everyone that is getting the money, but nothing is free.

    Did anyone notice how much everything went up in price?

    Of course you did!!

    Do you know why??

    Because the government is giving out so much money, so the dollar is worth less, so everything that the manufacturer’s are buying, they have to pay more for it, AND THEN WHO ENDS UP PAYING, YOU DO!!!

    So basically, you are getting a little bit extra now, and end up paying for it at the store.

    This is called inflation!!!

    • The inflation you see is more about supply chain interruptions right now. The CPI inflation is because the prices are being compared to the number of a year ago which were deflated because of covid.

  3. any idea why we didn’t get the full expected amount? missing $100 when calculated according to the children on my last tax return. Many friends have same.

  4. A point about inflation: not only will it take a really long time for your earnings to rise with the inflation rate if it ever will (earnings were actually down 2.4-2.7% in June!), any money for which you actually worked for and put away for future use is worth 5.4% less. You worked hard and put 100k in savings? Well as of June alone, and the trend isn’t looking good going forward, it’s worth only 94.6k of last year’s money. Thanks, Biden. Also, whatever your income was this past year? Deduct 5.4%. Effectively, everyone has less and is earning less, and these payments are a drop in the bucket for most Americans against recouping these losses even if you have children, especially in the future when these payments end. And surprise! Many Americans don’t have children. People need to realize these basic economic realities because the media won’t explain it to them and they’ll keep electing these foolish candypersons.

  5. To BG – the government already gives far more tax credits by percentage of income/revenue to individuals than they do for corporations. But even that wasn’t the case, the two are categorically different. Offering tax brakes to corporations is about giving incentives for further growth and investment, which will almost always lead to more tax revenue for the government, and it’s going to those who are already for the most part generating tremendous tax revenue for the government. These incentives are a huge net gain in tax revenue. That is not the same thing as giving free payouts to millions who have zero tax liability, on top of all the government programs and tax credits worth thousands per individual that was already in place.

    And about the claim that it’s about a temporary supply chain issue, even the Biden administration seems to have walked that back yesterday. Nobody believes that prices will come down across all sectors once the supply chain is back to normal. Maybe it will for vehicles and computers and a few other industries, but for most of the inflation we’ve been seeing? nah.

  6. don’t see it in my bank account – are they all supposed to hit today? was the letter we received 2 weeks ago an accurate number of how much to be expected?

  7. It’s incredible how quickly this (democrat) government has turned us dependent on them. First they feed everyone, next the payouts. If that’s not communism, what is??

  8. Is there a way to know if I will have to give some of this back to the IRS when I file taxes? I know the credit is more than it used to be,but doing the math it seems like I am getting waaay more than I usually get on my refund.

  9. It seems they gave all the kids 250 instead of 300 for under 6 which maybe why your amount is wrong. It will be straightened out by taxes.

  10. To refund?
    If your income hasn’t gone up in 2021 then u shouldn’t have to give any back unless your self employed and don’t pay taxes quarterly.

  11. Many many ppl. are self employed in Lakewood and it will be a huge hit when they file taxes and will have to come up with 15% of their year’s income to pay to the SS admin. I’d much rather not get this now and have the 15% lower my refund as it usually does.

  12. to the person above who put in the link to the IRS for stopping payments. It is not an easy process. I tried but first it routes me to a new website where I have to create user name and password, then it had to verify my identity by texting me a code., then I have to verify myself again by uploading a picture of the front and back of my license (or other ID) and I don’t know what else yet since the sight kicks you off after being on for 10 minutes. and you have to wait to get on again.
    And if you file jointly, you have to go through this process for both spouses separately in order for the refund to stop coming.

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