Child Left In Car While Parent Shops

snapshot_from_vid_kid_in_car_while_parent_shopsPHOTO: The attached is a photo snapshot of a video we received today with the following message: “I took this video today in a local shopping plaza. In the video, you can see a small child playing and honking the horn of a car while the parent was out shopping. I don’t know how long it was for and it wasn’t a hot today, but I just think this should be posted as an awareness to parents that this is not something that should be done, especially in the crazy world we live in. Thank you”.

(TLS chose not post the video so as not to disclose the description of the vehicle).

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  1. when this happens child should be taken away. I don’t care if it’s for a minute, anything could have happened. People really need to use their brains and common sense. Had this been hot weather child could have died.

  2. While comendable that you decided to post this picture, real courage, and to really make a dif, you should have stayed around until the parent came back and berated them in public. There is nothing like some little public humiliation to set a person straight!!!!

  3. #1 wow you write, what if this was a hot day, that’s the whole point it wasn’t (not saying it was wise to keep the kid in the car) but for what if is off the make. What if it was a flying plane all by itself going north!

  4. Don’t these parents read!!! How many time do we have to hear about this problem, if it was me I would have called the police imediately.
    The parents of this child are showing total neglect and putting their child in harms way ,they not only showing total lack of judgement in their child rearing abilities ,they in my eyes have committed a “crime’ of child endangerment which is an offense that a judge would decide whether they deserve to have the child removed from that environment

  5. the very fact that tese parents purposley left this kid alone in a car is reason enough to assume that these parents are doing other terrible things at home where no one can see

  6. Everyday when I pick up my son from school, I take my baby inside with me. It’s a bit of a pain to take her out of her car seat and put her back in each time, but all those little pains don’t add up to the one big terrible pain I’d suffer if anything would god forbid happen to her while I was in the school building (for just a minute).

  7. Did you go over gently to inquire how old the child was, or see who else was with him? Perhaps there was an older sibling or adult in the back.? Maybe it was a twelve year old with a cell phone and he was having a good time going “vroom,vroom” while he waited for his parent? Being proactive to avoid a situation of Sakana would prove that you are genuinely concerned. Taking a video suggests voyeurism for its own sake.

  8. this has nothing to do with hot or cold. a child was abandoned, left alone in public. A predator could have broken into the car and taken the child. If the car was left running, the child could have put it in gear. There are so many things that could have gone wrong, so many tragedies that could have been. If the parents are reading this article, I hope you realize how dangerous and reckless this was.

  9. Why didn’t anyone call the police!? Or go into the stores and alert the staff to find the parent at the very least! So many things could have happened and (hopefully) nothing did. Even if the child was 8 or 9 it’s still dangerous. I cannot imagine what possible reason a parent would have to do this.

  10. Chayder rebbe
    And the fact that you are on the internet (and you can’t spell ) tells me that you are terrible things on the side as well
    How do you like that for your twisted logic. You want to criticize fine but don’t make up stupidity

  11. Calling the cops would really have solved this problem. What kinda moron would suggest that. Haven’t we seen enough abuse of authority who have a point to make. There are generally 2 types of ppl out there, those who would leave a child in the car and those who wouldn’t . That said, even those who wouldn’t have parameters as to when they would and wouldn’t. Some may leave a child in the car if it was in their driveway (if they forgot to lock the house door) and some wouldn’t even. In that scenario. To suggest that someone who does this is probably doing worse this at home is also plain stupid. Fact remains the only productive thing would have been to verify the parents were negligent and say something to them directly. Personally I would tell you were to go…..

  12. to moishe zichmich says
    the parents are the morons here to leave their child in the car !!!
    Call the police when you see this child negligance !!

  13. tomoishe zichmich says
    To say calling the police ,would cause abuse of authority is beyond an insult to the LPD ,obviously you have a problem with the LPD & authority. I have a BIG problem with negligant parents who put their children in harms way and think thats OK

  14. #24- couldn’t have said it better myself! Shame on these parents. As far as leaving a child in your car in your own driveway, that’s understandable. But to leave them alone in a public place where you can’t see or hear them is entirely different. It’s negligent!!

  15. you should have called the police – i saw this is week by the cleaners and someone told the parent that if they dont go back to the car and get the kid they would call the police.

  16. last week (cool weather but it makes no diff)

    i saw a child in the shotgun seat of a parked car

    i politely walked into a store and said

    somone left a kid in the car

    the father very poltely walked me to the car and showed me that there was the mother and another child inthe back seat

    so i am glad you poste

    i am glad in my case i didnt over react


  17. It does not matter the race or the religon of the parent what matters is this small child was left alone in a car and the parent should be investigated by dyfs for child endangerment and neglect! I am a mother of 5 children and would never not even for 1 minute leave my child alone!

  18. how often when trajedy strikes do we hear ” I was only gone for a minute” how many time do we need to see thing on the evening news when trajedy happens
    the same thing happen time after time and hear the same excuses ???

  19. I have to ask this question ,because its against all logic ,why is there anyone posting anything in defense of what is an undefensable act on the part of this parent?? no one is talking about anissue where there is a parent in the car ,so stop making things up NO CHILD SHOULD BE LEFT ALONE IN A CAR in a public place or even in your own driveway

  20. All you fools who fall for the anti-parents liberal media. There is nothing unsafe for a child to stay in the car in the fall. The chance of someone breaking and kidnapping him is about 1 in a million. There is much higher risk of the kid being hit by a car when being taken out, or mollested in the store. So calm down.

  21. to Anonymous says: #31
    I sur hope you are not a parent , this is child neglect leaving your child in the car, as for being a fool thats anyone who leaves the child alone in a car. I would not hesitate to call the police and then you will see who the fool is.

  22. Exactly whats wrong with leaving a child in a car? Obviously the parent does not agree with your opinion. After all- yours all are opinions right? So you’ll do what you think is right for your child, and that parent will do what they think is right for their child. Nu. Who is right?
    It’s none of my business! Nor yours.

  23. to help me with this one. says:
    Its everyone businesss when you see child negect ,its not a matter of oppinion when you see a situation where a child is put at risk , its your obligation to act and believe me I would not hesitate to call the authorities

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