Child Attacked By Pitbull In Brookhill – Police Shoot At Dog But Miss

A child was attacked on Shabbos by a Pitbull and required stitches, TLS has learned. Sgt. Maureen McGilloway tells TLS the owner of the dog was walking the dog in the area of the Brook Road Sports Complex when it got loose from its owner. The dog ran into Brookhill and bit an 8 year old girl in the face.

Hatzolah was called and transported the child to an area Hospital in stable condition.

McGilloway confirmed to TLS that Police arrived and attempted to shoot and kill the loose dog, but were unsuccessful.

The dog’s owner then managed to retrieve the dog at about 10:30 PM, McGilloway said.

The Township’s Animal Control will be taking appropriate actions McGilloway said. TLS-CCP.

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  1. I’m waiting for the liberals to ban all animals because they are a menace to society, like guns. Oh wait, liberals don’t care about society. They only want to take your guns away so that you cannot rebel when they institute their communist dictatorship. Silly me.

  2. What an experience for an eight-year-old girl to go through (or anyone, for that matter).
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, for her face and her psyche.

  3. Why are pitbulls allowed outside a zoo?..I hope they sue the owner for being incapable or irresponsible for keeping this wild pit chaya bull dog under leash.poor sweet child to get a shock like this..

  4. So are you calling the Gemara (Talmud) “liberal” now? Someone more learned than me can quote what/where the Gemara says about one who keeps a “kelev ra” (a bad dog) in his house. These dogs are a menace. There are a number in Chestnut that are very frightening. Just like there are laws against having certain wild animals in residential areas (such as alligators, snakes, wild cats etc) it is not unreasonable to regulate pit bulls in residential areas.
    Signed, a fiscal and moral conservative.

  5. Put it down.
    Pitbulls don’t deserve another chance to disfigure, maim, or mutilate another child.
    To all “dog lovers” out there,who say its inhumane, humane starts with humans!

  6. thier is no reason for a law abiding citizen to own a pitbull , when i see them walk i look at the owner and dont think they have a library card 🙂

  7. They just had an incident at the Toms River Animal Shelter where a pit bull broke loose and attacked and killed another dog. The Shelter put down the offender plus 5 other pit bulls they had. They said the dogs were OK with people but aggressive with other animals. The dog lovers are screaming. It that dog attacked a child it may’ve killed the child instead of another dog. This incident plus the history of pit bulls which are bred as fighters, screams for banning the breed.

  8. There are more people hurt in Lakewood by bad drivers than by pit bulls. These people are a menance. They disfigure, maim, mutilate and kill other people. They are normally OK with people but get aggressive when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Their accident history screams for banning them from driving.

  9. Pitbulls are not the problem here..its people. Not all dogs are killers. If u can’t raise a dog right then you shouldn’t have one….I’m sick of hearing negative stuff about pitbulls..I have one and he his the most loveable dog on earth. It all depends on how u raise them…just like a child..if u neglect will act out.

  10. Sorry Yid, you seem like a good person, but your comments are a little bit silly. How in the world do you relate a political view with a dog bite is the silly part.

  11. That’s really logical.
    Equating flesh tearing monsters chomping down on an 8 year old to some careless driver talking on a cellphone.
    I guess since people drive carelessly, let’s let loose some rabid pitbulls into a nursery school playground.
    Now that’s justice.

  12. We should make all bad drivers sit in cars with pit bulls… That’ll show em. Then make the pitbulls cross the street while a bunch of bad drivers drive down it…

  13. not all dogs are bad. i think alot of these dogs are not cared for and loved by their owners and makes them mean. i know that when i walk my dog and see another dog walking my way that looks mean i pick my dog up and walk the other way. like i said not all dogs are bad

  14. One cannot blame the animal who attacked. It is the sole responsibility of the dogs owners to breed, raise, and train their dog. Now a dog that runs away from a park is scared and the innocent child was unfortunately a poor victim. Hope the child makes a full recovery. But the dog’s owner is the real culprit here. NOT all pit bulls are bad dogs, like not all people are bad.

  15. “The total ban on pit bulls is not ‘arbitrary’ or ‘grossly disproportionate’ in light of the evidence that pit bulls have a tendency to be unpredictable and that even apparently docile pit bulls may attack without warning or provocation,” the ruling said.

    Canadians have some sense.

  16. I grew up in a house with dogs. NEVER would it have occured to me to chose a pit bull and when I see them on the street being walked, I stay as far away as possible. They are repulsive and aggressive and should not be allowed outside in public around other people. The typical pet owner is not able to control them. This incident is the third pit bull attack that I have heard of in the past few weeks in Lakewood. Innocent yiddishe kinderlach are getting hurt because these insane animals are allowed to roam around. They are not predictable and will attack humans at random. We need to help these families who have been victimized by these “pets” to enact proper legislation so that they can safely play outside in their own neighborhood. The fact that anyone on this forum would defend owning a pit bull is absolutely sickening. If a person wants to own such a thing, it should be illegal to take it for walks outside. Let the owner live somewhere with a yard and a nice fence. Let it watch TV if its bored. Let it bite the owners kids. The victims of these “pets” should have a big refulah shleimah and know that it is not acceptable that a dogs rights are more important than theirs.

  17. Mrs candy cane,

    You are so right when you say that you cannot understand how I relate a dog bite with a political view. I ask you liberals the same question: why is it that every time a gun is used to shoot someone, you use the opportunity to try to ban guns (our constitutional right to bear arms)

    I was pointing out the hypocrisy of liberals. Every time a criminal uses a gun to shoot someone, they use the opportunity to try to take away the guns from the rest of us law-abiding citizens. But when an animal attacks a person, you never hear the liberals try to take away our animals.


    Or is is because they really don’t care about the person getting bitten or shot. They simply want our guns so that we are unarmed when they finally push a communist dictatorship upon us. And they use every opportunity to try to take away our guns.

    Which is it, Ms Candy Cane?

  18. every pitbull owner in the world without exception says my pitbull would never attack a humun being that is untill it does like we hear everyday in the news

  19. Anyone posting on this forum that doesn’t own or never has owned a pitbull or any another deemed “aggressive” dog has no right to comment as you have no experience to what you’re commenting about. Raise one from a tiny pup, watch him guard your house and your family and have him protect and play with your children from infancy then comment on how “repulsive”, “unpredictable” and “sickening” they are..

  20. I can’t even read these absolutely ignorant comments. Not only am I a law abiding citizen, but I enforce laws and own 2 pitbulls and have fostered several others. Its the ignorance like this that cause problems. Educate your self about the breed before you bash them!!! Buster brown dog is a Pitbull, Petey from Little Rascals was a Pitbull, the RCA dog is one too…. I won’t even go one because I know ignorance is a disease that too many people on here have! I hope you all get well soon

  21. brookhill resident:

    i saw the unsuccessful shooting by the police. it was in close range and the police missed. it occurred in back of bais midrash sfard

    regarding banning pit balls. how about TLS writes/links an article that provides some stats!!!!

  22. Like I commented before and I will comment again. PIT BULLS ARE DANGEROUS. Show me one incidence of this type of attack done by a poodle. Seriously, don’t call another person ignorant when there have been 3 incidences in a 3 week period of otherwise “docile” pit bulls MAIMING childrens arms and faces. Its disrespectful to those who have been and continue to be victimized.

  23. I’ve got 2, pitbull’s and hasn’t ever had any trouble out of them and they’ve been great pet’s and any big dog can be aggressive and think what a great dane can do to some one??and it’s the stupid owner’s that you got and trains these pitbull’s and then the pitbull get’s punished for the owners mistakes unless the pitbull just out rite turns on some one for no reason at all and then yes the pitbull should be destroyed……… the idoit owner should be punished

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