UPDATED: Chavrei Hakollel: Repairs To Cost Approximately $250,000 – Parlor Meeting To Be Held Tomorrow

chavrei hakollel closed after incident tlsTLS has learned that the repairs for the new Chavrei Hakollel building will cost approximately $250,000. The building, located on Somerset Avenue, suffered severe structural damage during the Hachnosas Sefer Torah at the end of October, causing the floor to cave in. The building was evacuated and has not been used since.

The Dean of Cahvrei Hakollel, Simcha Greenwald tells TLS that tomorrow evening, a parlor meeting will be held to try and cover the huge expense.

The meeting will be held at the Yeshivah Ketana Hall on 2nd Street, beginning at 9:30 p.m., and Maariv at 10:00 p.m.

UPDATE: Simcha Greenwald tells TLS that tomorrow’s agenda will include answering questions anyone may have with the situation.

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  1. No insurance when your architect messes up,and JUSTIFIABLY so. He designed plans for a “study hall” and it conformed with those requirements.Seems noone told him that our study halls have 100’s of people dancing in it several times a year unlike, say a study hall in Rutgers.

  2. I am a bit puzzled. Every licensed contractor is insured. Why would there be a need for another collection of funds? Something is a little off.
    I hope no one is taking advantage of the structure collapse.

  3. Simcha, binu, chai, mosey! Keep up the great work! Klal yisroels future generations will be forever indebted to the warmth of yiddishkeit that you shine into so many hearts

  4. dont you get it? there was NO insurance, therefore, all repairs will be out of pocket and they are once again coming to the oilam. how about we put out foot down and say NO, enough is enough, you were reckless for not having the proper insurance, so we are not going to fund a second building.

  5. R simcha please clarify. These are good questions. One thing I do know is that once there was a collapse that top proffessional engineers had to go through the building inch by inch and decide if the rest of the structure was built properely. There were many problems that now have to be fixed. they could do the same to any building in town but obviously there generally is no need. Unfortunately this building had a mishap and now they are in the hands of these engineers. the costs to fix everything at 250k probably makes sense. the insurance question is a good one and I am sure R simcha could answer that. I would assume insurance doesnt pay for negligence and in that case there would have to be a lawsuit against frum yidden and bigger people have to paskan that shaalah.

  6. chaveri hakollel is wonderful place. and most organizations try to use such disaster as fund raisers . but this one is to fishy. im not buying and they lost credibility points with me and others who i have spoken to.

    they should have tried for something like 50000 -10000 a number that people feel is realisitic.

    also you can sue the builder , contraterer, installers , architect , manufactures of the equipment and building supplies and i am 100% sure they will get together and settle on an amount that will be enough to replace the floor. i know it may be unfortable , but its tzedakah money and who gave you a right to hire your friends if they are not going to stand behind thier work ?

  7. Let’s not forget otheres who Make Chavrei the great place it is,

    R’ Holland, Yeshei Ghoori, Meir Pfeffer and I’m sure there are others

  8. I think these guys do a tremendous job, and the Ribono shel oilam sent this to give us an opportunity to show him that we love and support ALL of his children, as we know HE does.
    I will be donating, and big props to Rabbis Simcha, Chai, Yishai etc…

  9. Why this deafening silence from the chavrei hakollel? People are being asked to donate and they have legitimate claims. We want to hear the story and nothing but the truth. If we decide that it warrants a collection then so be it.

  10. B”H we have talent like Yeshi, Chai, Binu, Zevy working w/ these kids to save future doros of Klal Yisroel. Rabbosai – we have to give, give, give until it hurts. Then give a little more. Then, and only then, can u ask all ur questions. Give first, ask questions later.

  11. when you big talkers drop off your checks r’ simcha will be more than happy to explain whatever you want! im sure you hockers have never given a cent to the kollel or many other worth causes, you just enjopy hock.

  12. Chavrei Supporter. If you really are one, call whoever your favorite person is at the kollel and ask your questions instead of using the cloak of anonymity to shoot your mouth from.

  13. I have one thing to say to All you people who are bashing the kollel, shame on you, what agreat place right now at 1:30 in the morning there is a rebbi of the kollel up helping a bochur, with a problem maybe if you had a child who needs their services you wouldn’t talk so quick, and to knock all these chashuva binai torah who are moser nefesh with out making to much money berabim. Ain lo chalek leolam habah, I don’t care if you go to eretz yesroel ten times a year and get in to all the gedolim, your a big zero in book.

  14. i actually heard that the cost of this mess is closer to a milion dollars. however they decided that if they tell people that there was this much damage bno one will donate. everyone would yell its pure negligence. so the decided on a number they hink people would buy into. i think we need some clarification from the architect, engineer and builder.

  15. we already shelled out $$$ for a building!!! WHERE IS THE INSURENCE?!?! THE BUILDER DIDNT RELIZE THERE IS SUCH A THING CALLED SIMCHAS TORAH?!?! this is crazzzyyyy. i luv the work they do but $$ i wont give anymore.

  16. love that this is were mt tax money is going and the other 80% going toward the hundred different schools that are in lakewood WHY NOT A FEW LAKEWOOD MS, HS and a JEWISH SCHOOL jeeeez

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