Chaveirim & LPD Begin ‘Never Leave A Child In A Car’ Campaign

chaveirim_posterOver the next day or two, you may notice this poster in one of 200 Shuls around town. As the Summer season goes into full gear and temperatures near the 90 degree mark, Chaveirim and Police once again would like to remind motorists to never leave your child in a vehicle, even for a minute.

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  1. Not sure what these posters are going to help, the ones that take the risk and leave kids in a car for whatever reason are still going to do it. Its not the people that are forgetting they are targeting with this blitz but rather people who intentionally leave kids thinking its ok, thus my point; whats all this blitz going to help?

  2. I got an idea, put flashing red lights around the poster so we don’t forget that we have precious cargo in our cars, just like they want to put them on stop signs to remind people they need to stop @ a stop sign, geez what next, flashing red light around the refridgerator to remind us to eat?

  3. It is not illegal in NJ to leave children in an air coditioned car while doing a quick errand. Can the police chief please advise his officers accordingly. I do not like to feel threatened by an overly protective police officer while going about my business.

  4. to # 11
    it’s people like you that shouldn’t have kids. the idea that you still think it’s alright to leave a child in a car by them self just staggers me!

    i surprise ur able to dress yourself

  5. Please explain the problem. I am a very good and loving parent, I just don’t see why there is a problem in AC for a few min. Are you paranoid about something?

  6. To #11 – Would you leave your wallet or purse in the car while you ran in someplace to do a quick errand? Aren’t your children worth more than your $?

  7. #11 & #15 – The dangers are enormous, and it doesn’t take long at all for a child to do something that could injure or kill him. It’s a shame when parents put their own convenience before the best interests of their children.

  8. to #11
    I’m fairly confident that even with the air conditioning on leaving a child unattended in a car is considered “Endangering the welfare of a minor” which IS ILLEGAL and foolish. First of all the child is unattended and second the car is running, what if someone decides to steal it? The keys are in the ignition they could just drive away once they found a way in and now your child is in the back. The level of intelligence in this town just astounds me.

  9. I assume poster #11 is referring to older children.
    If a 13 year old can babysit at home, why can’t they sit in an air-conditioned car and watch the little ones while mom runs in to do an errand. A pre-teen is old enough to lock the car doors behind mom and unlock them when mom returns. She can also supervise that none of the children touch the ignition.
    This is different than leaving the 9-and-under set, which is definitely dangerous and should be illegal.

  10. #11
    it is very obvious you do not think that its a poblem ,that in itself is a problem! would you leave anything of value in your car unattended? I would not , never mind my child ! very foolish way to think children are not replaceable objects

  11. For a town like lakewood, that is supposed to be full of torah – and I assume therefore learned people, I am amazed by the number of (moderated) therein. I must assume that those on this site are the (moderated), while the rest remain in yeshiva and avoid the internet.
    Such a campaign will get people to check one more time when they park to make sure that there is no child left behind, and will save lives. Unfortunately people have left kids behind, some with serious consequences. If you feel the campaign is of no use to you, then ignore it. Similar to the ads that encourage kids to avoid drugs.

  12. To #11 & #20 – you have to ask yourselves – is it worth the risk? If you look on the internet you’ll find horrible stories of the dangers of leaving kids unattended in cars. Car thefts that turn into kidnappings, kids getting caught in the power windows, kids putting cars in gear. And to #19, it’s sad, but it’s true that we do need to educate parents about these dangers. Everyon thinks it can’t happen to them, but why would you take that chance with your most precious cargo?

  13. This is an excellent and necessary campaing – but why limit it to Shuls. Many of the tragic stories in years past happened at shopping centers and malls. (may Hashem protect us)

  14. I leave my kids unattended all the time on my front lawn, so does the rest of lakewood. Why are you not afraid of a kidnapping? why is a locked car worse? ?

  15. #22 its hard to know all that you said as some was moderated, but its very clear what you are implying and its also very clear that you are some very bitter person that either never made it to yeshiva or got thrown out (rightly so) either way you are bitter towards the yeshiva world. How sad to live your whole life with such bitterness against the most important of all. Advice; get help before its too late.

  16. We’ve had a few tragedies where children died when left in hot cars. The parents said they forgot that the children were there. However, leaving a child in a car with or without the engine running is very dangerous. If it’s done intentionally, it’s worse than the accidental leaving of a child in the car. Would you leave your child in a stroller in front of a supermarket while you shopped? Same difference only more dangerous to leave them in a car. If the posters make a few parents heed them, it’s worth it.

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