Chaveirim Begins ‘Never Leave Your Child In The Car’ Campaign; TLS Negotiates Lower Price On Livesaving Device

child left in car campaign(VIDEO) All too often, Chaveirim receives a frantic call in the midst of a Summer day “Please hurry, my baby is locked in the car”. There have been too many tragic-and close to tragic such instances over the past few years. Chaveirim would like to remind everyone, never to leave your child in a vehicle alone, even for ‘just a minute’. A vehicle with its windows closed can reach fatal temperatures in minutes. As a service to the community, The Lakewood Scoop has negotiated a special reduced price on the ‘BackseatMinder’ for TLS readers. The ‘BackseatMinder’ is life saving device, which was invented and being sold by CSO Radio of Lakewood.

The device is a technologically advanced product that anticipates real life situations and any time a child is placed in the back seat of a vehicle, the driver will be forced to re-open the rear door. (Watch video for a detailed description of this amazing device). The regular price for this product is $249.00 including installation. However, if you mention TLS you will receive an instant $50 discount, which brings it to $199.00 including installation.

Please note: TLS is not profiting from any sales. This is done solely as a service for the community.

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  1. wow Chaveirim of lakewood is one of the most special organization out there no fan fare and always ready to give a hand. May all you responders be blessed with only good

  2. Common sense tells you not to leave a child in the car. You need a device to tell you you have a child in the car? Since when do we need a device to remind us we have a child that needs care? What are you thinking about if not your child? Bet your phones never get left in the car, but a child? Well, that’s another story.

  3. Really #3? You’ve never left a valuable in the car? I know I have. I haven’t left my kids in the car, B”H but am not arrongant enough to say “It could never happen to me”.’

    Thank you TLS and chaverim

  4. The problem with this system is that eventually, people learn to tune out these kinds of beeps, after all the car beeps for other reasons when the door is open.

    personally, the best system is a device that rests under the car seat cushion that detects the weight of the child. There is a transponder that you keep on your keychain, and if you are more than 10 feet from the car seat, your keychain will emit a loud tone. that is something you cannot ignore!

  5. As a chaverim member i have personally responded to MANY calls where a child was locked in the car. in the boiling hot summer as well as in the freezing cold winter and all in between and unfortunatly quiet a few times we had to call hatzalah.
    So yes it is extremly dangerous and unfortunatlly it does happen way to often.
    So please be carefull, and if it does happen C”V to you then call chaverim RIGHT AWAY in very hot weathers minutes truly count.
    Wishing all of lakewood a enjoyable and healthy summer !

  6. I think chavarim should get light permits for such calls. It can be life threatening at times. Plz every1 should b pushing they’re township commite members maybe when hershel comes mayor chavarim will get they’re long needed permit

  7. To common sense:the other day while I was in shul I noticed someone leaving..he left his wallet behind (that was beneath his tallis zeckel)(he probably took it out to give tzedaka…Anyway,I returned the wallet…and thought to myself..WHO WOULD REALLY LEAVE HIS WALLET AROUND!!!!less than a week later,I couldn’t find my wallet…GUESS WHAT!I left it in shul….so either way let’s just be careful….reminders are always good…..

  8. ur telling me u never leave ur kid in the car and run into the store for 1 second to get a drink, come on 1 second doesnt matter!!!!!!

  9. To #11

    Oh yes there absolutly is something VERY WRONG with even a minute. wants the door locks which many cars have such a thing then one minute unfortunatly turns out to alot more then a minute

  10. #11 There is something very wrong with just a minute. If the police caught you they would take you child away and the whole Lakewood would have to come out and call the police anti-semitic. The only problem with this device is that is targetted to people who FORGOT that they left a child in the car. This could perhaps happen to anybody but not very often. It appears that many people in our community think that their large families and multiple reponsibilites gives them the right to leave their children in the car. I mean do you really expect a father to take his infant out of the car to bring his two year old into playgroup – the anwer is YES YES YES.

  11. I never left a kid in the car. Once, though, the doors locked automatically, somehow, when I slammed my door shut (i know, I know, my husband always gets annoyed when I slam the car doors) with the key still in the ignition, before I took my child out. B”H it was not summer and I was just 2 blocks away from home, so I got someone to watch the car and the kid while I ran home for the spare key. So, you see it can happen to the most careful parents.

  12. A child is not a valuable object or wallet, he/she is a human being, a soul from G-d. We should be more aware of our children than our objects, phones, wallets. I have left my phone in the car, never, never a child or other human being. How can you forget you have a human being, your child, the most precious blessing, gift from G-d?

  13. Please remember that although the danger might be greater in the hot weather, you should NEVER leave your child alone! Aside from being dumb, it is also illegal.

  14. Actually a Child left in a car becomes Pikuach Nefesh and HATZOLAH should be called IMMEDIATELY , if they deem it can wait for a Chavereim guy , then they can call them , otherwise i’m sure they can bust a window open and save alot of time and possibly a life

  15. Do ppl on this site realize that families in this town ( and who might be reading this site) have lost children this way. Be all high and mighty, ie. this would never happen to me, OR, only negligent ppl could leave their kids in the car,…
    pray H-shem never gives you such worries that are so overpowering, you can think if nothing else. May we all stay healthy, and safe.

  16. To Anonymous #21.
    Let’s break it down for you :
    1) you lock your KEYS in the car , call Chavereim
    2) you are loading/unloading your family and someone gets locked in and you realize right away , call Chavereim
    3) A child is left in a car for a period of time where they appear to be sluggish/sleeping or totally not responding PLEASE CALL HATZOLAH right away ! if a small child gets locked in a bathroom and they do not answer you call Hatzolah even on Shabbos !
    The life You save might be someone dear to you …..

    PS I’m sure the times Hatzolah called Chavereim to unlock a car door was not an emergency otherwise they’re quite capable of gaining access themselves. I’ve seen them cut a car apart by an accident , a window is easy .

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