Chanukah – A Time For Celebration And Unity In Lakewood

menorahThis year, give yourself and your family an inspiring and uplifting Chanukah experience. The Achdus Organization of Lakewood is inviting the entire community to the traditional menorah lighting to celebrate the third night of Chanukah, Sunday, December 13 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Lakewood Town Square, Clifton Avenue and Third Street, Lakewood. This joyous family event will feature noted rabbis, welcoming remarks by Lakewood Mayor Robert W. Singer and Deputy Mayor Steven Langert, live music, singing, dancing, and donuts. 

Yaakov Jacobs, the director of the Achdus Organization, says, “The Chanukah Menorah teaches us an important lesson in today’s world—a little amount of light can dispel a lot of darkness. In these trying times in which it seems that the world around us is drifting apart, it will be through our unity that we will all combat the forces of evil and terror.”

Mayor Singer says, “The light of the Chanukah menorah should be a reminder to everyone, here in Lakewood and around that world, to remember that miracles do happen.  Every generation has its challenges, but all of us working together can overcome them.” [Reader submitted].

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  1. who’s the achdus organization? is it that mini Chabad shul or the Breslev shul. either way this is totally not our way. chanukah is clearly not the time for achdus amongst other nations , aderaba we are different and that’s the yesod of chanukah , this is sooooooooooooooooooooo not the way of rav aron and don’t you worry none of bmg rabbonim will be there.

  2. Comment number #2, for starters did anyone in the article specify who the achdus was with? Why is it that we can’t look at things with an ayin tova and undertand that the achdus referred to is achdus amongst am yisroel. Secondly, while I was growing up here the phrase Reb Ahron never ate pizza was the reason the askanim gave when they did not allow a pizza store to open. If you are so into following Reb Ahron what are you doing posting on the internet?

  3. Is There Gonna Be A chabad Parade Also? How About A Lag baomer ParadE, I Love chabad They Are So Real They Are The True Jews Who Will Bring Moshiach.

  4. somehow get the sneaky feeling that proud lakewood resident is sponsor of the event and you are right reb aron would not approve of the pizza store situation, but two wrongs don’t make a right, just seemed from the article an expression of unity amongst the nations

  5. the way to create achdus amongst klal yisrael is not by lighting a menorah in town square near some holiday symbols with the mayor, if you are for real please give us some background as to who you are and who endorses you otherwise noone will take you seriously .

  6. How sad for #2.You should have your Teffilin checked.You should know that Reb Aaron’s great grandson has attended the wonderful WARM minyan at Chabad after being shunned by such warm people like you

  7. Nope I am not a sponsor! I am living in lkwd for over 43 years and all the posts on this site make me wish I was a sponsor.
    Have yourselves a great day!

  8. In Mishnsas R’ Aron it says the purpose of Chanukah is that one small light, the kedusha, can light up a whole world of darkness, tumah. These types of things, which are well meaning, defeat the purpose.

  9. this is not our mesorah why didnt the chachumin think of this ? no where in shulcon aruch does it have any halochos how to light in town square (if i am correct neither does the shulchan oruch HARAV)

    remeber CHODOSH ossur min hatorah

  10. TO TLS :
    Whether you chhose to publish this is obviously up to you .

    There is a serious problem here . I understand your reluctance to publish comments that might be offensive to a particular person . However ,as an ehrliche yid ,I am sure you understand that many of us feel very strongly that there are some issues where a “Mechoa ” is necessary ,at least in a gentle roundabout way . Therefore by publishing articles where you feature things that require at least a token Mechoa and not letting us be Moche ,you are ding us a disservice . It would be better for you not to publish such articles .

  11. I am not referring to that issue . I was vague because I didnt want to offend TLS . There are posts ,vehamevin yovin , that refer to individuals that we may need to do bsiness with on a technical level ,but certainly should not honor in yidishkeit forums for obvious reasons . If being Moche and offending them is a problem ,then it mght be better not to publish the article in the first place .

  12. Just to show you ,the TLS editor just removed a previous comment that was purposely very vague and porobably not understood by most people ,so for sure he would remove any comments that eplained anything .

  13. i am not taking sides on this issue , but it is clear what is going on here. lakewood is a city which is based on certain hashkofoswhether you agree with them or not.while there may be differences in opinion about many things. there are things that clearly run against yeshivisha hashkofa and are deemed important enough to condem. condoming something which is agianst torah hashkofa is not causing sinas chinom , on the contrary it says ” ohavia hashen sinu rah” it is proof that you love hashem .
    can you imagine what would happen if the had a toieva pride march – sponsed by a reform jewish group march down forest ave , and call themselves the “ACHDUS MARCH” or “brotherly love” and proclaim that all those that oppose them are full of sinas chinom.

    i am not taking sides about whos haskofa is right, but it is clear that the yeshiva world considers this unacceptble haskofa to the point that it should be denounced , it makes no difference who is doing it and going into a place that you know does not accept what you are doing and calling yourself ACHDUS , is rhetorical hippocracy.

  14. no one is comparing a pride march to lighting a menorah. it was comparing that those that come into a communily and do thing that they know the locals are vehemntly against for religious reasons. then we they denounced they start screaming where is your achdus. it is the same hippocricy we have been hearing from the reform , conservitive , zionist ect movements for 200 years and lately from the pride marchers and meshichists, that by frum yidden opposition to them bringing their krumkietin and apikorsus into our we communities , that its the frum people who are the cause for sinas chinom . of course you them top it off by calling it the achdus organization.

  15. The Mechoa I wrote about does not deal with the issue of the Achdus event in itself . It just deals with one particular aspect that has NOTHING to do with Chanukah or menorah or Chabad . It is something that most likely all of us will agree probably should not happen ,and it is likely that the sponsor of this event is not even aware of the facts and the issue . I cant say more or the TLS editor will not publish it . Sorry

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