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Over the last few months, we have B’H grown into a tremendous Lakewood news site. As in every business, the bigger you get, the larger the challenges. One of the challenges, is keeping it 100% clean. We acknowledge that we have sometimes posted articles, although they have been with Da’as Torah, have nonetheless been extremely controversial. However, the issue we would like to focus on now, is the comments. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time to screen each and every comment thoroughly and therefore there are those which contain Loshon Hara or derogatory statements about others. That will Iy’h change. From this day on, we will, with Hashem’s help, not be tolerating any comments which contain Loshon Hara or other negative statements about others. If you do notice a comment which is inappropriate, please notify us and we will remove it immediately. We apologize if anyone has been offended in the past. Thank you for understanding. We strive to be the best and with Hashem’s help and yours, we will be.

This content, and any other content on TLS, may not be republished or reproduced without prior permission from TLS. Copying or reproducing our content is both against the law and against Halacha. To inquire about using our content, including videos or photos, email us at [email protected].

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  1. this will be the end od the lakewod scoop ,while mentionong names is lashon hora there is nothing wrong with having a healthy debate and being critical of ones opinion I hope the scoop will have some seichel not to define a passionate opinion as lashon hora.

  2. TLS, what will be your policy towards negative comments about those outside the Lakewood yeshiva community? Will they also be banned, or will there be the same double standard like another one of the "kosher" yeshiva websites?

  3. Very noble. Really.

    But what about the reverse, Constructive, not Destructive, Speech.

    In such cases where it's either MUTTAR, per Chofetz Chaim 8:7 and 8:8, Muchzak Ba'Ir LeRosha or Ba'alei Machlokes, or even OBLIGATORY, stopping a person from victimizing a yochid or a rabbim, per Chofetz Chaim 10:1-17, AND all the required conditions have been met?

    Will TLS continue its exceptional and public service in such cases??

    Hope you don't get so intimidated that you throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    Often, that baby has nowhere else to go.

  4. Please stop throwing around the Chafetz Chaim's being matir those things. Learn through the entire sugya and stop picking out parts that suit you. ALL of it is Lashon Harah. This is not the place to do any talking about anyone. Thanks TLS. Long overdue. You will save lots of people from Gehinnom.

  5. To Anonymous 1:12 AM

    Keep your head conveniently out of the Chofetz Chaim, Rabbeinu Yonah, etc., and deeply buried in the sand. After all you're the only one who knows the sugyos and the facts, not to mention who is or isn't going to gehenom.

    Do you mind telling us who gave you heter horaa?

    Ignorance is bliss, as knee-jerk am aratzus passed-off as frumkeit rides again. Kol HaMerachem al Ha'Achzarim . . .

  6. There are the type of comments that fall into the catagory of למיחש מיבעיא in order to save others from faling, which falls under השבת אבידה

  7. I looked at the Shemiras Halashon's qouted by Anonymous 4:35, plus other relevant Halachos in that sefer, and whoever dreamed up the purported Heter has either a real Krume Kop or some Major ulterior motive that's not allowing him to think straight!

  8. To Anonymous 3:42PM

    Why didn't you look-up Mishnah Brurah, or Ahavas Chesed for that matter?

    What is your problem? Can't read English? Hebrew? Both? or is it your ignorance of the fact that the Chofetz Chaim ZT"L authored 2 separate seforim, (among many); Chofetz Chaim (for which he was named) and Shemiras HaLashon. And if you just don't know, why don't you have the minimal derech eretz to ask someone who does know, as most am aratzim do, before resorting to name-calling?

    The poster you attacked was clearly referring to Sefer Chofetz Chaim, not Shemiras Halashon. Look up the references, then decide who has the Krumme Kop and who is the Am Ha'aretz.

    And, thank you for so swiftly and perfectly reinforcing what that poster said, am aratzus rearing its head as frumkeit.

  9. I'm unaware of anyone in Lakewood who is 'Muchzak' as Rosha.(How do YOU decide someone reached that status?)In fact the CC writes that one on the major false Hetterim people give for speaking LH is deciding their victim is a rosha.As far as speaking loshon horah on Baaley Machlokos, one of the conditions the CC gives is that you have to know that speaking LH will calm down the machlokes (amongst other conditions)Blogging about a machlokes is guarenteed to enlarge it.

  10. 740, first, you missed the ikar point. The masa-matan was connected to the "ALL of it is Lashon Harah" coment by 112. Later comentor showed from CC there are cases where its not. The current issue is nogeiah a victimiser, which even u didnt dispute was muttar. Second, a recent big machloikes in town which went on for years was stopped ONLY after the blog showed what was really behind it by posting the 14 points. So don't tell me "Blogging about a machlokes is guarenteed to enlarge it". Wrong again.

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