Caught On Video: Children Jumping Around School Bus While In Motion

VIDEO taken approximately 45 minutes ago of children jumping around the back of a school bus, while the school bus was in motion.

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  1. No need for monitor- just wear the seatbelts- bus dosent move until everyones sitting otherwise your off the bus. I had a an old WWII Army Vet. for school bus driver and you didnt DARE stand up while in motion other wise you walked to school.. Its that easy -sit down /belt in- that cost no money, just some common sense – IT’S CALLED RESPECT

  2. Maybe the video was taken by the individual occupying the passenger seat of the car.
    It might have been filmed by the front passenger, not the driver.
    I was not at the scene.  I’m Just thinking out loud. 

  3. We need nothing! these are kids and this is how its always been and always will be its a non story, if there’s a problem its with the arrogant aggressive behavior of many bus drivers

  4. sad to inform you that you can take alot of footage of the boys in ******** making a chillul hashem and the parents dont care they would dance around their own bus in middle of the street throw snow balls on their own driver and these are the schools that we cant get our kids into shame on these schools and parents and kids

  5. I see this seen play itself over and over, I wish we had monitors . but this probaby doesn’t belong here, we don’t have to air out our dirty laundry for everyone to see nobodys perfect except H-ashem

  6. I agree with #2. Back in the stone ages, when I rode a bus to school, we had a bus driver whose standard greeting was SIT DOWN and SHADDUP! And we did as we were told. One spring day, apparently we were a bit rowdy and he pulled over and threw us off the bus. We had to walk home, over a mile! The older kids took charge of the younger ones, precell phone days, no moms to call and come and rescue us. AND (this is the best part) when we got home and whined and complained, our parents told us TOO BAD. They took the side of the bus driver. We never did that again!!! Was this bad for our self-esteem? Did this hurt our tender psyches? I don’t think so, cuz we never did it again!

  7. My sons driver called me over one day to tell me my daughter was “jumping around too much” I thanked him for telling me and went inside and explained to my daughter about safety and chilul hashem promised her some reward for behaving on the bus. I checked back with the driver a few days later and made sure she had started behaving. Now if all 45 other parents would care enough to take responsibility for our childrens safety there wouldn’t be any more “jumping around” on the bus. But as it stands now there are 45 kids jumping and my little maidalah sitting like a neb in her seat to make her tatty happy!


    lets be clear IF THE SCHOOLS would enforce and suspend any student for acting out on the buses we would not have this problem.

    Recently we have had situations were the kids are taking up seats and not allowing other kids to sit. We have even had fights on the bus.

    The resolution we received were a suggestion for our kids not to take the bus if they cannt find a seat or they are getting beaten up. The problem makers can stay on the bus and act reckless.

  9. Well thank god the police didnt see this happen. If they were to pull the bus over and say something to the kids. I am sure he would be fired by today. For the parents would have said he had no right to pull the bus over doesnt he anything better to do. Parents smarten up yes it could be your little angle that is acting up.

  10. Um… Alot of parents don’t bother to put their kids in seatbelts in their own cars and vans, where the kids roam all over too. It’s much more dangerous than in a bus. Anybody….?

  11. Kids have been jumping around on buses for ages, this is not news in the least bit. until schools have monitors on every bus, this will never change. the bus driver does not have the ability, or the training to discipline and control 40 rowdy yeshivah boys. On the positive side, school buses happen to be one of the safest vehicles on the road, due to their rigid steel structure, and the compartmentalization of the high seat backs. none the less, something must be done about this

  12. face the fact kids will not put on the seat belts, and it is very hard to have all the kids sitting the way they should, for a while i did what most other drivers would do ‘yell’ but that does not help. Most drivers dont know that if you ask the kids nicely to sit it might help more than yelling. thats how i get them to sit and again some times kids still will not listen, for that we need the parents to spend some time and explain the danger of standing in a bus while driving IN LAKEWOOD, and ofcorse most important- daven to hashem that your kids should get to and from school safly “bigashmy and ruchny”

  13. they got to tech the drivers hoe to drive i almost hit the bus this morn with all the kids jumping around as it went through the stop sign….STOP MEANS STOP..

  14. Ven I vas yung deer vas no seetbelts on busses but vee stayed in our seats anyvays. Vat happend to a bissle mentchlichkeit? Oy vay…day don’t make them like they used too. Vus ken mir tun.

  15. You know how you get them to sit?? BREAK CHECK!!!! That will get their attention..if they don’t they will find themselves on the floor of the bus then they look foolish to the rest of the kids sitting down and minding their own business

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