Caught On Camera: Driver Passes School Bus With Safety Indicators Displayed

car passing school bus sunsetVIDEO: Yet another dangerous driver caught on camera. In thistors video – submitted by a reader – a vehicle can be seen passing a school bus with flashers and its stop sign, well after the safety indicators are displayed. Shortly after the motorist passes, children who had just descended the bus can be see crossing the road. “It shows how close a tragedy nearly took place because a driver either wasn’t paying attention or was in too much of a hurry to follow the driving laws, and most importantly, the safety of our children”, the reader sho shot the video with a dash-cam tells TLS.

The incident ocurred on Sunset Road.

This video and other similar ‘Caught on Camera’ videos were posted on TLS for all to see, as an awareness to exercise more caution on the roads, and perhaps encourage more courteous driving habits. Video credits: hobblitt20

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  1. You just can’t see it in the video. The red lights flash whenever the stop sign pops out on the side of the bus, which it had.

    Of all times of year, the beginning of the school year is when I’m most mindful of school buses and children on the road/crossing the street. Not that we shouldn’t be all the time, but this is when I’m most aware of them. Some people don’t think.

  2. Relax!!!!!!! There is almost no way for the driver to have seen the lights flashing!!! This is not a case of a careless driver if anything its a careless bus driver!!!!!

  3. why is the bus driver aloud to stop at an intersection like that anyway? that seems way more dangerous with kids running in who knows what direction!

  4. although I agree the bus driver should have completed the turn, if the guy behind saw the lights & passes then the 1st guy could have also. The question is were the lights flashing yet. It took a long time before the kids crossed.

  5. these buses they think they own the roads. u should c the way they drive. we should ban them the roads r too congested. our taxes would go down big time

  6. as a bus driver in jackson and lkwd for over 15 years, i can tell you that when the stop sign is open, as it is in this video, the flashes are on. whether the door is open or not. i can also tell you that the driver who passed should 100% have been able to see the lights, in fact you see he slowed down as if he was debating whether to stop or not. I have a feeling the bus driver saw that and saved the girls lives by telling them to wait. once he saw the other driving stopping, he let them go.

    luckily in my 15 years I have never had a student hit when exiting my bus but it was a fear I had every day. thank you scoop for posting this video, maybe the driver of that car will have some regret and driver safer in the future.

  7. it seems to me that the car did slow down alot and then AFTER looking the car continued. The position of the bus in the on the left of the car NOT in front . The bus is on the cross street not the same street as the car In other words the car really didnt pass up the bus. I dont even think the car is supposed to stop in this case by law. common sence says to be carefull and indeed the car driver was carefull but it seems that the bus driver was not in the right spot for the children to cross

  8. hey what planet are you on? you are defending the driver? the bus was stopped, its flashing lights were on, and he drove right on past! slowing down or not, this has nothing to do with a cross street, although the bus had turned from a side street, he was positioned on sunset road. i have a feeling YOU are the guy who did the passing, maybe you should turn in your license and ride a bike

  9. Here’s a thought If a bus is stopped on an angle like alot of buses stop in Lakewood. How can the stop sign be scene..its on a blind spot. That’s why the stop sign is on the left side of the bus facing oncoming traffic. The PD should meet with all these companies and tell them to stop dropping off on an angle and while we are on the subject..alot of bus drivers are on the cell phone while driving.

  10. I don’t understand why the driver stopped at an angle, maybe there was a reason for it? Either way the lights were flashing, they driver of the car knew enough to slow down and consider stopping but decided against it. You are supposed to stop 100 ft from the bus or if you are closer than 100 ft then immediately, correct? No matter, this guy didn’t stop- and thank goodness nothing happened, but he was in the wrong.

  11. looks to me that the bus stopped there so the children could use the crosswalk when they got off the bus. what would you have the driver stop further down the block and have the children walk back to the crosswalk, and then fend for themselves to make it across? you know how well everyone stops for people in a crosswalk.

  12. What if your child was getting on or off this bus? Would you still defend the driver of the car ? Pay attention Yom Kiipur is next week !

  13. N.J.S.A. 39:4-128.1: Improper passing of a school bus.

    A minimum fine of $100, 15 days in jail or 15 days of community service.

    For a second or subsequent offense the defendant must pay a fine of at least $250 and be sentenced up to 15 days in jail.

    If the sentencing Judge finds that the violation was willful defendant may lose his or her license for a period of time left to the discretion of the Judge.

    ***Upon conviction of passing school bus offense, defendant is assessed 5 motor vehicle and 5 insurance POINTS.

  14. The bus driver may have stopped that way in order to stop traffic on both streets.

    It is also possible that the car slowed down and the bus driver waved him past. It is legal to pass a bus if the driver signals that it is ok.

  15. This is a very sketchy argument on both sides.

    On the drivers side, the bus was at a very bad angle. Since we cannot see the approaching angle of the car, we cannot tell if he could clearly see the blinking lights since they were not even facing him head on, and by the shade of the trees the driver clearly had the sun shining at him. The bus driver should never had put the children in jeopardy by stopping on a turn with his marker lights and stop sign not facing traffic. He clearly slowed down in the video, unsure if the bus was dropping off children. Therefore, it is reasonable to suggest he could not clearly see the lights from his angle. Not seeing children exiting the bus, he may have assumed the bus was waiting for him to go past to complete his turn since he was not going to make the turn without crossing into the oncoming lane (which if you notice at the end of the video the bus does cross slightly into the oncoming lane).

    On the bus drivers side of it, the car driver should have just played it safe and stopped. He clearly slowed almost to a stop to gauge if the bus was indeed dropping off. He should have just completely stopped. The worst that would have happened to him would be the bus driver delayed his trip by 30 seconds. Better safe than sorry.

  16. As the other commenters have pointed out, it is seems the bus driver is negligent. He should not have stopped on an angle, turning right. He should have preferably continued with out turning and crossed over the intersection, and drop the children on the right side. The children should not have had to cross street in front of bus.

    The reason the driver acted as such was because he wanted to make that right turn, maybe save a few moments. – This is the cause of his negligence.

    As for the driver of the car, it would appear that he did not pass a bus, because he was not allongside the bus. Its as if the bus was at the beginning of the intersetraction,

  17. Bus driver is at fault proof is from the second car he only stopped at the last second as well the confusion came from the way the bus was parked so ease of the black car and bus drivers please be more careful

  18. I too witnessed a bus driver stopping at such an angle, on Monmouth, last spring. The site confused me, but I did stop.

    Is this the protocol of how bus drivers are told to drop off students???
    Is this the way they are told how to do it by their bosses?
    Is it legal?

  19. The driver did not do anything wrong the stop sign and flashing lights were not facing him. the bus driver should have completed the turn so the cars coming against him would have to stop

  20. First of all why on earth are people driving around with cameras in their cars. Taking video of others drivin. Ur a bored soul. Second the bus was the other direction so why would u stop if ur not going in the way of the stop sign

  21. I have been an aide on a bus for 12 years and I have seen cars pass buses with red lights flashing all the time. The drivers say it is to much of a hassle to report it so they don’t bother anymore. More and more often buses make that 1/2 turn out of the road to let children off. I think it is dangerous and like the other person commented, it is because the driver is lazy. There are a list of non- crossable streets and I believe Sunset is one of them. The bus driver needs to take the time to go around the block and let the children off on the right side. Some of the drivers are much worse than others. The bus drivers and drivers (of cars) need to work together to ensure the safety of our children. Slow down everyone.

  22. The bus driver should not be stopping that way. The bus should stop on one street or the other, not in the center of an intersection. I don’t believe that the car’s driver violated the law.

    Additionally, the gate on the front bumper of the bus was not extended. Had it been, the car would have smashed right through it.

    All in all, the evidence presented shows:
    1) a negligent bus driver
    2) a confused (car) driver that wasn’t sure what to do
    3) a second (car) driver that saw kids getting off of the bus and acted courteously

  23. Can anyone see where the bus goes over the double yellow lines? can someone issue him a ticket? i think the bus is 100% at fault and the police should start ticketing the busees for stoping in such a way and for crossing double yellow lines. another thing to mention i see hapening allot more is the bus driver is stoped wiht the stop sign open and lights flashing for 2-3 minutes to talk to a parent this should be ilegal and if the driver wants to talk he must pull over the lights do not give him the right to stop traffit to talk to a friend or parent.

  24. It seems like the simplest interpretation here is that everyone actually did the right thing. The car slowed down, then proceeded. The bar in the front is not visible. It is most likely that the car was prepared to stop, and the bus driver, who did not yet have the door open, waved him on.

    Either way, it’s clear from this instance that a violation is not always clear. I’m not sure that a bunch of people with dash cams is pinktlech what the doctor ordered to solve Lakewood’s traffic problem.

  25. Everyone needs to stop making excuses. Whether the bus driver was wrong or right for stopping that way, cars must stop for a school bus that has lights flashing. Are we forgetting that children, maybe your children were getting off that bus. They could have been hit by a car. Its happened before and it will happen again if people pass school buses. You try explaining to a cop or judge that the bus wasnt stopped the way it was supposed to according to you. Say hello to five points on license and high insurance.

  26. you read my thoughts exactly. i see everyone hear analyzing, comparing, contrasting, examining the angles, corners, etc.

    Here is the BOTTOM LINE – a bus was stopped. Its red lights were FLASHING and a car passed. END OF STORY.

    Dont explain your illegal behavior by kvetching like a little baby: but but look at him mommy, he didn’t stop at the right angle waa waa dont yell at me, yell at him. If these were YOUR daughters getting off this bus, you would not be discussing the physics of angles. and despite his angle, the car who passed him can clearly see his is stopped, and can clearly see the red lights on top of the bus. not seeing the stop sign is not an excuse. The stop sign is something relatively new, its about stopping for the red flashing lights that can be visible, as is obvious from the second car that did the right thing and stopped.

    ANY poster who is defending the car and bashing the bus drivers is obviously someone who routinely speeds, runs stops signs, passes on the right shoulder and breaks many other laws because they have a cheshbon about why they do it. SHAME on you

  27. To Yay #23..Seems to me you are also analyzing, comparing, contrasting examining the angles also. Anyone defending the bus driver for allowing children to cross the busy street instead of taking a few extra minutes to go around the block, ( in your ridiculous words) obviously must routinely speed, run stop signs, pass on the right shoulder, and break many other laws because you are in such a hurry. So SHAME on you. lol.

  28. The speed limit for Sunset Road is 35 MPH. That is the MAX speed one should be driving on that road. As many people who’ve been down this road are aware of, there is a playground and a large shul on that road, which is a Major indicator that children are commonly running around the area.

    With that in mind, every person who drives down this road must be even MORE cautious, and very much aware of their surroundings.

    You can debate all day and night who is in the wrong or right, but the bottom line is the safety of our children. No person wants to be the cause of a tragedy or a family member of one, not EVER.

    For your sake, as for everyone else who wants to get home and see their families in one piece, please use caution and common sense when operating a motor vehicle.

    Please drive at a safe speed and not exceed the maximum speed limit. Please review the driver’s manual frequently, to remind yourself of the laws many drivers tend to forget or neglect to follow. These little things can be the difference between life and death.

    Have a safe and happy new year!

  29. what im shocked about is y r all u people still shcoked every time this happenes,u all act like this is the first time and,i get the feeling sometimes u all this lkwd is a seniour citzen town,face it,it happenes every day,1000 times a day regardless if theres someone 2 cpture it on his dash cam!

  30. # 29 is right if anything the driver of the bus should read the book again LOL…but just last week a bus driver was in lakewood was wrong i was behind him/her and the driver stopped and never put the light on till the person had have the kid off the bus and cars kept goin by till the stop sign popped out

  31. Bottom line is who is training these drivers????? Seems like more drivers in this district should be retrained…or trained by professionals who know what they are doing…I ride town and see this sort of thing often. I am a trained professional of 35 years and I know better…but people have to care…

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