Letter: Attention Schools

I just wanted to bring some attention to the community and schools. Not sure if you can share. I was going through my mail today...

Special Feature Shiur about the Slichos of Aseres Yemei Teshuva: Machar Yihyeh Ha’os Hazeh

  לעילוי נשמת הרב ר' מרדכי זעליג בן הג"ר אהרן שכטר זצ"ל משגיח דמתיבתא רבינו חיים ברלין https://youtu.be/d6c1uElD4Q4

Lakewood Shuk Schedule


New Jersey Among 30 States Pausing Medicaid and CHIP Procedural Disenrollments Due to Errors

The state of New Jersey has been ordered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to pause disenrollments from their Medicaid...

Citing an Increased Wildfire Risk Due to Climate Change, Governor Murphy Gives The New...

Citing an increasing risk of wildfires in the state due to climate change, New Jersey Commissioner of Environmental Protection Shawn LaTourette today announced that...

When Almost is more than Good Enough

An OP-ED by Yisroel Besser At a time of year in which reminders are so important and everybody's looking for messages, Klal Yisroel got such...

Ocean County Commissioners Call For Representation on the State Board of Public Utilities

Citing increases in its population, controversial wind turbines planned for the Atlantic Ocean, power outages and rate increases, the Ocean County Board of Commissioners...

Authorities Investigating Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Manchester

On Wednesday, September 20th, at approximately 4:35pm, officers from the Manchester Township Police Department responded to the area of Pasadena Road near the intersection...

Surveillance Videos: Vehicle Flips on Oberlin Avenue in Lakewood


Ocean County Department Of Consumer Affairs Investigates Business Accused Of Selling Illegal Vapes

Nearly 700 pieces of vape-related products were confiscated from a Lakehurst Borough business as part of an investigation spearheaded by the Ocean County Department...

PHOTOS: Klausenberger Rebbe Visits Lakewood

The Klausenberger Rebbe Shlita visited Lakewood last night to meet with Chasidim and supporters ahead of Yom Kippur.

PHOTOS: Lakewood Fire Department Holds Training Exercise

The Lakewood Fire Department held a general training course for members today. The department trained on basement fire, roof entry, ground ladders, and 2nd floor...

Watch Live 7:30 PM: Lakewood Board of Education Meeting

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VIDEO: Sen. Menendez Presses Witnesses on the Potential Impacts AI could have on Consumers

The Senator inquired about how to ensure AI doesn’t contribute to scams and fraud or expand existing disparities for marginalized communities in financial services

Letter From Mrs. Frid, Wife of Father with ALS

Dear Friends, "How does he do it," is a question I have often asked myself. Never complaining or questioning, R' Dovid accepts his Nisayon with...