Can’t Keep Up With Your Bills? Here’s A New Business Opportunity For You

[Advertorial] Question: Are you sitting in Kollel wondering how you are going to be paying your monthly bills? Are you working 9 to 5 without covering your monthly bills, or do you cover your monthly bills but do not to have any accumulated savings? Are you tired of having to work month after month only to have to pay the same bills and do the same work over and over? Is the economy putting you under stress?

Well here is the answer for you,

Hi, my name is Yaakov Rottenberg, and I’ve been in this exact situation before and B’H by joining this business my situation has changed completely. This has been very successful for me and all my associates.

I’m talking about a billion dollar company available in other states that has just opened in New Jersey giving anyone with a vision the opportunity to earn UNLIMITED income based on what they put into it.

“You see, when you work you get paid for the work you produce but, you need to keep on producing the work to get paid”.

Imagine if you can work once diligently and then off that make residual month to month income for the rest of your life.



With this opportunity you can do exactly all this and hopefully achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

I’m not only talking about being able to get all the extras in life (although that’s also nice), we are talking about simply having an income that will pay your monthly bills month after month after month for the rest of your life.

The company was founded in 2006 & has quickly risen to one of the fastest growing companies in the US and one of the top fortune 500 companies.

This is the perfect business for anyone, whether you already have a business going, or whether you are sitting in kollel, whether you are old, young, single or married.

In this business you can work on your own schedule, with your own hours, at your own convenience and at your own pace.

Here are some quotes from other associates of mine.

“Make your dreams a reality”

– Yaakov Koppel –

“Opportunities come and go. Thank g-d this one is here to stay” – Shalom P –

“I can’t believe how fast this grew for me”

– Pinny K –

“$10,000 a month is the biggest brocha I could ever have asked for”

– Boruch Levovitz –

This list goes on & on & on

Now is the time to act!

I know you can be successful as well and it will make a great change in your life.

For more information I’d be happy to speak to you about it and get you started onto a prospect that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Call: 848-525-2684

Email: [email protected]

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  1. The pasuk says bezayas apecha tochal lechem.. If you think for a second that there is a chance these get rich schemes work.. You are probably very desperate! What bothers me the most is the way the associates mentioned in the article use the words “g-d , biggest brocha”! Why are you targeting the poor yungerman and emptying the little savings he has.. Why not get the word out on cbs etc… Quite frankly I’m surprised the TLS editor let this go even as a paid add.

  2. Hey anony:
    Don’t you mean Amway, agway was a garden shop. You might be right about being a scam, why isn’t the company name listed so that we can go on line and check the complaints about the company.

  3. Shame shame shame . Enough Yidden didn’t lose money in the last few scams!! That you have the audacity to take advantage of poor deperate people to line your pockets.

    You can join the wall of shame of all the Viridian and My Harvest America agents as their friends talmidim etc. Pay higher rates for their electric, and eat their losses from the scam.

    But hey I guess I’m old school, I don’t believe in $$$ above all!

  4. @1

    Can you verify your statement? Please let us know before anyone has problems. Thanks. Pls delete any slander or libel in your answer. You will do a great favor for a lot of folks if you can back up your claim.

  5. why dont you tell us what it is? are you afraid we would think its a scam? do you really need us to call you, so you could convince us, or could it be so good that it does not need convincing, in that case just tell us.

  6. The only shame involved here is on what you wrote !
    Just because you got messed up by some friend of yours and probably did and still do bad judgments in life doesn’t give you the right to take away from other individuals who might be successful at something

  7. People who don’t have jobs get desperate and fall for the smallest “Get rich quick” scam.

    There is no such thing as get rich quick. It comes from hard work.

    Get a real job, and you will be comfortable.

    If it’s too good to be true……… it is!

  8. I know what business this is. it sounds like instant $$ but realy you have to work hard and its all luck. maybe after 10 years of hard work you could make a nice parnasa. remember parnasa comes from hashem!!

  9. Our parents and grand parents were succesful because they knew a little buisness secret

  10. Your taich in the pasuk is delusional & if your scared about kefira then you should maybe learn your own religion
    I mean did you actually read the guys article?
    Which part of “Imagine if you can work once diligently” isnt BEZAIS APECHA!

  11. You obviously didn’t read the guys article
    NOT ONCE does he mention about getting rich quick.
    He is very specific in saying that you have to do your diligence & WORK
    “Imagine if you can work once diligently”
    “giving anyone with a vision the opportunity to earn UNLIMITED income based on what they PUT INTO IT”
    The difference he says is that with his business you can earn unlimited income and its very flexible & can be for anyone.
    Sounded great when I called.

  12. so #20, you have now been informed, why dont you “share the wealth” and tell us at least the name of the company so we can do our research? If this is legit and a true profitable business no reason they should hide the name of the company!

  13. Sounds like a get rich quick business.
    But then again who cares.
    If I can make money quick then why not join.
    I’ll have more time to learn in kollel.

  14. You sound foolish.
    you gotta read the whole article before you comment.
    he clearly writes that with his proposition you need to work.
    and he obviously is a frum guy just like u.

  15. Obviously, if this guy posted his article on TLS he is able to prove the comments about money that they made.
    So ,you got burnt,that obviously ur own issue
    who knows:maybe ur a horrible business man
    maybe you have no mazal…
    the point is that that’s ur own personal issue
    unfortunate, but nothing to do with other people with there own kochis

  16. All ponzi schemes start off with, “The others were scams, but this is the real deal!”

    And they all end up being scams.

    There was this guy telling everyone how to get a free $1,600 by signing up for a new AmEx, then you call them and ask them for a certain Promo Code and BINGO! you get 100k points. Then you redeem for $1,600, cancel the card, and you don’t have to pay the $450 annual fee.

    Well, so many people did it, and they DIDN’T get the points.
    This guy got his referral fee, and the others are holding a credit card with a $450 annual fee, and another card on their Credit Report.

    STOP RUNNING AFTER THE FREEBIES. JUST GET A JOB. You will make so much more money and you won’t have time for these “freebies”.

  17. People,
    I know times are hard and many people are having financial difficulties, but please dont fall prey to scams. If this is a legitimate business venture, there should be no problem posting the name of this alleged fortune 500 company. Be very wary of claims stating that you work diligently once and watch it pay off. Making a good living requires constant hard work. The only get rich quick way i know of, is if you win the lottery. If you call this place and you need to pay them some sort of fee for starting to work for them, run the other way. Its obvious that it is a legitimate get rich quick business but not for you. For the people who are scamming you out of your money. If anyone calls, please post on here what information you received

  18. Because people are making money with Ambit doesnt make it a scam. Just like Viridian they start off low and then the rates shoot through the roof so you make money while your family and friends pay through their nose.

    If thats your way of making money please stay away from me.

  19. Listen:
    First off you are insulting the readers of this site ,including me.
    What, we don’t have enough brains to see for ourselves whats a scam and what isnt??
    Second: this guy who posted is obviously a frum guy and hopefully not scamming anyone since he mentioned that he has associates that make money he will prove it for you unless he is an idiot.
    So they make money = no scam
    Pyramids: EVERY BUSINESS IS A PYRAMID you have a boss, ceo,manager, employers…..
    So: if your to scared to email the guy or call him then youll probably only lose in everything in life
    good luck!

  20. Again you sound foolish and disrespectful.
    This guy never mentioned a word about other scams…and he never mentioned that his is the best
    all he said was that with his business there is an opportunity IF YOU PUT IN THE DILIGENCE
    Comon mr. open your eyes and actually read the article.
    PLUS who said its a freebe and by the way WHAT ELSE IS HIS BUSINESS IF NOT A JOB?

  21. its AMBIT check their website and its not easy at all to find customers most people dont make a parnassah they just end up losing their original payment of 429 because they dont find enough people.

  22. Hey Pyramid Clarification:
    “Every business is a Pyramid.
    theres always a boss, ceo, managers,employers …..
    That is a pyramid!

    This is not true that it is a Pyramid, this is a Corporation,the difference is that the employees at the bottom do not have to get more employees in order for them to get paid.

  23. I’m laughing at all the fools who actually think this is legit!! It’s so obvious that Ambit is a scam!! Anything that offers lifetime salary of thousands of dollars for a little bit of work is a scam. Any company that only pays you if you recruit other people to recruit other people to recruit… is a scam!! Google Ambit scam and once you’re done reading all the many sites describing the scam then decide. Why are some frum jews so gullible when it comes to making money?? Learn a little bit about Pyramid schemes which are illegal by the way.

  24. Folks. I have two bridges to sell you,here is the deal you buy one bridge I will throw in the second bridge for free, be cautious don’t part with your hard earned money, talk is cheap ask this guy if its so easy why does he share it with us all, is he meshuga? Been thereand I lost my pants

  25. I just want to warn everyone that all the comments supporting this scam are all coming from a select few who have what to gain from this.


    Stay away. If they ask you to put down money, run away.

    Many people didn’t believe us when we warned you about the previous scams.


  26. You sound like Joe Biden, who spoke just one year ago about the “permanent jobs” Solyndra was going to create. Solyndra, a Solar energy company, went bankrupt last week. So much for permanent.

  27. It sounds like Ambit! And Ambit is a regular MLM Scam. Yes a hundred percent people made money and still can, that doesn’t mean it is not a scam. You have to pay $429 to join as a consultant and then $24.95 a month to keep a website going for your so called business, if you go to their presentations and listen (which i did) the main goal to make money is to continue to sucker in others to join, not as they try to say to get customers! you make only a few cents to at most $5 if they use the highest amount and they are on your 6th level down (basically mostly between .10 and .15 a month per customer of residual income) they use all types of exciting catchphrases to sucker people, unlimited income, residual income… etc. at the end of the day most people can’t even find enough customers even while working hard (definitly more than bain hasedorim etc.) to even make back their initial investment! At the end of the day after the market is flooded with these consultants and no one left interested in either being a customer or consultant very possibly YOU who thought you’ll make tons of money will be left holding the bag, with a lesson learnt if it’s to good to be true, it’s to good to be true and $453.95 poorer! Beware!
    p.s. tell all these great people who wanna share the wealth with us coming in from NY to give presentations to keep it for themselves in NY. (of course there they don’t have anyone left to sucker)

  28. It is quite obvious that you are the letter writer or advertorial writer. 

    As soon as someone responds to your ‘creative’ way  of making a bisel gelt you go crazy. 

    When a poster writes a comment that is 100% on point and correct, you immediately respond with “To 
    Yid”  or “To Any” and try to justify these ponzi schemes. 

    Therefore, I, in the name of all clear-thinking individuals thank the individuals posting as “Yid” and all the others for being modern day town-criers and warning unsuspecting people of the dangers inherent in your alleged great business “opportunity”. 

    To my fellow Lakewooders, please heed the call of those that are telling you. Run!!!! Run away!!! 

    Far Away!! 

  29. I think your wrong for thinking that one guy or a team is posting all the TOss since im not involved with any of this junk and im posting this.
    In general in my opinion ,you and all the people who think they are fixing the world are only being disrespectful and are causing more strife in the world.
    Stop covering ur actions with frumkeit its distasteful from someone who is claiming to be a frum person.

  30. Actually after thinking about it maybe I was wrong for jumping to conclusions to fast as I called the person and it DOESN’T SOUND LIKE THE SCAM I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE

  31. For $429 I’m willing to find out if its a scam. I highly doubt I won’t at least make back my money and more. Instead of spending my time posting comment’s on the scoop I’ll go out and at least try. U have to make hishtadlus.

  32. Did you ever wonder why they call it a “down” line?

    BTW “Ponzi” was the guy in “Happy Days”, they just didn’t know a Peh from a Feh. Did I say Feh? I’ll say it again. FEH!

  33. how many of the bashers actually tried ambit with training and failed NONE!

    If you did ambit and followed the training you wouldn’t be bashing it !!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Candy Corn is right on the money with his comments.
    Btw,with a name like Candy Corn I assume u sell the candy. They still make them? Used to love them. I Haven’t had them in years. Was probably a scam so they went out of business.

  35. Here’s a question for all the ponzi lovers: What percentage of Ambit Consultants broke even? What percentage made money?
    (Of course they’ll say “the only people that lost money were the ones that didn’t work hard enough”. So what percentage of those that lost money, thought that they WOULD work hard enough?)

    If you want money quick, play the lotto. Or start your own MLM company. Buy 1000 $1 lottery tickets and sell the for $10 each (make sure the lotoo ticket doesn’t say the original price on it. And get others to sell it for you as well. For every 20 that they sell, give them $10. You can figure it out. You’ll be a millionaire in no time, right?

    If you haven’t yet been a victim, so look at it as an investment that will probably go bad. and make sure that you have an EXTRA $453.95 to blow. When you lose it, you’ll have learned an important lesson for under $500. Not bad

  36. A smart person listens. Why not call and at least find out for yourself what he’s talking about. For all you know he might have a business venture that will be profitable for you in the future.
    There will ,and have always been critics. Take investing in stocks: some say dont do it whereas others say go for it. I have to admit that the business is not for everyone, but for people to bash it before they have any clue seems senseless.

  37. I agree with #62! Especially if this is Ambit. Ambit is no scam although it is harder than they make it out to be. If you have a few relatives in New York it is very easy to make your money back. This month if you switch over 4 peoples(parents, in laws, sister s,brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins) gas and electric you will get $300 back. Then its only a $150 investment. Its not for every one but worth taking a look. P.s. In what way is it a scam? Does any one know some one that didn’t get the money they were promised? Are you worried it will fall apart in 10 years? Amway is a billion dollar company that is around since the 1950s and works the same way. And what if it does fall apart after you make nice money is it not worth it? No company is guaranteed to stay in business. I see stores open and close all the time does that make it a scam?

  38. only scams go on and on , how its gonna change your life and your life is so bad now but if you try this its gonna be all good , in all that writing you could have just wrote what the business is and it can speak for itself

  39. You know what.
    After all these comments I agree with what this guy Yid came back and told us.
    At the end of the day YES there are scams out there but we definitely have no right to judge before we know anything.
    So in this case
    I was wrong

  40. CHEVRA! this is The #1 fastest growing Co in the US as of last Oct. when it was only 31/2 yrs old this yr also 4 1/2 yrs old . see INC magazine , its there black and white, THE NUBER ONE CO NUUUUUUUUUUU ????????? what now #1 !!! ANY COMMENTS FROM ANYBODY????????????????????

  41. I have been doing Ambit Energy since January. This 100% legit and I am almost at the point of financial freedom, (not having to work and pay my monthly bills). I think it’s worth $429 investment when all you need is 20 customers to get your money back and you get FREE electric EVERY single month!
    Skeptical? Ask me any question I guarantee to have an answer for you.

  42. IF YOU ALWAYS DO WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS DONE,YOU WILL ALWAYS BE WERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN!!!!! Open up your minds. There is no doubt that people make great money in multi level marketing. Are you one of them? There is only one way to find out! NO i didnt write this article either!

  43. Hey guys i guess u have time to debate this. im busy making money with ambit. im only doin it 2 wks. anyway keep on debating, ill read all your posts while i wait on line to deposit my ambit check.

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