Busing Schedule for Upcoming Holidays

boe bus tlsThis coming Wednesday, X-mas, there will not be any school busing for both the morning and afternoon runs, says Transportation Committee Chairman Joel Schwartz. There will be regular using on Thursday.

Next Wednesday, New Years, there will also be regular busing.

Despite State requirements to provide bus transportation for private schools for Thanksgiving, X-mas and New Years, Transportation Committee Chairman Joel Schwartz says the District excluded X-mas out of respect for the drivers celebrating the Holiday.

“Driving a bus with energetic children on board is never an easy task, especially while trying to navigate Lakewood roads,” says Schwartz. “So on behalf of the Lakewood Board of Education, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your dedication and safe transport of our students. Wishing you a Happy Holiday season!”[TLS]

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  1. They deserve their holidays off just like you do.
    Thank the drivers for what they do all year and don’t complain when they get their week deserved holiday vacation off

  2. We shouldn’t be surprised about this schedule. It’s bad enough they have to work thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Give it a rest about paying taxes and what you deserve. If you think you could do a better job scheduling busses, negotiating with angry parents, managing budgets, and navigating through a lot of bureaucracy, and safety issues and codes. Then you take the job. Always easy to be a Monday-morning quarterback and say should of, could of, etc

  3. Thank you for transporting our dear children to and from school. Wish all the drivers a happy and healthy holiday.
    You deserve the day off!
    Grateful mother

  4. do not call our Holiday X mas, it is Christmas.
    stop crying about bus drivers being off on one of our biggest holidays, more of you should learn to drive a bus if you cant deal with it.

  5. To all bus drivers:
    Enjoy the well-deserved Holiday off.

    To all @ 3:52pm:
    You my friend, are way, way, WAY off base.
    Even though I have to do FOUR carpools for my dear children, I say, bravo to the BOE’s Joel Schwartz. The bus drivers deserve it!!!
    I will manage. And so will you!!

  6. Actually TLS is not insulting anyone by using X-mas instead of Christmas as X and XP has been used for over a 1000 years to represent Christ in writing coming from the Greek alphabet. It is only in the recent century that it has become less common.

    Further thank you to the BOE for respecting the religious observance of X-mas by your predominantly Christian drivers. This will go a long way in relations between not only the drivers and the community but those outside of Lakewood and how they view the Jewish population.

    We respect your holidays and right to observe them in whatever ritual fashion you choose and appreciate the right for the drivers to be home with their family to observe theirs.

  7. Yes my daughters’ school is providing private transportation for the way home at an earlier dismissal time. The drivers deserve the day off. Thank you to our dedicated, punctual, responsible and reliable bus drivers! You do a phenomenal job day in, day out and we can’t thank u enough!

  8. Happy Holidays and thank you to the dedicated drivers who take our children to school each day. Yes, I will have to figure out how to transport my children to and from school on Wednesday, and there’ll be plenty of traffic I’m sure, but I’m happy that the bus drivers can have the day off and enjoy the holiday. We wouldn’t want our jobs jeopardized over our choice to work/not work on our holidays.

  9. Bus drivers should be off on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Years and all major holidays to celebrate the holidays with their families! All public schools are closed on those holidays. Those holidays should be respected including thanksgiving! Private schools should respect the American holidays. Are private schools open on Jewish holidays? Would Jewish drivers work on their holidays when they are suppose to be with their families? I doubt it!!! I am just stating facts.

  10. well if you really are curious, we Jews beleive that J-sus was a jew who committed blasphemy, threfeore we are not allowed to even say his name. and that holiday is a derivitaive of his name, hence xmas

  11. Really I highly doubt u pay taxes!!! Now that being said they work all other holidays they are more then entitled to have tommorow off. If c”v you where working (c”v I don’t mean to accuse you of working) and you where told to work on our yom tov boy oh boy just for asking there would be a lawsuit. Relax you shouldn’t be even on the Internet I don’t wanna have to call your magid Shuir on you

  12. To Mark Levin #24,
    The definition of Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God, to religious or holy persons or things, or toward something considered sacred or inviolable.
    I challenge you to find one person in this world who is not guilty of Blasphemy in their lifetime. Drop the “holier than thou” attitude. Every soul on this earth is a sinner. This is not a Christian idea. Look in the beginning of the bible. Genesis 8:21
    “The LORD smelled the pleasing aroma and said in his heart: “Never again will I curse the ground because of humans, even though every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done”.
    Respect other human beings. You are not above anyone else.

  13. My sil in Baltimore has 9 children ka”h and there is zero free bussing there so she has to carpool for every single one of them. She could pay for busing but it’s really expensive. She carpools every morning and every afternoon. She can double up some who go to the same school but she spends about 7 hours per week carpooling. Not only have I never heard her complain about it but she always jokes about how much schar halicha she’ll get in olam haba. Let’s adopt this attitude for one day. I’m thankful we have busing the rest of the year and don’t need to regularly spend 7 hours a week carpooling!

  14. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the few drivers who r working tomorrow and transporting home about 10000 kids in different time slots
    This should help alleviate a lot of the traffic in town

  15. Hats off to those who believe these bus drivers deserve to be off on Christmas, their high holy day. To those who believe this is wrong, how would you feel if you were made to work on your holidays. You would be up in arms calling it discrimination.

  16. Our police work Christmas. Our ems work our fireman work. Why not bus drivers? The hatzolah are on call during rosh hashannah and Yom Kippur why not bus drivers?

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