#BringBackOurBoys Bumper Stickers Printed in Lakewood

bringback stickers[UPDATED MON.] A campaign began Friday in Lakewood to raise awareness for the three teenagers – including one American – who were abducted by terrorists in Israel.

The ‘#BringBackOurBoys’ bumper sticker, in blue and white displaying its solidarity with Israel, was sponsored by @KolHaolam.

“Besides for all the Tefillos and wonderful Zechusim that were done during the days after the news got out about the kidnapping, we felt that there needs to be increased awareness that these boys are regular boys like any one of our children and they are our boys, and we want them back,” @KolHaolam said.

bringback2The bumper stickers, which will also be available in New York in the coming days, is currently available at one-per family at Sushi & Chinese Express on Second Street (between Lexington and Monmouth Avenues), Yussi’s Steakhouse in Westgate and at D’lux Family Restaurant in the Shop Rite plaza.

“IY’H by the time we start giving them out we should be Zoche to hear wonderful news and not need to raise the awareness anymore, Amen.”


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  1. to MACH-MIR – what is zionistic about three boys who were kidnapped by our enemies?
    if three chareidi boys were chas v’shalom kidnapped would you tell the israeli army NOT to get involved in trying to find them because the soldiers may be “zionistic” and everyone can just daven for their safe return to their families instead?

  2. What you dont understand is that nobody is saying a bumpersticker is Zionism. Rather THIS bumpersticker with its colors and design. Those yelling “what if it where your son” are following emotion in the place of brains

  3. Morons. Zionist? You are the problem. Across the board yidden have taken upon themselves all sorts of kabalos. Davening and learning included. For those with the oh so small intellect the idea behind these bumper stickers is too constantly remind us of them. So when you, Mach-Mir-Sick, is sitting in traffic, perhaps you will open up your ever so little klein keppy and say, “Hey! Now is the perfect time to say some tehillim!”
    Ich. Just reading your comments…

  4. I could not care less about this sticker, but if it has the Zionistic flag outlines i will NOT place it on my bumper. It is very important to bring them back, but it does not mean that everybody should become zionistic for that perpouse. We love the boys and all the jews, but please, no zionisem!!!

  5. Dont worry, the “Mach Mir” is too worried about the Zionists, that he doesnt care to be on the internet. He should ask his Rebb’eh or Ruv what to do…

  6. Reb Rambo is Spot On; Mach-Mir-Sick is the perfect way to describe post # 1. & #3. May our brothers return safe & sound BB”A.

  7. I got mine at the awesome sushi and Chinese express! Its on my car already!

  8. Mach-Miir is 100% Emes.
    If not for the zionist ideas & prikas ol HaMitzvos, Ridifas HaDaas, we wold not be in this State of anti Semitisim – it didnt exist in Eretz Yisroel & Yishmaeli lands before they came around. Now they are a band-aid as the problem is bigger than any solution. A state that is 66 years old & is not stable , armed soldiers with rifles all over. We must Daven to Hashem for a Geula Shleima. Im Bichukoseei teileicu… … Vinasati Shalom Ba’aretz – Leviticus 26 3,6
    LaHashem Hayishuah
    P.S. We – Bnei HaYeshivos & Chareidim are all victims of anti semitisim for the last year & a half

  9. Don’t like it this lets not compare the the Nigerian kidnapping of the girls to the lives of three yidishe nishamos. Come up with something original

  10. Everybody just calm down. Its not the sticker he doesn’t like its the blue and white that are obviously zionistic & I happen to agree 100% they should’ve made them red & green or something like that.

  11. While I applaud @kolhaolem for taking the initiative to spread the awareness about the plight of the missing teens who were kidnapped,

    however it is so sad that our world has turned into color war, it all started with the wife of the the worst POTUS creating a hashtag for 250 missing girls, It did a lot all the girls were returned the next day (sarcasm)

    Are we stooping to this level that with sending out a tweet or placing a sticker we are being יוצא?

    Let’s not get influenced by the society and have the stickers remind us to say a prayer when we see the sticker.

  12. Please remember that this is a public forum. Not everyone needs to know that some of you are anti-Israel. Besides, they wouldn’t understand why you feel that way and it can give them a misimpression.
    The problem could easily be solved by replacing the stripes with the boys’ pictures and the phrase #bringourboyshome. Or, #EyalGiladNaftali with “Bring Them Home” underneath. Or, even better, the boys’ pictures with “v’shavu vanim l’gvulam” in b’ivrit underneath.

  13. To #1: If Israel is c”v again threatened with chemical warfare will the anti-zionist, Torah learning Yidden choose to stick their mouths and noses in a Siddur or Gemara or will they daven and learn from behind their zionist provided gas masks? If it was your son who c”v got taken by the Hamas trust me you would be davening and learning as you gebentched the Israeli army in their efforts. To #4: You didn’t know Lakewood was so fancy? Take a good look around you. And don’t bother claiming bitul Torah, you obviously lifted your eyes from the Gemara long enough to not only read the TLS but to also post your comment.

    My brothers are being held captive by our enemies. Their mothers who are my sisters cry non-stop day and night; their fathers who are my brothers daven and learn non-stop, yes, as the Israeli army tirelessly searches. I guarantee that if you were visiting Israel and your wallet was stolen you would promptly report that theft to the zionist police.

    The bumper stickers are meant to bring awareness and for that reason they are for free. The idea of the bumper stickers is to keep our family’s plight literally before our eyes lest we c”v forget for even just one second. Our brothers have been taken; they remain in captivity. Stop spewing your anti-zionism. There is absolutely no room for politics in Ahavas Yisroel. Hakodesh Baruch Hu please, Bring Back My Brothers today. Hatzlachah to our Brother Soldiers.


  15. With all respect to all parties involved, we must realize that felings cant sway us into incorrect practices. We must Daven & do Zechusim on their behalf , At the same time not allow the yetzer hoah to catch us off guard with his ideas.

  16. #2 Not saying right or wrong. But you can never say “if it was your child” c”v. That can never be a limpis test to judge what right!

  17. Some tact and diplomacy when discussing Sinas Azmeinu are in order when making comments on a public forum. Spell check would also be helpful.

  18. Everyone has to calm down! I know people like MACH-MIR, and they don’t really mean what they write, they just want to stir people up and cause “hock”. And hiding behind a faceless nameless comment online is the perfect way him to do that. AND AS ALWAYS LET’S REMEMBER TO MAKE A KIDDUSH HASHEM! THEIR ARE ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE READING THIS!

  19. video of rachel frankel speaking at the UN

    http://www.aish.com/ci/s/Rachel-Frankels-Speech-at-the-UN-Human-Rights-Council.html (about two minutes)

    if you have a few minutes, please say some tehillim..


    “If one would only know the power of the verses of Tehillim, and their effect on high,
    one would recite them continuously. The verses of Tehillim transcend all barriers
    and ascend higher and higher, imploring the Master of the Universe until they achieve results in kindness and mercy.” The Tzemach Tzedek: Third Rebbe of Lubavitch

  20. Wow @kolhaolam thanks for publicizing and bringing awareness to the jewish community and world to pray to g-d and do everything they humanely capable of doing to help bring these boys back home safely . Crew four thanks for all your efforts in this. We are looking foward for their safe return iyh.

  21. I agree with MachMir etal. I also do not want to display the sticker due to it’s color association with the Zionist flag. I also think that davening and tehilim and working on our middos might help more than a bumper sticker. I also don’t like sticking things on my car, so no bumper sticker for me. (just Oorah magnets)

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