BREAKING UPDATE: Special Ed Services Further Delayed Until Further Notice

boe emergency meeting 2In yet another twist in the special education services fiasco, vendors this morning have unanimously decided to keep educators from beginning their 2014-2015 school year, TLS has learned.

Despite a letter of intent agreed upon by the board, the vendors, who have received the approximately 40-page contract only this week, will not begin servicing the children until all the new details in the contracts are properly reviewed, ensuring they are being properly funded.

The delay affects the IDEA and Special Instructions services (STARS).

Services will be delayed until further notice.


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  1. To “First Responder”,

    I work for a vendor and your point may or may not be valid, however in this case, it has nothing to do with “all about the money” as I will explain.

    A vendor is the go between, the BOE and the schools. The money only goes to the school if certain criteria is followed. If the vendor feels (as in this case) that they won’t be paid for the services they provided, they in turn can’t pay their employees.

    They therefore are forewarning their employees “don’t work as we cannot guarantee compensation.

  2. hey “First Responder”- its a business and they need to be sure there is proper funding before starting services to be sure they can pay their employees. Not everyone works for nothing.

    if you were running a business you would verify every clause before agreeing to offer services or a product- especially with a government /state contract.. I wonder if they do start services now before the contract is finalized if this would open them up to a liability issue if the state /boe put some additional clauses that could not be fulfilled. especially now with some of the “new” interpretation…

  3. To first responder
    The contracts were written by the same people who are blocking the setvice.They probably have clauses that the vendors and schools cant fimply with. So yiy want the vendors to start services knowing they probably wont get paid ? They will have to pay the teachers and nit tet reimbursed ? We are talking millionsif dollars. Which vendor can afford to do that ?

  4. Our school dismisses at 12:40 today and everyday until this is resolved. But no bus transportation, what’s up with that? Also yes it’s a business and it always about the money. Doesn’t mean they don’t care about kids and programs.

  5. Let’s face it: Lakewood is a City. Lakewood needs City governance for the BOE like other cities. There needs to be an independent Inspector General for the BOE to stay on top of all regulations, lnsure compliance, handle complaints and manage and review all vendor contracts.

  6. Can someone give some clarity here? Is this about vendors who are angling to try to get terms from last year that the state moniter thinks are overly generous, or is there some real intractable issue here?

  7. lets face it there are those in the system who don’t want it to work??

    its interesting to see which special services there are issues with and which ones are not…. I believe there is pure favoritism coming from what Im not sure but definitely not legal favoritism?? pure nepotism – its time to hack some emails of BOE employees.

  8. My question is May-ikara Mai Ko sovar? Translated to what were they thinking last nite when they agreed? Were they simply so afraid of the 1000+ people that attended the meeting that they said to themselves, “Let’s just agree, get outta here, and surprise ’em in the morning”!??!

  9. The issues are very varied and complex. This is not about vendors trying to get money. (and I do not work for any vendor but am involved in the education system) There is so much going on here and some people commenting, while concerned, as we all are, only have pieces of the puzzle 10th hand…..I think everyone should daven that our kinderlach receive the services we need and we have the right shlichim!

  10. TO me, it seems like the vendors dont want to continue, because they want to guarantee more payments etc. They pay their employees (special ed teachers etc) pennies on the dollar, and then have the audacity to blame it on everyone else.
    This system is really messed up. the Special ed teachers shoudl be working directly within the board of ed, money will drasticaly be saved. Same with busses. if the Township brought busses in house, lots of money would be saved.
    But…. Who cares about saving money?

  11. One question I have, is with all the houses going up prices going up and PROPERTY TAXES so high, where is all this money going?? streets need lights… streets need to be repaired.. schools need financial help.. kids need special ed and other services something doesnt add up!!

  12. As an employee of one of the contract-less vendors, we were told explicitly by our superiors not to go into schools because we aren’t guaranteed compensation. The state and federal government grants money for special education, nursing, and related services and the BOE pays the vendors who then pay us. Who would work for free? We are grossly underpaid compared to BOE teachers, have the same certification (and more), get minimal benefits, and have a considerable amount of paperwork and accountability. However, many of us chose this field to improve the academic and social-emotional experiences of ALL students eligible for supplemental instruction and title 1 services.

    More than the disappointment and stress of not having a job to go to today is the fact that many students with special needs are unable to receive the services they have been legally mandated to get on their IEPs.

  13. To “Gabi”,

    Educational vendors is a business. Yes, in an ideal world they would give
    free services, is that what you expect them to do?

    I totally agree that the educators are not paid enough. Let’s start with Rabeim, whose salary is less per hour than a special educator and job is very taxing and underpaid.

    Regarding cuting out the vendor and work for the district, that might benifit the employee making more money, however much money would need to be spent on complying with government regulations which would hike up the cost and any savings that you might have thought you’re getting by cuting the vendor.

  14. Is there a middle ground here ? Does it have to be ALL services or NO services ? If there takeh isnt enough money for ALL services, then give 80% of services; dont go down to 0%. If paying a therapist $60/hr is too much, pay $45/hr. They wont be happy but $45/hr is better than $0/hr. I think.

  15. To “command post”,

    Its not about all or nothing. Its about if the vendor will be funded for the services. The funding is not being taken away,

  16. There is enough money .The State monitor has decided to reinterpret the rules of the program to make it impossible for most Mosdos to be able to use the funds.He has the last wird and nobody can over ride his decision .

  17. Interesting how every one is so mad but so little info being offered like what caused this whole fiasco, why do we have a state monitor and what he is saying about the budget? Has any one studied the budget? What are your impressions?

  18. Everyone should call governor Christie’s office (609)292-6000 . He put the monitor in. If he wants to control the district he should make sure the children get services.

  19. Get this straight. Letter of intents are good when their is good faith as discussed last night. However the boe has lost our good faith for good and valid reasons. They put clauses in contracts that they KNOW won’t work for us. We have no good faith in them. The whole thing last night played into their hands great now they can say it’s the vendors!! Yea right.

  20. The state monitor doesn’t know enough about us to come up with all these problems. He is being fed by HELEN unless everyone wakes up quick we will lose everything. She wants all of you to blame Mike. He may not be helping the situation but he is not to blame!!!! Wake up.

  21. Is there a Gemilas Chesed fund to help the agency teachers who will not be recieving their paychecks? Many of these women are being moser nefesh so their husbands are able to stay in Yeshiva. Please post details where money can be sent.

  22. Gemilas Chasadim,

    If you haven’t been notified by your agency or superior yet, it is being advised to apply for unemployment to tide you over until jobs can begin (IF they will begin). Also, with sukkos approaching many yungerleit can take advantage and take on extra side jobs. Hatzlacha!

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