BREAKING: President Trump announces FDA-approved drug which could fight Coronavirus

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  1. You read about this first on TLS. Before Laura Ingraham’s interview with Dr. Rigano. And now Trump gets it too. The drug costs about two cents a tablet. Been around since 1945. See my article here on TLS, “Hashem creates the cure before the illness”. So now my question is why is Trump giving billions to big Pharma, other than for a potential vaccine, when definitive studies have already been done and FDA approved the clinical trials?

    • @Fyi. Your PCP can prescribe this if he wants. It has been FDA approved since 1945. Trump just wants the recent trials on Corona rubber-stamped by FDA. That does NOT mean your PCP cannot give it to you if he decides to. There are stockpiles of this drug but the corrupt Pharmaceutical Cartels are withholding it so they get the billions for more research into “new” drugs that will cost a fortune, as usual.

  2. This is not true. It is true Trump has said this but the FDA has not approved it. You would think by now, you all would know that Trump does not tell the truth. He is misleading all of you.

  3. Read Bloomberg news and stop listening to people like Laura Ingraham who just a week ago was making fun of the people warning of the dangers of the virus, and lets not forget Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh “covid 19 is just a cold.” What is great about cable video and twitter is that there is always a record you can’t rewrite history because you suddenly get caught. You don’t have to like Democrats and you can love Trump but when you suspend reason and ignore facts you put your lives at risk and the lives of the people you care about at risk. It is going to be much worse next week because people did not heed the warnings. Polling suggested that while Democrats were very worried about covid 19 Republicans were not. Why should they be Laura Ingraham says not to, Rush says its political just a cold. Judge Jeanine also said not to worry. They were saying this all while Fox News management was sending memos to staff stating the opposite.

  4. FDA DID NOT APPROVE THIS DRUG FOR COVID 19. I would suggest you go on twitter and watch a video that andrew kaczynski posted a day ago it is a compilation of the best of FOX news prognosticators. Unfortunately, I cannot provide the link.

    Lakewood scoop headline should have been “Donald Trump falsely claimed ….

  5. Look at Dr. Robert’s video at the 38:05 mark.

    Sorry Fyi, FDA approved since 1945 AND may already be prescribed for other conditions by your PCP.

      • You did. It’s written in your comments. Make up your mind. Keep political bashing out of this… oh I forgot Pelosi and the clowns where busy impeaching Trump until they submitted their 100+ page Corona Bill 15 minutes before they recessed and stuffed in billions for un-Planned Parenthood and other PACs. So, whose side are you on? Nevermind.

  6. We all want to believe that there is a drug already approved that can help fight the virus. There was hope that some of the anti viral drugs used to treat HIV and Ebola would also help with Covid but so far the science is not there. It is important to trust the science. People are pushing vitamin c and probiotics to fight this disease, we need to trust the science when it comes to drugs.
    Science told us social distancing would help mitigate spread. Testing would have helped in this cause but the President did not want his numbers high and therefore no tests were available and no attempt at ramping up the ability to do tests. Donald Trump lied this week when he said he always said this will be a pandemic. If the President always knew that than why did he tell everyone it is just going to go away. Why did he do nothing for two months other than tweet about fake media and evil Democrats. He now wants us all to focus on China “Chinese Virus” “Kung Fu Virus” so we don’t pay attention to the colossal failure of his administration. We are so blind now because of the lack of testing. Protect yourselves, your family and Klal Yisroel.

    • fyi I get it, you don’t like the President, but that is not a reason to distort facts and promote hysteria.

      Chloroquine has been tested with excellent results, although not in a large scale clinical test that would satisfy the FDA. The FDA began its clinical trial of it today. Redemisvir, a drug initially developed for Ebola, is also undergoing clinical trials by the FDA.

      Although Chloroquine has not yet been approved for treatment of Covid19, since it has been approved for other uses, Dr’s are allowed to prescribe it for Covid19 treatment

      China did not release the genome sequence of Covid 19 till January, which delayed both creation of test kits, treatment research, and vaccine development. The test kit which the WHO rushed out is not accurate (false positives to the tune of 14% as well as an undetermined amount of false negatives).

      Virtually every governor from both parties has praised the President and his team for their response

      • Again, this is not about liking the President. The governors praise the president because he is a narcissist and they need his help. Yes Dr’s are allowed to prescribe Chloroquine but scientific studies matter and I will go with all of Dr Fauci’s statements on the use of Chloroquine.
        I am not distorting facts. I understand the desire for hope but the realiy of the science and studies take precedence.
        Fake news, Deep state, Never Trumpers, Hoax, witch hunts, very unfair, Not responsible for firing and cutting funding for CDC and on and on….own the liberals.
        All of it has nothing to do with what has happen to this country because of his decisions.
        There were other tests besides the one that you are talking about. Look at Hong Kong Covid numbers, why so low?
        People criticize Donald Trump for a reason. Republicans have left the party for a reason. Lifelong Conservatives who have helped elect Republicans for years are actively campaigning against Trump for a reason. Many lives and families will be decimated because of his decisions. You may agree with him, that he should get a ten out of ten for his efforts. It is malpractice to continue to wear blinders when it comes to Donald Trump.

  7. To Just wondering two governors did criticize donald trump. NY and Michigan. After they spoke up Trump tweeted negative garbage about them. I suggest you read George Conway’s most recent editorial on Donald Trump or read Michael Gerson’s columns in Washington Post. There is a paywall, but if you are a prime member the subscription is very cheap. Criticism of Trump decisions doesn’t make you a Never Trumper. We are not in grade school where it is about liking or not liking someone. It is about the decisions, and the direction the country is being taken.
    Forgive me for making a religous analogy when it comes to some one like Trump. When Dovid Hamelech sinned, what saved him was when he said I sinned, anything else, he would not have survived. Leadership matters, character matters, decisions have consequences…..
    Given everything klal yisroel is going through perhaps self reflection and reevaluation of mind sets is warranted.

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