BREAKING: Phil Murphy Projected Winner of NJ Governor Race [UPDATED]

Governor Phil Murphy is projected to have won a second term in office, capping off a wild campaign that saw Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli closing in on his lead over the past several months.

With over 90% of votes counted, Murphy leads Ciattarelli by over a thousand votes, which election experts say is too great of a lead for the Republican to overcome with the ballots still waiting to be counted – those from historically liberal counties and mail-in ballots.

However, an official winner is unlikely to be declared anytime soon. The vote count is so close that the election will go to a recount, and massive legal battles are going to be sparked, as each candidate fights for every single vote.

Jack Ciattarelli fought a valiant campaign across the Garden State, running a full-court press against Governor Murphy that allowed him to sharply decrease the incumbent’s lead – to as close as 4% in one poll – despite New Jersey being a deep-blue state.

He made a particular focus of reaching out to frum communities in Lakewood and beyond. His efforts paid off: Ciattarelli won the Lakewood vote in a landslide, being awarded over 60% of votes cast in the township

UPDATE: Murphy received approximately 19,000 more than Ciattarelli.

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  1. if only people would not listen to polls, Jack might have won There were so many people in Lakewood that did not vote. They didn’t vote either they believed their vote won’t help or they were too lazy. Now look what we got

  2. To all the big talkers in Lakewood.

    Had everyone eligible voted, then either Murphy would have easily won, and realized that Lakewood numbers really matter, OR his opponent would have won strictly due to Lakewood votes.
    The way things turned out, with only a third of people casting their ballots, no matter which candidate actually carried the election, the residents of Lakewood proved themselves to be less valuable as voters, for the future, and for ALL politicians to see.
    Great accomplishment!

  3. Lower turnout for conservatives in New Jersey based on the 11% polls!

    The 4% was just one pill that was allowed to pass big media, but we knew this in 2016 and 2020 so there is nothing new here.

    Move along, folks.
    Nothing to see here.

  4. We receive so much and yet can’t simply go out and vote. I agree if the conservative base came out to vote Jack would have won, but it is a busha the frum sit and just take and can’t be makir tov and in addition just show our vote counts. We are spoiled and we need to wake up before it is to late.

    • I disagree, an abstention from voting is a vote when you’re part of a bloc. The main thing is to *register* as a voter. Voting is secondary.

      There’s a reason the Vaad endorsed Murphy but didn’t push a “get put the vote” campaign like they have in previous years. Remember, there was a bigger push by the Vaad/establishment to vote in 2020 (when we could show Murphy how powerful we could be) than there was this year (when a get out the vote campaign could have actually hurt us because of the local pro-Jack sentiments)

    • Voting is a personal choice and it really would be better to vote and not get into all the machlochos. Taking Advantage- Yes, just as long as you get bought off with all the free stuff -Sell your neshoma -Vote for the liberal democrats and all the toevah they stand for. No Emunah V’Bitachon – I’d rather receive my $ from Hashem and be able to sleep at night. All the emails I have been getting from Yeshivah Beis Yisroel with the Q&E of Rav Miller zt”l makes it very clear what the moral choice in an election is. Do whatever you want, but please don’t lecture me about hakoras hatov. I prefer to work, declare my income and not live off the government so I can sleep at night, knowing that I did not sell my soul. I called my Posek in Lakewood, and after hanging up the phone, I was able to vote guilt free for the Conservative Candidate. Don’t lecture me; I don’t lecture my friends, family, co-workers and no one needs to know who I voted for.

  5. If there wouldn’t have been so many robo calls confusing people so many more people would have gone out to vote. I keep on hearing from people that they didn’t know what to do, so they decided not to vote. Chaval!!!!

  6. I thought it was a given with all the messages about rachmanim bnei rachmanim to vote for Jack who promised to release R’ Eiseman…
    The only reason why the Vaad didn’t endorse Ciatterelli was to prevent a Chillul Hashem in their assumption that Murphy was winning anyways.

  7. Hi,

    This election should be a wake up call for the holy Vaad And the out of touch aguda.
    The people clearly didnt want to vote for murphy yet they didnt vote ( over 30,000 ppl voted for trump in lkwd just a yr ago but now only 18,000 in total voted)
    Maybe just maybe if our elites were actually in touch with the common folk peopl wouldve voted and Jack shouldve won.
    Instead the aguda and the elites say they arent a politcal machine and only kiss up to one guy. OUR HATZLACHA is NOT based of one fool in trenton!
    Wake Up Mr Shcnell!!

  8. Such a big shame.
    Lakewood votes could’ve tipped this election.
    So many people in Lakewood didn’t want to go against “Daas torah” but they didn’t want to vote for Murphy either so they just didn’t vote at all.

    Big big shame!!

    It was still a big win that Lakewood was able to garner over 11k votes for Jack!!! This would’ve never happened even 5 years ago.

  9. Charpess ubushus, that people don’t vote
    If everyone in the kehula would have voted , Lakewood would have a solid 100,000 votes, and every political hack would have courted BMG with anything they need.

  10. I did not go vote. I really felt that Murphy is not right for me as a frum jew and not right for the values that our Kehilla has. On the other hand, I am uncomfortable voting against what the Rosh Yeshiva shlita said.

    So I was “shev ve’al taseh”.

    • I used to think like you, I was mevatel my opinion assuming the “Vaad” new better. But, starting around 10 years ago it became clear that the Vaads candidates were bad for Lakewood and the people living in it.

      Instead of dictating to the people who to vote for, primarily against their best interests, the Vaad could have been useful if they actually represented the interests of the people

  11. As predicted, Ocean county made national news! Politicians beware (VAAD members included): You better shape up and deliver to ALL NJ residents. We cannot be bought off and we will hold ALL of you accountable! Democratic congressman, YOU ARE NEXT!

  12. Projected winner? By who? Not a single other news source has given the win to Murphy. WHY are you so excited to do so?
    And congrats to those who believed the big lie that Murphy was drastically ahead in the polls. He was not. Their strategy was, and continues to be, lying so that you believe that the democrat will win by a landslide so u might as well vote for him. That’s the most ridiculous thinking I have ever heard. Hopefully we have all learned our lesson – THE MEDIA LIES, AND ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED.
    Vote for the right candidate for the job, no matter what the “projected outcome” will be.

  13. All of you preaching “Makir Tov”, I sincerely hope you don’t forget to be “makir tov” if Murphy manages to “find” enough votes to win, and passes the vaccine mandates and your kid has to stay home for not getting the vax. Or maybe you’ll give your kids the vax because you so appreciate everything Murphy has done?! WAKE UP!

  14. The Vaad needs to create Achdus by representing the needs of the people. Reb Ashar was pushed under the bus. Everyone u need to understand any one of us could be in the same position as reb ashar. We are in golus.if we dont feel confident the vaad will be there for each individual. Why rely on the vaad. Only a fool would do that. DONT U SEE U ARE BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. the vaad is having a good laugh.on our expense. In addition the vaad is daas bal ha’bos why would a yeshiva man vote based on the Vaad.lets daven Jack wins and helps Reb Asher

  15. Hindsight is 20/20 but if we are to be intellectually honest then one thing needs to be recognized. Based on the amount of votes that seem to have made the difference, had the VAAD endorsed Ciattarelli he would have come out on top.

    So while Hakoras Hatov is still an applicable argument, the argument that Murphy was going to win anyway no matter how we voted turned out to be factually incorrect. I realize that hindsight is 20/20 but a post-mortem look is always something we should do to guide us in future elections.

  16. B”H I voted. I almost did not go because I believed the polls and felt my one vote for the Republican Candidate would do nothing. In the end I voted to appease my conscience, after asking my Lakewood Posek a sheilah. What a chidush -it’s not an aveirah to vote opposite the VAAD and BMG. B”H, I slept guilt free, knowing that my vote probably didn’t do anything, but at least I can live with myself. Chaval more people didn’t do the same, or else the ‘shoo-in’ would be a ‘shoo-out’. Big lesson in life. People have to start thinking for themselves and asking their own sheilos.

  17. live updates show Jack leading by about 500 votes. not sure how you can project a winner yet. it will be a while before winner can be announced.

  18. After 30 years the County machines went electronic touch screen. Murphy made that happen with your taxpayer dollars. Think about that.

  19. There is something a bit sinister in TLS calling the results for Murphy. Such a headline inevitably attracts eyeballs, TLS hedging it’s bets with minimal risk. לא זו הדרך..

  20. Wow S209, that is some real spin.

    The reality is the Vaad is over.They convinced people to vote for Murphy because Ciatterilli could not win. They were wrong, very wrong.

    A lot of people stayed home because they were conflicted. So while the Vaad won Murphy the election, they list Lakewood.

    Everything Murphy implements ( or fails to address) from high taxes to vaccine mandates to plastic bag bans, is on the Vaad.

  21. I don’t know who is in charge of the VAAd and I’ve made my own decisions who to vote for for years already. I voted for Ciatterelli and I usually only vote Republican.

  22. The VAAD is making terrible Mistake where Lakewood got transportation and Jackson and Tom River didn’t get transportation and you wonder why Lakewood Traffic is horrible because you all voted for Democrats!!!! This is one terrible thing you don’t see why we all Parents are having hard life these days .

  23. First of all – I trust TLS on the projection.
    They’re never wrong.
    The much worse problem is Murphy winning the state but having lost in Lakewood.
    And the turnout was a busha.
    V’ani B’sochum, – I didn’t vote & I didn’t push my wife &/or kids to vote, either.
    We were all conflicted.

    • Conflicted is a stage on the path to recovery. First stage is being a naive puppet to vote against your own interests, second stage is conflicted, final stage is using the mind you were given to make intelligent decisions

  24. Througout years our Gedolim, Reb Moshe, Reb Yaakov, the Noviminsh, Rav Avigdor Miller & most NY Rosh zyeshivas extrnded lunch break on Election Day so that bochurim, young marrieds & other would vote.

    Registration is step 1 & the essential step is entering the polling station or mail- in hogwash.

    Thanks to the new “ Lakewooders” the immigrants from Bklyn, voting has turned to the Republicans. Will the vote set towards Murphy —your taxes will rise, services be lessened, mask mandates & more progressive education.

    I guess we will see more welcomed residents to South Florida & the holy land from Lakewood!!

  25. I know very little about the inner workings of the government. The Vaad and Aguda know A LOT about it. We have no idea how many relationships have been cultivated and how many problems have been averted by these askanim working with the government. I preferred to rely on their experience and vote as they recommend! They know the problems with Murphy just like you all do, and still recommended him. Still, I was very confused by the many messages and opinions, and almost didn’t vote. I agree with those who wrote that many people didn’t vote bec they were confused. At the end I did go out bec I know that the main thing is for politicians to see that there’s we are voters, and take our needs seriously.

  26. I share the sentiments of many of the other posters, the “polls” and the dissemination of same was merely MANiPULATION on the part of many
    These polls weren’t real, they were a way to discourage ppl to go out and vote for the opponent, convince ppl that it’s helpless, so they either don’t vote or vote counter to their preferences
    I’ve been in lkwd for 30 years and gone are the days that you’re going to shove things down our throats (moderated)
    It’s time to vote for the benefit of the overwhelming majority – hard working Americans, not for more taxation which goes to a select few
    Stop laying on the guilt, we are allowed to exercise our voting power to benefit Tge majority
    We have the highest real estate taxes in the country – why, because of private bussing? that’s an insult to our intelligence, simple math tells you that the amount of surplus per household doesn’t come close to tge cost of private bussing
    No more coersion, let’s think for ourselves and watch this community thrive with honesty and integrity
    And yes, we can do so with unity, when the leaders empathize with the causes of the hamon am

    • #42, well said. The only reason there is no united bloc is because their are powerful groups who are somehow successful in convincing naive new-comers to vote against there own interests

  27. I used to wonder if the community I live had it right. The Vaad, Roshei Yeshiva, and Rabbonim refuse to endorse any candidate or even say who they’re voting for (which I think is sometimes illegal).
    The most you would get is the political savvy president of the Yeshiva when asked by people who didn’t want to do their own research and trusted him, he would say who he’s voting for, but NEVER endorsed anyone or created an overt or covert feeling you should vote like him.
    After watching this election in Lakewood the last few weeks I say Baruch Hashem for the chochma of the Rabbonim here.

  28. Dear TLS- correction, of all those on Lakewood who voted for Murphy would have voted for Ciatarelli, it would have only added a little over 7,000 votes so he would still be 12,000 short.

    To Yossele and others, it’s on most all news outlets including AP, Politico, etc

  29. Good! Murphy has his liberal mishegasin; but he’s a nice quiet man ; he’s got a nice Jewish wife and kids; we may not hear the screaming from all the little kids from being stuck and jabbed with covid-19 vaccine needles as well as screaming and cursing from the parents as I think Ciatterelli exaggerated it.
    He won by 49/49 margin and not by a 75/24 margin because:
    1. Ciatterelli ran a very very aggressive campaign against him.
    2. Voters found out that his wife is Jewish (4 years ago no one knew).
    3. HaShem wanted it that way.

  30. The VAAD don’t need tell anyone who vote for and they are blown under the Roof by hurting Thousands of people who are don’t have Bussing and now they have hurt people in the Community too and Driver License issues too and All they care is Money for BMG !!!! They don’t care how many Parents are suffering these days !!! Route 9 situation!!!!

  31. Murphy did well in Lakewood. He grew his Lakewood vote by 20%.
    In 2017 he only got 5758 votes. In 2021 he got 7112 votes and still counting.

  32. Maybe if everyone who went out to vote would actually have been able to vote…. So many ppl left after waiting 20-30 minutes and many never came in to polling station because of vehicle traffic and lack of parking. And then there were those that came but due to lack of voting didn’t make it in before the 8.00pm cutoff.

  33. Many of us are upset tonight. It is frustrating. There is nothing to do about this years elections outcome, yet a lot to be learnt about future elections. We have seen time and time again how wrong pollsters are. In the future, no matter how many times we are told to vote for a specific candidate ” bec he is by far the winning candidate anyway and the candidate needs to see that we supported him” let us remember this day, and how wrong all predictions were.

  34. In a related story, suitcases and cardboard boxes loaded with mail-in ballots exclusively, are turning up by the dozens, at ballot tallying facilities throughout New Jersey. Most seem to be delivered by white panel vans advertising “DEM-PRESS PRINTING”…

    Here we go again.

  35. i heard from an extemely reliable source that an extremely choshuv person who is not one of the bmg rosh yeshivos told people close to him to vote for murphy. he said he heard a lot of murphys shitos and that he is a good guy to vote for.

  36. In response to #56: The Vaad is a group of Ehrlicha Rabbonim whom are all huge talmidei chachumim; and as a result of the vaad the Lakewood area exploded like this; in other towns parents pay $30,000.00 tuition per child & the children must wear masks and be tested weekly; in other cities with cheap tuition and cheap housing are very very far away and one must bentch gomel after each time we leave there alive without getting shot or stabbed; And if only everyone will listen to the Vaad.

  37. Dear truth!
    If those 7,000 would have voted for citarelli, plus the 13,000 people that did not go out to vote like they did for Trump 5 years ago, plus allot more that have become eligible to vote – but didn’t because they were told not to – then Cittarelli could have won and so much could have been stopped and fixed! (unless ofcourse they unload more fake ballots from the suitcases). However, everything is bashert and the will of Hashem… Gam zu l’toiva!

  38. Reading these responses, I have a sincere question: Due to separation of church and state, aren’t religious organizations not allowed to endorse political candidates, or they give up their tax-exempt status? How are any religious leaders allowed to tell the Lakewood community who to vote for?

  39. Shocking that all the fake ballots were accidentally delivered to NJ, when the bigger stakes were in VA. Perhaps a conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory?

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