BREAKING NEWS: Seitler, Zlatkin, Fink And Ganzalez Win BOE Elections By Landslide

seitler fink zlatkin_wmFIRST REPORT 10:57 p.m.: (PHOTOS) Seitler, Fink, Zlatkin and Ganzalez have just been declared the winners of this year’s BOE elections, by a landslide vote. Carl Fink came in with the most votes at 4,540. The following are the final numbers: Yisrael Friedman 707 4.28%- Yechezkel Seitler 3,898 23.62% – Isaac Zlatkin 3,931 23.82% – Carl Fink 4,540 27.51% – Morris Wilder 1,535 9.30% – Tracey Tift 1,786 10.82% Write-In 108 0.65% Total 16,505 100.00% Ada Gonzalez 3,859 83.22% Write-In 778 16.78% Total 4,637 100.00%. Budget was voted down: Yes 659 10.79% – No 5,448 89.21%. CONGRATULATIONS!

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  1. Mazal Tov to the winners. Hopefully they will fulfill their promise of keeping the budget at the same amount as last year. Maybe next year we will be even lucky to get a reduction for a change!

  2. I would like to THANK EVERYONE for supporting me, it has been my HONOR to serve on the BOE and the community as a whole.

    Congratulation to the New BOE members

  3. These guys ran an issues-driven, focused campaign for integrity, fiscal responsibility, transparency and caring for all of Lakewood’s school children. They brought the whole town together like never before. They richly deserve this awesome victory. MazalTov.

  4. How sad, the only concern of these candidates and their supporters is the budget, money. Nothing is ever said about the quality of the education. So much for new school books. I voted in the middle school library today. The place is in deplorable shape. I suppose those children are not as valuable as the private school children. I suppose in the lust of lowering of the budget, our public school children must carry the burden. Maybe they can share desks or be required to bring their own toilet paper to school. After all it will save money.

  5. To Raven..I guess you never saw what some of the private schools look like.Mazel Tov to the lac…You guys are great and you did it again..I am glad to finally see a group of guys who really meen what they say..And care about all of us and our tax burden

  6. I know these guys and there will be no sweet heart deals with them..A bunch of lac guys with integrity,something sorely lacking these days

  7. Hey sorry Raven,

    I hope you can get a few dollars together to fix that school of yours that’s in disrepair-just don’t come to us just like we don’t come to you for ours. As another commenter said it seems you haven’t seen what state of disrepair MANY of our schools look like.

  8. Mazel tov to all of us taxpayers! B”H for the LAC, and B”H for a better Lakewood! I hope LAC will “do it again” for HERSHAL! IY”H real positive change and ACCOUNTABILITY for all taxpayers and ALL school children.

    Thanks LAC for working on our behalf, hatzlocha rabbah!!

  9. come see our libraries in our schools WE DONT HAVE ANY! AND WE ALSO PAY LOTS OF TAXES AND LOTS OF TUITION . just say thankyou that we don’t invade the public schools. just imagine one day if we would register our 40k plus students then the taxes would skyrocket on the costs of the kosher lunches alone . just be grateful and if you need new books just ask Obama , he’ll print up some money for it

  10. on behalf of hershey hershkowitz, zach pactberg, tyrone yungerman, michael I , the coffee room, mark levin , elvis, bubby, lakewooder, bill hobday, old goyim billy, orthomom, BOB SINGER, menashe miller and all the batlanim of TLS , we’d like to wish the winners a hearty mazel tov NOW GET TO WORK AND KEEP OUR TAXES DOWN .

  11. Can someone provide a list of new school books that are needed? I may be able to arrange something. please contact TLS with a list of which subjects, amounts and grades are needed.
    Congratulations to all the LAC boys, it was a pleasure talking to some of you regarding important school issues. Hopefully we will get to work together and find solutions to all the problems discussed in this election.

  12. Raven. It would be great to have all schools lavishly outfitted with shiny marble floors, top of the line furniture etc. You are more than welcome to donate your own hard earned money for such a “worthy” cause, but public funds must not be used for extras. Visit almost any of our schools and you’ll see in what conditions our children spend most of the day. Your definition of what’s a necessity will take on an entirery different dimension if it’s YOUR money that has to foot the bill.
    Our schools manage to run with spending less than $5000 on average per student.
    We MUST cut the BOE expenses drastically, and the newly elected members have an extraordinary ambition to do just that! Wishing them much success.

  13. Mazel tov to all the winners

    As what I hear all day and is that they are getting rid of michael as the boe attorney I would like to pose some questions to all u new boe members.

    1) Who are you hiring if michael leaves??
    2) If u do hire a new lawyer what makes you think michael will not sue the boe again and again and win??
    3) If it is possible that the new boe lawyer can beat michael in court want it cost you the same as michael pay check
    4) Will you cut schi money??

  14. 1) There are very reputable firms that specializes in BoE. They represent over 20 other districts and would beat MI hands down in any case
    2) they are good, very good
    3) No he will be scared to expose his shenanigans
    4) No. After an exhaustive internal review of their finances, and an agreeable third party arbitrator for future expenditures, they will have 100% support

  15. If you knew anything it well help as known to all michael never lost a case as a special ed lawyer!! U can say he steal u cas say he charges to much but come on!!

  16. I remember when Jonathan Silver won last year we were promised the world. Now we have the supposed dream slate of Fink, Seitler, & Zlatkin. Silver is also still on the board. Now with such a dramatic shift there hopefully will be no more Terutzim that they are not the majority and can not effect change.

  17. We must Thank Reb Yisroel Friedman a true Shliach Tzibbur who only ran at the request of the Askanim, and when the Igud decided that it would benefit the Tzibbur to have others on the Board he agreed without hesitation not to do Any campaigning. A true friend of the Tzibbur! Lakewood needs more of such individuals, who are true Askanim with only the Tzibburs benefit in mind. Thank You Reb Yisroel Friedman!!!!

  18. To Raven:
    Wow…… What a stupid thing to say………
    No worries – As soon as the private schools figure out how to get their taxes to cover at least part of the tuition – I’d bet hard that you’ll figure it out……

  19. Mr. Zlatkin, Mr. Seitler, and Mr. Fink,

    Have you mailed back your Census Forms yet? – That will also help keep our taxes down.

  20. To All who are commenting to Raven, haven’t you heard of the separation of church and state? You don’t see Calvery, and Holy Family say hey where is our cut and that’s not enough, and it’s not fair the public schools are getting everything, we want more.

    First of all, the public schools are supposed to get the money! It is your choice to separate your children and put them in A PRIVATE RELIGIOUS school.

    And lets get another thing clear, the children in the public schools are not getting all of the $12,000 per student, that’s what MI puts on paper. That money went right out the back door, you know we no it, so let’s be real!!


    I have been in this town longer then most of the Orthodox Community Members and what I have seen over the years is a crime. As you started moving in you started pushing out and taking over. Now we were willing to share with all of you, little did we know the feeling were not mutual. Now that you have the majority in this once lovely town you continue to push, stomp, run over and run out the rest of us like dirt on your shoe. Tell me…how different are you then the street gangs you also brought in this town? HUH!!! ANSWER THAT!!!
    You talk of ALL the public school children as if they ALL have no future, they are ALL criminals, there parents don’t care. Well let me tell you I am one of MANY parents that do care, and these children as a majority are GREAT kids trying to make the best out of what this town that thinks so little of them give to them in order to have a future. THE TEST SCORES CAN SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES on that! So tell me, this behavior is not teaching your children to be criminals? IF YOU WANT WHAT YOU SEE JUST HIT THEM OVER THE HEAD AND TAKE IT. HMMM!!!

  21. Hey Hey…. slow down there SMH….. First of all – did you fill out your Census form?

    Second of all….. GO TO………..

  22. Not soo fast.
    Although the people spoke I don’t thing the new young board members can stand up to the big boys on the vaad, look what happenes with the lac and corzine they were sold on some promise about re 9 and went along with the vaad. we need the senior team of Silver and Fink to lead and stand up to the big boys in the establishment.

  23. Property taxes pay for public schools. The system in place is, if you live in a town, you send your children to the schools funded by your taxes. You can choose not to send your children to public school. You can enroll them in any private school of your choice. That doesnt mean you pay less property taxes or are entitled to something else. Its your choice. Stop moaning and groaning about how “we pay for the schools but dont use them” Thats you choice.

  24. I agree with Raven! and SMH!! Tracey took a lost and still congratulated everyone else’s win! You say these men are for our kids! I haven’t seen them at one board meeting! i guess time will tell. Your agenda will come to light eventually. As for LAC being the only relevant group…..time will tell as well who really wants to UNITE lakewood.

  25. Hang In there SMH… just doing a little research here to explore Where the money comes from and where the money goes to. So Far the money comes from the Majority of Lakewood’s taxes and goes to fund the Minority of Lakewood’s population. Hmm…. Not so good……something smells funny….

  26. And there also is a law that children need to be bussed to school…So why do you guys have a problem with our bussing! Wouldnt we be bussed to public school if we went??

  27. #44 You have a lot of nerve asking me that personal question. Are you about to disclose to me what you’ve done….I’m waiting?

    Second of all….I won’t be the one, I assure you!!!

  28. I am orthodox. However, I am sorry to burst your bubble I have a friend who sends their child to Holy Family, and yes they feel the same way I do. That is, enough is enough. We the taxpayers, can only afford so much there is no more to give. The public schools are going to have to live within their means just as the rest of us do. The way to do that may be just to weed out the waste and corruption. Well let them get some backbone and go ahead and do that. That is the message that is being sent. But the days of a blank check are gone we don’t have the money, finished.

    You are reading an orthodox blog so you are getting an orthodox view (in some cases, extreme and unreasonable) but everyone that has been trying to be fiscally responsible while watching the BOE do whatever they please is as frustrated as we are.

    We are not asking for you to fund the religious private schools. We are just pointing out that we don’t have as much as you imagine we have and are managing to educate our children on that, so too, we expect the BOE (not to give us anything) just to make a better attempt to live within their means.

    Now you will bring up busing.
    The answer is that as you pointed out in BOLD the STATE allows the township to provide courtesy busing to all the children as a safety measure and it is not considered a breach of the separation between church and state, therefore, it is ALLOWED to be provided to all.

    Living within our means applies to all the expenditures of the BOE, including courtesy busing. The cuts should be done fairly.

  29. I say all public school parents unite and get a lawyer to represnt our children.And file a law suit against the lakewood BOE and lakewood township.

  30. To know your facts, obviously you have not been SCHI school, or the girls school next door on Oak St. You can take that 5,000 per student and multiply it several times. And the biggest scam is that not one non orthodox student attends that school, but yet town taxpayers are paying for it! Obviously certain BOE members are more concerned with their own agendas, or their friends agendas!

  31. A 4% wage increase while the rest of the common folk have either been laid off or at best raise frozen for the last couple of years.

    Not contributing a dime to health benefits FOR LIFE, while the rest of us count our lucky stars if we even have a health plan that asks us to contribute 30% of the cost and to pay co-pays, deductibles, maximums, etc.

    The BOE didn’t even attempt to address these issues when setting up the budget. This is the kind of fiscal irresponsibility we are concerned about.

    SMH, I don’t know if you work or you are receiving public assistance but if you think long and hard about it, what is being asked for is just some common fiscal sense, not “give us more money, don’t give it to the public school students”

  32. Question for Zlatkin, Seitler and co:

    What are you doing to ensure that your actions will not CH”V cause a backlash of Sinas Yisroel? You don’t have to answer me as the primary time you will to deal with these questions will be after 120 years, but still it would be nice to know.

  33. Ok, here is the million dollar question. Everyone keep talking about private schools and how many students they have enrolled in them, but, do we know where these schools are located?
    1. Is there a listing with names and addresses of these schools?
    2. Is there a listing with the principals, vice principals for these schools?
    3. Where are these private schools located?
    We all know where the public schools are and who are in charge.

  34. to cee92 – Hate to break it to you but that’s where the funding goes – to some – and only some…… No it does not go to the Majority of Lakewood’s population. THat even one person of Lakewood’s minority didn’s fill it out – seems to tell us

    It’s okay -No need to fill out the Census – First because the Orthodox filled it out and second – we’ll get the Orthdox’s taxpayer money anyhow so let’s just sit around – be lazy – Let the orthodox business owners pay taxes and we’ll get the minoroties c hildren. And then when they try to do something about it we’ll post stupid and ignorant blogs about how bad the orthodox are and haow they ruined this town by bringing in business developing nice neighborhoods, yeah… those orthodox jews just ruin this oplace because their children aren’t the hottest topic in the Asbury Park Press’s section on gangs in lakewood.

    Keep it up –
    Are we noticing a loss of the mind here?

  35. To Bob – How would you like it if the orthodox enrolled 25,000 student’s in the public schools here?
    Under Federal Law the schools will have to accomodate their religious values
    Bob – was that you I recall complaining about how the NY Schools passed a law allowing the Arabic school girls to come dressed in their religious Garb?

    I can Just see the headlines
    BOB from the Lakewood scoop is on a strong campaign to block the Public schools decision to allow 25,000 orthodox children to enroll in their facilities. “This means that we will have to take to many religious sensitivities into the Lakewood Public schools. this means that our children’s education will be compromised because of all these Federal laws requiring religious freedom” say Bob…..

    You know something – maybe that’s not a bad idea……

  36. PS to BOB and cee92 – in addition to the above – Did you fill out your census form? It’s a yes or no question and we’re anxiously awaiting your response.

  37. To # 53, I didn’t bring up the busing issue, so get your facts right. Go back and read what I put in bold.

    Now what you All are not understanding is, we agree that the board is misusing the monies with out a doubt, but what you all don’t understand is that this money is not being spent on our children either. These children are not being taught, the years are being wasted on teaching to a test they don’t pass, why? Because they are not being taught. My daughter is in 11th grade and wants to be a teacher, but I can tell you I am worried because even though she is honor roll she doesn’t have enough to pass a test for college. What is that? The money is NOT going to these children in anyway. When you have children who enter into to High Sch and their IQ drops 3rd year in…there’s a problem! We have children who want to be musicians and or artists, what happens to them when they don’t receive the college requirements from HS? You tell me!! All this talk about the public school kids getting to much. You need to get your facts straight, because I think the State would beg to differ.

    And by the way I’m not on public asst. Thanks for asking! And I’m a tax payer as well!!!!


    And this – “As you started moving in you started pushing out and taking over”

    And this “So tell me, this behavior is not teaching your children to be criminals? IF YOU WANT WHAT YOU SEE JUST HIT THEM OVER THE HEAD AND TAKE IT. HMMM!!!”

    Get your facts straight……

    you utilize the Public schools don’t ya?

    so what does this mean? – “And by the way I’m not on public asst. Thanks for asking! And I’m a tax payer as well!!!!”

    Yup – we’re definitely confused……

  39. Any of you thinking getting rid of MI is thinking wrong . . he will sue and win as proven in the past . . Look at his track record even against other firms who represent boards when he represents parents . . He has a stellar track record

  40. PS – SMH – Did you fill out your census form? – just a little survey we’re taking on TLS – It seems your daughter can use more educational dollars…….. maybe some more college scholarships……

  41. Raven and all other Lakewood residents. I am sure after the first year you will see lots of changes that will be better for all the children of Lakewood. The libraries will have books for the children, the quality of education will be better then before. How will this happen: Open all contracts to bids, Lakwood has been overpaying for services for years

  42. Great. So we are in agreement, we can all be friends.

    Hopefully these new BOE members will put the BOE house in order, ensure that the money goes to educating the kids and if the BOE staff i.e. superintendents, BOE attorney (who for some reason seems to be in charge), etc. continue to resist and insist on applying the cuts to what affects the kids as opposed to stopping the waste, patronage and corruption then they need to be replaced with those that will.

    All we are saying is that the money that goes to the public school today should be more then enough (if used properly) to educate the children and allow them to be all that they can be.

    I do have a question. Why isn’t your daughter being educated to an 11th grade standard? Is the teacher lousy and can’t be fired (a union problem)? I don’t think a shabby looking school library (as mentioned above) would be the cause of this. Are there too many disruptive kids in the school that don’t allow learning to happen? How would more money solve this?
    I don’t think additional field trips is what will make or break your daughter’s ability to excel and be anything she wants to be, if she continues to apply herself to it, as you seem to say she does.

    Good luck and I hope your daughter excels and makes you proud.

  43. hey 67 And you think that’s really funny.Some of us tax-payers want our children to go to college how dare you belittle our children.And yes I filled out my cenus form.Did you oh wait you live in a basement apartment so you did’nt get it

  44. I am a responsible public school parent, taxpaying homeowner, employed, has filled out and returned my census, have respectable law-abiding family and friends across every community and I believe in the power of unity to overcome.

    Everyone needs to stop and take a self evaluation. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? There are people in every community within the town who are upright citizens doing the right things to help the entire town and its residents, while there are others across every community who are hinderances and nuisances who continously work to divide the town based on economic status, nationality, creed, etc. Enough! We have serious problems in Lakewood with corruption, inadequate education system, mismanagement of affordable housing and unfortunately discrimination, top to bottom – left to right, and the adults (parent or not) need to collectively work together to stop it + stop putting children and their futures in the midst of the cross-fire + stop teaching “bad learned behavior” by example. Lakewood has a history of having various nationalities and age groups within its borders, and is known for pulling together for the right things in the town. Name calling, stereotyping, blaming and bashing are not helping to root out corruption and discrimination. Unfortunately, it is causing unnecessary tension in the town amongst the common people while the problems continue to run a muck.

    I believe we have all been misled, lied to, bamboozeled and ripped off for too long. It seems to be the overall concensus to oust MI as BOE Attorney, if that’s the plan so be it. Just do not jepordize any of the children’s education in the midst of your mission.

  45. Mazaltov to ALL the Winners: The 3 new Board members. Yoni Silver. The Igud, for a clear victory: 4 out of 4 it endorsed won. Shui Schmuckler. Children with special needs in Lakewood whose grants will no longer be plundered. Children enrolled in public AND in private schools. The senior communities for paving the way and saving the day. The biggest winners: Lakewood Taxpayers. And lest we forget, Mrs Yisrael Friedman.

  46. – To Anonymous – I see the sentiment turning from offensive racial comments to defensive “don’t you dare say that about us”

    Thank you.

    That’s all I was asking for. Instead of sitting around and and blasphemously alleging negative and racially offensive ideas – take the time to educate your children in a culturally healthy environment.

    What have you done?

    And two points for you for filling out the Census.

  47. I for one, the commenter to SMH, am willing to step across the divide and give you a virtual handshake. We should all come together and do what is right for all of us (public school children, taxpayers, seniors (who are footing the bill) private school children, etc.) in a fair equitable manner.

  48. Anyone know the answers to these questions?

    1. Is there a listing with names and addresses for the private schools?
    2. Is there a listing with the principals, vice principals for the private schools?
    3. Where are these private schools located?

  49. To SMH

    As a retired public school teacher who is part of the orthodox community, I can attest to the fact that there are many, many outstanding teachers in our school system. These are devoted individuals who give their life to educate the children of Lakewood. I gave 35 years to this noble cause! If students are not equipped for a college curriculum, I would say it’s not the teachers’ fault. Many, if not most parents in the school system do not even due the minimum to ensure their child’s success.

    You sound like a responsible parent. But how many read to their children every night? How many make sure that their children are well fed and have had a good night’s sleep so that they can learn properly the next day? How many have a mother and a father at home with them so that they see the semblance of a solid family structure? How many limit their child’s t.v. and internet use so that they will have more time to do their homework? I can go on and on…

    What I can tell you is that all the years that I taught in the system (Clarke, Clifton, Oak, Middle School, Spruce) we urged the parent body to go out and vote. We were always perplexed how so few parents responded.

    Our schools and our teachers are doing a great job!

    P.S. I.Q.’s don’t drop. That is an intelligence test. Only in special cases are students tested for their I.Q. Do you mean your daughter’s standardized test scores?


    To SMH: I understand your frustration. There is little to no accountability in the public school system and also little to no choice. The new BOE needs to deal with this issue as well. The point that I would make is that there is more than enough funding to provide a first class education to the Lakewood public school child. It needs to be applied in the right places and teachers and “parents” need to be involved and held accountable. Throwing more money at the problem will not fix a thing. Diverting money from the private school system will not fix a thing. Accountability is the only answer. For this we must work together as a town Orthodox and not, Jewish and not, parent and not… these are OUR children and they will be the face of our community. We owe to them and we owe it to ourselves and our children. I would suggest a group of concerned parents from the public school sector together with a group of parents from the private school sector visit various schools in the community. The public schools and some private schools and share ideas, better understand one another so that we can make improvements and learn “best practices” from each other. Let’s stop talking past each other and work together to solve the problems we all share… high taxes, better education, and just plain old civility.

    I offer my time and experience to help coordinate such an effort (no I’m not running for anything) if there are other like minded parents who care to do the same, please reach out to TLS, they know how to find me.

  51. For all those laidergayers in lakewood who have nothing better to do in their life except waste time posting comments remember the halachos of chilul hashem and just remember the attitude that everything is coming to you stinks. I’m sure Hashem is shepping nachas!
    Harbei goyim korai hawebsite hazeh-bear that in mind and try to use your noodles.

  52. to #81 Torah Truth and like-minded. Accountability at every level is key. I can’t speak for all public school parents however I know quite a few who are willing to meet and work with private school parents to share ideas, better understand one another so that improvements can be made and we learn best practices from each other.

  53. To SMH; I can see your frustration in your posts. I can easily identify with your frustration and feelings about how you perceive the orthodox community. I would like to give you my perspective from what you feel is the other side(the orthodox). I am orthodox, living in Lakewood 12 years and equally frustrated with the corruption and back door deals that have plagued this town. All that I and many others I’ve spoken to in my neighborhood want, is fiscal responsibility in all aspects of government. As others have mentioned here, there is more than enough tax revenue in this town to provide an excellent education to each and every public school student and then some. It is the wasteful spending, lack of competitive bidding for special ed and other services i.e. boe attorney that’s draining away funding from where it rightfully belongs which is the teachers & textbooks. I would like to think that you or any other parent would agree. As far as the insulting statements about the orthodox, It’s sad that you just label an entire community and refuse to judge an individual person on his or her own merits, and while I do realize that the isolation of the orthodox can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding, realize that most of us do want for this town to be a nice quiet peaceful harmonies place that we can all call HOME!
    Good Luck!

  54. I’m in total agreement with you #86. I too have kids in the public school and i’m ready whenever anyone wants to meet to discuss ways in which we can better work together for the good of all the school kids (public/private) and all the residents of this wonderful historic town.
    This is why i’m always at the school board meetings expressing my frustrations when things arent been done in a fair manner.
    Congrats to the new candidates, lets see what you are going to do, time will tell.

  55. The point that I think Raven, SMH and the other public school parents on this forum is missing is this: we are not asking for our private school tutions to be paid for by the government. Sending to parochial schools is our choice and we are willing to pay for it in order to preserve our heritage. What we have a problem with is the fact that 80% of taxes that fund the public schools and all other services in Lakewood ARE actually paid for by private school parents. We end up benefitting so little for so much put in- how are we supposed to react to the fact that the BOE tries to cut bussing for us on holidays, snow plowing or whatnot? It is very frustrating to us. We are also trying to figure out how we are all able to educate 45,000 students on a showstring budget- the high end of the average tuition is 5,000$ a year- and in this economis climate, there are so many parents who are not paying nearly that amount. The grossly inflated amount that is dispensed per child of 12,000$ a year or whatever the exact number is just makes us want to take the BOE and shake some sense into them. Although, to be fair, they are not the only ones misappropriating funds. I firmly believe that the creation of the teachers unions has played a huge role in the shape the schools are in today. Look at the auto industry. Detroit is a gohst town, as everyone else is recovering. The unions took a booming, thriving industry and brought it to its knees. I do not mean to go off on a tangent about the auto indistry and unions, but you must recognize their role in the budget issue. There is much to be undone until things can run optimally. Hopefully over this year, we will see positive change. Please don;t go hating on us until you understand our frustrations, though. Also, it can not be overstated that we are extremely frustrated to see our very hard-earned tax dollars going to educate the children of illegal immigrants who work off the books, drain the government of vital funds and have absolutely no intention of ever changing the status quo and making a worthwhile contribution to society. Please do not take this the wrong way. I am orthodox, but I have very close friends who are either not orthodox or not jewish. They are invited to my house and all my family celebrations. I am so happy to live in a diverse city. and I am glad to see that their are parents out there that care and try to make the future brighter for theor children. It is frustrating though to see that the vast majority of public school parents to not actually care about their childrens future or if their kids join gangs or choose to further their education. a few years back, I was looking at a house on the market. The owner was a policeman and he was looking to move out of Lakewood becasue he said he was paying such an obscene amount of money to send his kids to private school, but as a cop, he knew what went on in the public schools here and he would never send his kids. He was moving to Toms River to get a quality public school education. What a tragic commentary on the school system here. and to all a good night.

  56. TO #26 “mazel tov says”
    Please speak for yourself and keep Old Billy out of your conversation.

    The implosion is starting. Time to start looking for another sleepy little town to call home. I’ll miss you BUSTER – keep your eye on the toy man. you’ll be working for the Chick Filet Cow if he has his way

    P.S. Mr. Fink, Seitler, & Zlatkin – You first official act is to REMOVE YOUR SIGNS, then work on the budget.

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