BREAKING NEWS: Residents And 3 Bochurim Bound And Duct Taped During Home Invasion

home invasionFIRST REPORT: 9:15 p.m. (PHOTO) U/D: A family is shaken up after their home was invaded by four men who bound and duct taped them before robbing the home. It all started at about 1:30 a.m. this morning when four men cut the phone service and broke into a home via a window on the side of the home. Three Bachurim were sitting at the Shabbos table when the men pointed guns at them and tied them up. They then headed upstairs where they tied up one of the daughters and told her to stay in the room.

IMG00452_wm(Photo of the phone wires cut prior to entry) They then headed into the parents bedroom where they pointed a gun at the owner and demanded cash and jewelry.

The men got approximately $10,000 in cash and approximately $25,000 in jewelry. The owner and his wife were then duct taped.

They then went to the daughter and told her, after she hears the door close, she should wait 60 seconds before going into the parents room. She did that, and Police were called.

Further details will be posted when available.

Update 12:10 a.m. An Official has confirmed to TLS that nobody was physically hurt during the invasion. The LPD is taking this crime very seriously and are using all resources to track down the perpetrators

TLS has also learned, that another home on the block was robbed as well a few days earlier. The owners were not home at the time. Sources tell TLS the crimes may be gang related.

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  1. It’s obvious that this was a premeditated robbery. The family does not live in a particularly large home. The phone lines were cut, so it was more than just a random hit. Additionally, in the past when Lakewood home were robbed, it was usually a bunch of homes in the neighborhood – and after everyone was asleep. Finally, it’s no coincidence that they happened to have $10,000 in cash lying around at home. Someone must have known about it.

  2. i keep 10k in my house all the time. The only difference is you will have to pass my 9 rounds of 12 gauge 00 Buck first!! Swiss cheese anyone??

  3. Its too early to tell who did it. If its premeditated or the likes etc. This is a very special member of our kehillah. Let’s not jump to any conclusions.

  4. Nebach! Glad to hear everyone is ok. TLS- u never disappoint ur readers with the most accurate and up to the minute info. Dont know how u do it, but keep it up.

  5. Senator Bob Singer felt that Hershel Herskowitz should have shown up at the meeting. “He is a coward that hides behind his anonymous attacks on me on the Lakewood scoop” what is hershel doing for this poor family lets see if he is for real and that he cares about this comunitty

  6. Lakewood is not the peaceful suburb it used to be! You think we only have inner city driving? Parking? Chutzpah? Obnoxiousness? Now we have inner city crime too! Problem is that we still have a suburban police dept. & a suburban attitude toward crime.

  7. Stories like these really scare the daylights out of me! How can so many thugs get away with their hideous acts? and i too am incredibly impressed with the accuracy and speed TLS provides for us- my only news source.

  8. They wanted to eat cholent friday night the wife said NO there wont be enough for Shabbos day so she showed them where they can take 10k instead and they left.

  9. 1:30am. $10,000 cash and $25,000 jewelry. This was a set-up. The perps knew what there was and where it was. LPD should be able to trace them.

  10. Whats all the bashing of the police about? How were they supposed to catch them? They were notified about the incident after the thieves got away. Now we need good detectives…

  11. Hmmm.the rambam says perek 9 halucha 7….ain lo dumim…bein bichol….bein beshabbos……….look at the minchas shlomo….cheleck 1 siman 7……….there is a discussion in the magen avrohom…329..sif kutun 5 …….I’m not a poseik….its just for educational purposes…

  12. reb ty1:I’m still shvitzing why habba bimachteres….they ere mattir..hariga…not to come to sakunas nefesh…AND why is it forbidden to be MICHABA DLEIKA (even though its a milocha shein tzricha lgufa)to save his richush…he may also get into a stage of sacunas nefesh..????

  13. To all those who claim LPD won’t catch them….did you forget abt the time they caught the guy who shot and killed somone on new hampshire a few months ago????that was LPD work…

  14. C”V if there is ANY chashash of pikuach nefesh one MUST be mechabe a delieka!!! (Chazal were machmir on a dleika becaus odom bahul al mamono but pikuach nefesh is doiche kol hatora)

  15. Was LCSW called to help in the investigation? We definitely need an increased presence of both marked and unmarked LCSW vehicles around town. That should do the trick. They can’t just be in Shoprite Plaza.

  16. To clarify:why shouldn’t we be choishesh that since he may lose his whole rchush…he may get sick..sakanas nefesh….BUT SURELY…if the actuall dleika may entail sakanas nefesh..he must be michaleil shabbos(ask rabbi for final psak)..for further discussion…REB shlomo zalman…in shmiras shabbos perek 41..sif kutun 8

  17. It so happens to be that crime has dropped in this town alot. These are unfortunate stories but don’t blame lpd every time there IS a crime. They cant cut out crime and terror 100%. that hasn’t happened anywhere in the world.

  18. You’re right. Why some people have to make some rediculos comments is beyond me. How could you not see this family is already shaken up enough. They don’t need your added 2 cents. if you have nothing better to say, stay off this site or don;t comment

  19. No chance of anyone returning if they left some evidence behind?
    I don’t know but neither do you. Why don’t you just focus on your own family and enjoy the kids before they’re on the streets.

  20. All you know to screem is TZINUS? Maybe its becouse the yeshivas dont take everyone in? Maybe its bein adom lechaveri?

    Stop this TZNIUS start looking at your self.

  21. I think it was a inside job Why would anyone know that they had $10,000 at home most people don’t. Maybe a employee or someone dropped it off before shaboss knowing that the yid would not have time to go to the bank before shaboss and returned later on to retrieve the money that they dropped off.

    Also where was the LCSW don’t they operate on shaboss??

  22. Does anyone know if this has a connection to the home invasion on January 15 at the home of (moderated), which has a police report number of (Moderated). There too the thugs seemed to have inside info that there would be a lot of jewelry in the home.

  23. The nerve of people is astounding! To make comments about Tznius(which I agree is a very important topic)is a slap in the face to a family that has been traumatized. Who are you to decide what Hashem wants from us?? Maybe he wants YOU off the internet and learning a daf gemorah now? As far as I know this is a news website and not the BMG coffee room where you can discuss all your theories as to WHY it happened. That’s where you’ll also discuss what should be done about the “terrible” police we have here that only give tickets to innocent yungerleit who innocently park in fire lanes and drive while talking on their cells….but don’t stop ALL crime in town. Try the 9th street coffee room tomorrow at about 11:30 AM. You’ll get all the “hock”. Before that time may be a bit too early because it’s still the “beginning” of the zeman so many chashuve yungeleit are still busy finding out where his prospective chavrusas great grandfather learned before committing to him. 11:30 should be okay though.

  24. What kind of stupid question is that ” where was LPD ? ” or “where was LCSW ? ” . You making it sound like we live in Communist Russia that there is a KGB agent on every corner !

  25. Fort all of your burglar alarm needs please contact Multicom solutions. We hook up the system to your phone lines, internet and to a remote cell phone.

  26. Billybee your resentment of people who dedicate their lives to the study of tora reflects negativly on your conection to the Jewish religion. Your slander of one of the bigest mekomos hatora in the world- by your ugly “coffee room” line implying that “they are a bunch of coffe drinkers…” is a dissgrace. חזור בך בן אדם!! הזהר בגחלתן

  27. I have used multicomm in they past they have great services check them out stay safe and be safe protect the ones u love and Tyrone u should get an alarm on your tent as a matter of fact ur tent city should hve full time security

  28. I think this happened because of bitul torah and people being too judgemental of each other. Its more about Gaivah then tzius. If you are in the cofee room at 11:30 hocking instead of learning then you should leave Yeshiva and get a job.

  29. I have an alarm on my house…but it would be pretty difficult for me and my family to go in and out of the house with the alarm set on Shabbos….Dont you think??

  30. Wow you saw a couple o guys outside on the phone! There are five thousand talmidy chachomim and you have the gall to belittle them because you were mekabel moitze Shem ra from your small brother!! We know what your problem really is kleina am haretz vos du bist. SHAME ON YOU

  31. Regarding your comment in #58 , you could of stop half way down your drosho & point was made but the attack on yeshivaleit is totally uncalled for !

  32. To BillyBee,

    You ARE a self-hating jew.
    I happen to have left yeshiva years ago.
    In the working world there is plenty of גניבה
    Don’t pick out ‘your’ friends (of whom you may be jealous) from all the great people who keep the world going.

  33. Keep your money billygoat! You don’t have the zechus to support Torah and go ahead marrie of your daughters to “keilu koftam lifnei Ari” – (chazal)

  34. billybee,
    how dare you attack fellow yidden espacialy during the days of Sefira???
    you ought to ask Mechilla from all youngerleit an attack on one is an attack on all..

  35. i don’t agree with his t(yr)one of voice, but i do agree that there are some, i say some, in bmg who will use bmg as cover and are lazy to go tow ork while everyhting comes to them on a silver platter. He is not attacking bmg. calm donw. he’s talking about the people who claim to be learning but are not. Are you naive to belive that all 6,000 (or whatever the number is) of those in bmg are seriously shteiging away?common bro… get real

  36. OMG! People are freaking out!!! Billy doesnt like people who fake, everyone knows that that is something sick. cool…lets move on….

  37. Ohh your talking about undercover agents who are hiding from their wives while drinking gallons of coffee… Are you sane??? Why would anyone wanna do that???? Even if there is one or two nebachs who are doing that the are botel belef and not even nosen taam. Why bring them up ?

  38. To all those that critisize bmg that guys waste time and don’t learn I’m inviting you personally to come check it out during seder there is 95 percent shtieging and maybe 5 percent bitul come to the mizrach and maariv on any day during seder and you won’t critisize bmg anymore pure torah its just the people who have never seen it who say all the coffe room loshon hora

  39. More guns fellows but I have to say when your up against four intruders with guns pointing at you actually it can make things worse

  40. To-Vote LCSP says:
    APRIL 17, 2010 AT 11:36 PM
    if we all got up and voted for Lakewood civilian safety police this may not have happened WHERE WAS LPD????????????

    the call came in at 0130 LPD officers were on scene in 2 minutes..that is a Awesome response time for these guys..Maybe if there less complaining and more working with the officers there would be less finger pointing and assistance..I agree the LCSW should get involved to a point! but if they get into something they can not handle what next?? Call LPD first then call them..this way you get that response from the officers…and get the ball rolling.

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