BREAKING NEWS Pedestrian Struck

Pedestrian Struck. A pedestrian has just been struck at the corner of 4th and Clifton. Lakewood PD and EMS are on the scene. Hatzolah was not called to the scene.

U/D 5:18 p.m. The patient is being transported to KMC with a leg injury.
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  1. I would like to donate some money to the buff unit, where do i send the check? they seem to be doing a lot of good work in our community. Is there a mailing address? or should i just bring $$$ to the next accident CH"V i see?

  2. Why just give credit to the buffs? What's about our wonderful Shomrim unit? They do so much for us,I couldn't even enumerate it all in writing.

  3. wow i see lots of bored ppl posting here! there were no buffs there. you are just trying to gain a following and i pity you!

  4. Actually there is no more buff buff 1 the director resighned a few weeks ago. But I think someone should start it up again p.s. I'm a lcsw member

  5. I am getting so-o-o-o dizzy from Anonymous said this, anonymous said that.

    Great idea sponsored by BUFF BRAINS.

    HINT: You can write a fake name instead of anonymous.

  6. Hey its me again month kishmich the buffs r wonderful they do great job they patrol all night especially BUFF1. LCSW should learn from them or join together

  7. Buff 1 is king !! End of story ! He's the man of the min the day and the week buff 1 is king !!!!! Buff 1 remmember keep up the good work and keep helping when u can and have fun when there's action and ur just enjoying the main thing is if ur aint hurting anyone enjoy the hock and enjoy the action

  8. U wake up everyone smell the coffe its time to relize that buff units are good ! there out there they are there and are ready to rock in roll if its action if its helping pep if its potroling if its fun those guys are good !

  9. One positive aspect about comments is that only one person has to really be losing sleep or wasting time to be doing it.

    Well, in this case there are at least two people.

    So dear other commentatorist: You can now go to sleep. Don't worry we (I mean — I) wont let you down on my innovative conversation with myself.

  10. I'm maskim. But before night's end please post a intelligent sounding definition of "Buff" that you wouldn't be embarrased of publishing on Wiki with your name as the resource. Adios!

  11. Hey, Someone just butted into our (my)private conversation!

  12. If someone else(or other people) is up…..I am going fluffy (shluffy)

  13. Btw the buff unit is patroling tonight I just saw them a few min ago we gotta back the buffs they do great things I actually witnessed them in action I wish all the members good luck and hopefully I'm gonna join soon

  14. Hi my name is chaim
    I would like 2 reopen the buff unit I think wat the buffs did were a great thing u had a bunch of guys always out and available 2 help anybody that needed help

    If u have some spare time and wanna help the community then please write some comments and ill see how many peaple really wanna join thank u 4 reading my comment

  15. And from what I'm hearing the Shomrim annoy the heck out of the LPD as well. They pull them over and ticket them at every chance given. If it was up to Chief Lawson they'd be disbanded.

  16. MORON, the shomrim and lpd work hand in hand and the chief is very happy with their work and praises them, see for yourself at the voice ticker on the bottom when the chief attributes the plunging number of burglaries in lakewood to shomrim and how they work together on scenes and by events perfectly in tune, and no shomrim members get tickets from cops, if they do then it has nothing to do with shomrim it would be for a traffic violation like any other person, they are a great asset to our community, to lpd and to lakewood in general, so stop talking outta your behind, smell the coffee and stop buffing and defending yourself or trashing shomrim to make yourself look better….

  17. They work great together since the Shomrim stay at home. Chief Lawson agreed to a "civilian watch"as extra eyes and ears for the PD. That is what they used to be and it definitely helped reduce crime. LCSW wasn't happy with what they WERE so they decided to become SHOMRIM. Ask the chief what he feels about that. After you've gotten your answer from the chief why don't you respond again more informed this time,MORON

  18. The buff unit is a great thing just as the lcsw. The better part about the buffs is that they're single and don't mind staying up half the night. They do so in any case. So why not have them patrolling as well. Do u know how many calls Buff 1 calls in to lcsw(when they're all long asleep)? He's a great guy as well as all the buff units. I think they should join together. The new name should be BLUFFCW

  19. The buffs are out at all times of the night. They would help Lakewood greatly if they'd be allowed to join together with shomrim. Who cares that they're single. We're not talking about them treating your wife. All we're talking about is allowing them similar rights as shomrim. Do u think the Shomrim are less into the fun aspect then the buffs? They're all having a good time so let's play together.

  20. Hi,
    My name is D.B. For those that know me great. For those that don't,well it's your loss. I have good reason to be very upset at LCSW(again for those that understand great,those that don't will have to trust my word). I still want to respond to all those knocking them. LCSW is a wonderful organization. They do what noone else has done in Lakewood before. They are available 24/7 with Non-Jewish units out on Shabbos(special thanks to those units,they know who they are). They will come out of bed at 3 in the morning if someone hears so much as some noise outside their house. They give up tremendous amounts of time for the benefit of the community. So stop bashing them if you don't know what you're talking about. Of course some officers would rather not have them around. Does one grocer appreciate having another down the block from him?? They don't feel they need outside help. By and large the PD is totally fine and pleased to work with LCSW.Give them the credit they deserve. If you want to bash them,first volunteer of your time for a year and then talk.
    ** Out

  21. I spoke 2 an officer of the lakewood pd who is very involved with lcsw members supposedly he said the lcsw members don't know boundries they follow innocent peaple around and they actually create problems instead of solving them I never heard the buffs causeing problems.

  22. Is lcsw still running??
    The only time I see them out is by a few events that u weren't even called 2 come 2 the events I'm starting 2 wonder if u guys are gonna start giving out tickets cause ur directing traffic and ur trying 2 be just like the pd come 2 think of it lakewood pd could use more traffic and safety officer
    Oh I gotta go I just saw the buff unit running on a call I'm gonna go follow them if any body has info let me know

    to all you guys out there bashing the lcsw, stop showing your jealousy and don't tell me its not, cause what other explanation is there when someone is bashing a good organization who all their out there for is non other then to assist the pd and the community.

    and yes they assist with directing traffic as well, weather its by events, by bmg tent event or at any other events, its a good deed and you gotta be sensless to bash them for their work, the only way i see it is that you were not accepted on or you know you don't stand a chance getting on so the most you can do is bash bash bash.

    would you bash chaveirim for what they do? changing tires, boosting cars, filling cars with gas etc.? i didn't think so.

    then i can't see any other logic behind it and dont even bother trying to justify yourself cause nothing you'll say will make you sound brighter.

    pd has no issues whats o ever with the lcsw and stop making things up cause noone believes you, we know that what your saying is driven by a personal agenda.

    there is no issues between pd and lcsw, the officers appreciate the help they get from them and the chief clearly said in the articles in the papers how much he appreciates the help the get from lcsw.

    so if there ARE any issues, they arise from guys like you who aren't cut out for any organizations and have no chance with any, but run around to every local scene and annoy everybody on the scenes especially the officers.


  24. I totally agree with anonymous 5:03pm. Its all about jealousy for anybody to bad mouth anybody who's out there with intentions to assist, even if they have fun in the process their still taking out of their time to help us and from what i see, to the most part these members are all married so kudos to lcsw and keep up your great work. tizku lemitzvos

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