BREAKING NEWS Pay Day At The Cheder

BREAKING NEWS After receiving numerous reports, The Lakewood Scoop has verified that the Rebbeim of The Cheder will be receiving a pay check tomorrow. Over the last few weeks, tuition from many parents has been paid, after getting the positive feeling that the school is B’H headed in the right direction.

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  1. just to clarify the situation is over in bf lcs r zeev rothschild without pay has agreed to become an acting director . in a letter to staff he acknowleged that his number one priority is paying the staff . the school has hired additional staff to alleiivate the situation a situation ofcalm is prevailing for the most part

  2. The Cheder English teachers have already received a paycheck, and the Bais Faiga teachers (my wife is one) are going to be paid at the latest on Monday, and most probable today (Firday).

    The same poeple who were Choyse BaGacheles and kept the fires running last time were busy once again trying to foment machloykes and were threatening a strike. The Vaad dropped a hint that at this point anyone who strikes without a clear psak will not have their contract renewed next year (a vaad member told me so). Secretaries etx. included.

  3. There is no situation of calm in BF – the teachers are at their wits end.
    The vague unsigned letter asking for yet more patience was a disgrace.

  4. The vaad members should be ashamed of themselves. All year long the innocent BF teachers were used as pawns in a fight that had nothing to do with them. You Vaad members never had the guts to address them or pay them. So as a last resort they went on strike. Now you have the unmitigated chutzpa to threaten their jobs??? You should be on your hands and knees begging for forgiveness for all the tzaar you caused them!!!

  5. So now the no-show no-leadership,no-achrayus vaad members are hinting at firing the secretaries that had to keep their desperate staffs together in the face of turmoil performing the very job that the spineless vaad should have been doing!

  6. As another husband of a BF staff member I for some strange reason was not inspired by the letter handed out, and I don't tend to believe terrorists.

  7. Its pretty funny if they threatened jobs bec for the last 10 years they couldn't make any decisions they prob didn't even know who works there so Don't believe they threaten jobs bec if they did they deserve eggs.,…..

  8. BH for the great kiddush hashem that our gedolim have made with their great das torah. I am sure HKBH will repay all of them for this great mitzvah they have done leshem shomayim and they will see to realize the great sachar for their selfless deeds.

  9. what a bunch of ungreatful idiots . a. fyi the cheder is also 6 checks behind and till this fiasco happened , the cheder bf was never late all those bf teachers who are complaining and not happy pick yourselves up and leave. this machlokes is officailly over the vaad has come forth for free and is running the school . don't like it leave I don't want any of these femnist and bitter teachers teaching my kids shame on u . finally there is some stability in the school and u people u know who u are try to reignite the fire… as far as were concerned this thing is over fyi this machlokes only had losers nobody is the winner so stop being a sore loser like u just lost color war . the plan is to try to get a paycheck evry other week for all staff . why r the bf so insecure and think they are not being treated equal. has feminist activism seeped into our own conmunity I wonder enjoy your paycheck and shut your mouth or leave .

  10. To 9:17 am u should be ashamed of urself ! Ur prob one of those fakers who hasn't paid tuition and ur getting teachers and rabbaihim to teach YOUR child for free ! U don't know what its like to work for free and not knowing when they can go by food so go back to yisheva and charge Ur shver more money that u can still sit and do nothing all day

  11. The way the scoop is reporting this story is excellent!!! This is a very big step in the RIGHT direction!! If you give some of the bored commentators enough time, they will be able to find a negative spin to any story!!

  12. Ungrateful idiots???
    After what they put up with, being played with and lied to all year, and they still came in to teach, and you have the gall to call them ungrateful?!? You should be ashamed of yourself! These selfless, dedicated teachers put up with hell. If you only knew you would crawl back into your miserable rat hole and ask them mechila for calling them vile names.
    The LC teachers are also women! You ignorant fool. Ask the office they will freely admit that LC teachers are 2 paychecks behind.

  13. Anon 945
    You are a worthless total disgrace! If these teachers aren't worthy of teaching your child, why don't you pick up your kids and transfer them elsewhere? O, because then you'll have to pay tuition. You ingrate!

  14. Buddy it's not the light at the end of the tunnel, it's a locomotive comin' at you.Watch out.

    The teachers deserve not credit but cash, why only one pay check?

  15. Its amazing how some peple can have a negative attitude to the teachers ,do u realize that they are paying babysitting so that can teach ur child and they can't pay the babysitters? g-d should give u a little of the medicine and when u can't pay bills then maybe ull wake up. Shame on u ! I hope ur the first one they come after for full tuition and relize that ur the one that's bitter chazer

  16. Stop complaining. Maybe the teacher and rabaim should go teach in other schools in lakewood or in brooklyn where the avrage school is 6 months behind in pay checks. Then you'll see that you have it good.

  17. unfortunately the Vaad members are continuing the policy of LCS first BF second the teachers in BF are second clsss compared to the rebbeim in the Cheder.The RY know about it and made it clear that they are to be equal in all matters if the Vaad can not get out of the old mentality continue to hold grudges and move forward this hole thing will blow up once again.

  18. anon 1201
    the teachers didnt start trhe machlokes, they were the unwitting victims. get your facts straight before you blurt your ignorance around the world

  19. The decision reached at the meeting of husbands of Bais Faiga teachers was to give "the vaad" the whole summer to pay them back the money that they owe them or to at least present a reasonable timetable and accept responsibillity to pay (something they have not done until now) or no teachers will renew their contracts. All husbands were invited. Those who chose to not show up because they are scared or did not want ch"v to stick up for themselves (the victims), chose to forfeit their vote.
    BTW the parents are not either to blame for not paying tuition. They are also not the instigators of this mess. We all know who that is.

  20. Wow!! The comments here and the actions by the rabbonim of Lakewood are really the type of actions and words I would expect to come from the "ir hatorah"

  21. I am from out of town. I do not know what Machlokes is involved except that where my girls go, the teachers have not gotton paid since Pesach. No Machlokes, just no money left.

  22. TO: Anonymous said…
    It amazing how many of the Chosheve Bais Faiga teachers husbands are busy blogging all day.

    June 5, 2009 1:54 PM


    There are a few hundred teachers!

    There are 40 comments from the last sixteen hours.

    At least ten comments are from people who do NOT teach there.

    Another twenty comments are answers back to others. If u follow thru (I know it's hard to follow when everyone is "anonymous')- you'll see that for yourself.

    That leaves us with ten comments: three from me, one from a guy in Brooklyn and one from you.

    So that leaves us with five comments -possibly- from BF husbands.

    The ratio is darn small!

  23. A bunch of wimpy and foolish husbands. I can understand that you didn't want your wives to leave and be without a job midyear, but now you're allowing them to be sucked in for another whole year. Imagine if the vaad benevolenly agrees to accept responsibility (a novel idea) and shleps around the whole summer paying 1 or 2 checks (because after all no one pays tuition in the summer) but keeps on reassuring the guilable teachers don't worry you'll get it all as soon as the school year starts. Then lo and behold they don't – then what???
    Then the suckers are stuck for another whole year. Husbands, please use your G-d given noodles to put yourself in a strong position and find your wives other jobs.

  24. I think the teachers(principals?) who intiated the strike the first time around should not have their contracts renewed for next year. I wish I could have a meeting with all the teachers and get to the bottom of who exactly called the strike the first time around that mushroomed this long standing friction into a full fledged Machlokes. Who is the one that supposedely spoke to R' Shmuel Kamenetsky? Who typed and photo copied those letters? It about time the truth be uncovered.

  25. its really only just one lousy bf husband who riles everyone else out. there are many schools who are far behind in their paychecks. i am a teacher in the cheder and I know about it. we were 6 paychecks behind now its five, and next week they promised another. If teachers(ladies in BF are not happy let them leave) No anger, no hard feelings just go work in the co-op or somewhere else. this is the situation and this is the administration. Either make it work and get along nicely as best as you can or leave. we are all here with one goal in mind , and that is to serve H-ashem. This makchlokes is OVER! We have(had) one of the finest and largest Jewish Schools in america, Teachers you will get paid. They are working on it . theyve only been in power for 4days. give them time and have patience, if you dont want to I reiterate THEN LEAVE , but don't create an atmosphere of anger, fighting , contention etc. as for the angry husbands, please stop blogging and go get a job!@

  26. The vaad is working hard for us parents FOR FREE! Just leave them alone and let them do their job please. To the world thats following thsi nonsense, we have a bunch of colorwar losers out there who are very bored .

  27. Typical repugnant mouthbreathing spinmeister playing the blame the victim game. I for one am very proud of the teachers for playing self defense and going on strike.

  28. Anon 251
    I think in your meeting you'll find that the teachers very proud of what they did and would tell it to your royal smugness in no uncertain terms. Then you'll ask Reb Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rabbi Forchimer and the others whom they were shoel eitzah by for permission to fire them.And btw they would be more than happy to explain their reasons very eloquently to the "choshuve" no achrayus askanim on the vaad

  29. Anon 253
    The teachers didn't create a negative atmosphere it was foisted upon them by others. And by the way, even though the machlokes between BM and BE is "officially" over, there are those in the business office who are still getting great enjoyment out of continuing to inflict pain upon the BF staff.

  30. For the record, most of the teachers couldn't care less who the boss is, they just want to teach and get paid. But the powers that be chose to use them as pawns – by not paying them, against Mrs. Epstein.
    The teachers had it and went on strike. I think every one of you vile bloggers would have done exactly the same. So look in the mirror, be disgusted by what you see, and zip your mouth shut.

  31. here is thr truth, this "VAAD" who is working tirelessly and for free on behalf of the parents officialy while there may be members on the vaad that have their heart in the right place,there is a number of members without mentioning any names that were and continue to be rodef the morah's and teachers of BF without rachmanus they haven't given up and actually it makes them feel powerfull and to get back at the menaheles these individuals should be thrown off the vaad ASAP does it pass for such a choshuva mosad LCS and BF to have these mobsters taking nekama and redifa on innocent teachers to be on the board??

  32. rodef? u people are crazy everytime one of the ladies makes a request whether its for a raise , etc and the vaad says no , they start compianing he's rodef us . the buck stops at the administrative office and again anyone that feels she's g'roidefd can leave and nobody will have any taynus

  33. they are not mobsters but people who are watching over their school . might I repeat for
    free free did u snart alleck come forward with 1.5 million a month to help them out? no! so shut up!

  34. to 3:51 and 3:56 if the teachers are so proud of what they did why don't they come out and say who they are. Any teacher I spoke to Knew very little about what was going on and were basically ordered to go on strike. They all admitted it was a few teachers behind the whole strike.And if it was about money how come they didn't go on strike again before Pesach when the new Bais faige wasn't paying them. It had nothing to do about money but about trying to control th school themselves whithout having a boss.

  35. UPdate: BF teachers were all paid on friday. IOW, in one week, the Vaad managed to pay a payroll to every single employee in both divisions the school.

  36. to 12:58

    there is a difference in withholding money to not being able to pay due to a lack of tuition payments. the initial strike was about someone punishing and refusing to pay the teachers due to his power struggle that was why they struck don't fardrei the yoitzres
    the vaad paid evreyone this friday after collecting tuition from the parents who refused to pay it to the nef BF office they get a little credit but not much time will tell how effective this vaad will be ,as of now we know there is an element on the vaad (some outsiders too) of retribution and redifah against the teachers in BF who went on strike as well as anyone who was working for the BF inc. this is sick and has to stop now, we won't be silent as long as they continue to be noikem against the innocent morahs and call on them to respectfully resign from the vaad.

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