Breaking News: Frum Man Tied Up And Duct Taped

breaking news(Updates in extended article) BREAKING NEWS FIRST REPORT: EMS has just transported a man to Jersey Shore Hospital after being tied up and duct taped in what appears to be an attempted kidnapping. Details are still unclear at this time, however, the preliminary reports indicate that the man was picked up, tied up and duct taped at a location on Oberlin Avenue and driven a few miles to the Drake Road area. We will keep you updated with all further information as we receive it.
U/D 9:01 p.m. Sources tell TLS that the Yungerman, approximately 30 years of age rang the door bell (with his elbow) of a resident on Drake Road after being beaten up and dropped off by his abductor. The woman opened the door to find the man standing there tied up and duct taped, where upon she immediately called the police. The man is from Brooklyn who recently took a job in Lakewood.
U/D 9:14 p.m. A reliable Askan tells TLS that “there is more to the story than meets the eye” which cannot be disclosed at this time.
IMG_3966_wmU/D 9:59 p.m. The CIU is currently at the scene of where he was first abducted-in a parking on Oberlin Avenue. In an interesting twist, the Ateres Tziporah film event-located across the parking lot-was taking place while this story unfolded.

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  1. it is very important for everyones SAFETY! With these early winter ni8s that children EVEN teenagers should not walk alone @ni8 even ADULTS should always have a phone on them incase of an emergency R”L.

  2. Nooo… so give us the real story…and if its not disclosable then take down the story why tease everyone. If its not a story that people should know like loshon hora or something then don’t post it altogether. But to post it and say “I’m not telling” what realy happened is not fear to the readers and the people in the story. And if its just to keep up with the other sites that we know will post whatever they could to get some hits we all know tls is above that.

  3. To hocker & everyone: for a child to walk in the st. Alone even if he has a cell phone is very DANGEROUS! If R”L a gangster walks over to a kid it wont help if he has a cellphone (when i was 15 yr. Old i was chased by 2 goiyim with a knife and i had a phone on me but it didnt help becouse if i would have stoped runing R”L who knows what would have happened B”H a bystander saved my life!) Just do your children a favor even if they dont think ur doing them one and DONT LET THEM WALK ALONE @ NIGHT EVEN WITH A PHONE!

  4. Instead of letting all the posters give all their theories just tell the story the way it is so we don’t have the whole town speculating and making up stories. Let’s just hear the facts (without names of course) thanks!

  5. Dear TLS Editor, If you cannot provide us with a full complete story then please don’t post it at all. you have thousands of readers and everyone is trying to figure this out. If this is truly THE ‘Lakewood scoop’ then you should let us know more. its not fair to your loyal long time readers who have no idea whats going on

  6. Be very careful what you say, according to the PD these so called or actual askonim are not above the law, & if you post on condition of aninomity an askan, or a vaad. The cops may seek info from the blogger or blog owner. Use your sechel here if you have any.

  7. # 39 Our town is not sleepy Lakewood any more. the willi and BooRooPaaaark peopl are here already, they’re here to stay, and this is how we do business. Don’t like it? Move!!

  8. #49 aside for the fact that your statement was innacurate you also forgot the fact that lakewood is one of the most least violent jewish communities so before you start filling out change of adress forms for people ..maybe use your head

  9. what exactly give a person the title yungerman ?

    does it anyone who is under 40 get that title?

    if this person was the victim of a totally unwarrented crime , my heart truly goes out to him and his family.

    but for some reason the TLS posted
    U/D 9:14 p.m. A reliable Askan tells TLS that “there is more to the story than meets the eye” which cannot be disclosed at this time.

    it makes one believe that it was either organized crime related or “vigilante” activity.

    i am not looking to jump the gun , but if it was vigilante , it means we have stooped down to very serious lows. while it is totally illegal , it is somewhat understandable that a victim may strike back at an aggressor. when you see it happening to often it means that the people have lost faith in their leaders , usually due to corruption. Such things are the way of life in 3rd world countires and in corrupt places like russia.

  10. THIS IS TOTALLY A STICKY SITUATION. VERY STICKY. couple of real quick q’s for anyone in the know: A) what brand of duct tape was it? Was it the red type or the black type? B) Did they wrap up his mouth and nose..ears..or was it just hands and legs? Did they steal anything from him? If your gonna release a story you got to fill us in with all the minutiae. VERY VERY STICKY STUFF!!!

  11. I heard from an unreliable Askan that said that he heard from his cousin who heard from his chavrusah that heard it DIRECTLY from a VERY RELIABLE ASKAN that there definitely might be more to this Story than meets the eye . Please do not discuss untilk the Askanim have given the green light to discuss .

    Thank you

  12. it was most likely the Vaad Hatzniyus acting on the word that there was this guy hanging around this woman’s assifa and they wanted to teach him a lesson

  13. The worst part about this is all the people talking about walking around carrying guns. #1 I hope you have a permit to carry it and #2 the only thing you are doing is putting another gun on the street when you pull it out on someone and they end up taking it from you….

  14. Enough! You all sound really stupid. I hope you have better things to do with your life than wonder and spread rumors about people. You don’t know what happened and it’s not my business or any of yours! Go do something useful with your lives!

  15. I havent seen anybody spreading rumors here . All I see is the fact that TLS reported about a kidnapping and abduction . Whar rumors have you seen ?

  16. We have on good word that it wasn’t a 30 year old jewish man from Brooklyn, but it was President Barak Obama visiting his favorite welfare state and in a series of unfortunate events he got kidnapped.

    Once the kidnappers realized who they had they decided there was no value to a ransom note and dropped him off.

    -Office of the Press Secretary

  17. it’s amazing how people pick up on different parts of the story, some focusing on the duct tape, some on the woman who opened the door, vaad hatznius…. it seems like the posting is of a man who was abducted and beaten then released without much further information…just an observation here….

  18. This is a situation which may, or may not be revealed to the public. If information pertaining to this news report is released (or leaked), there will still be various questions and speculations going around the community.

    You might as well sit and wait till there is an update. There may not even be an update in which case the story will fizzle away and become a distant memory by next week.

  19. Some interest facts for people you just like spreading rumors

    Fact #1 The victim does not live on Drake road hor in lakewood for that matter he lives in brooklyn.

    Fact #2 The victim did not have any visble injuries and was not bleeding.

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